In support of Scheidler’s case and germane to this class claim are the follow facts among all of the facts within Scheidler’s offer’s of proof:

  • On Jeffrey Downer, WSBA # (hereafter simply Downer) falsely claimed the statute of limitations had run, Scheidler’s case against Ellerby, WSBA # is time-barred, it should never have been filed. In truth, fraud tolls the statute of limitations and what Scheidler knew or should have known is a matter for a jury. Scheidler pleaded fraud by Ellerby, Scheidler has been denied due process and equal protections of law and common law holdings. See RCW 2.48.210, RCW 4.16.080(4),
  • On Downer, falsely claimed, mental health records are discoverable solely under RCW 5.60.060(4). Scheidler has been denied due process of law as mental health records are privileged under RCW 5.60.060(9).
  • On Schriff falsely claimed Superior Court lack jurisdiction in actions against lawyers. Scheidler’s right of petition was denied as RCW 2.48.010 provides the WSBA can be sued.
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