1. My father died 7 years ago. My mother his ex wife, hired a lawyer to assist her in a reverse mortgage to stop foreclosure on the family home/property. Next thing I knew, he had her appointed Administrator over her ex-husbands estate? I figured he was a lawyer how much damage could he do following the law. Well, 4 years later, not a single penny had been collected and secured for the estate – Ironic since the only debtor to it was his client, my mother – the decedents ex-wife. She was shocked and horrified when I told her he had withheld all the money she collected for the estate, and put it into his own IOLTA account, and there was no paper trail to follow it, he basically could have claimed she gave it to him. We filed a grievance against him – yet my mother never received a single copy of any response he submitted. The WSBA refused to interview my mother, they even went so far as to say she was deaf, and couldn’t speak English!?!? She does have a hearing issue, but has spoken English since WWII, and has lived in America speaking it for over 60 years. Needless to say, they dismissed her grievance, she tried to appeal, but since she couldn’t submit anything new because she had nothing forwarded to her from the WSBA, they dismissed it again, saying it was a ‘fee dispute’ and they don’t handle fee disputes. Now I am going through something similar, same WSBA rep is handling this grievance as my mothers. She did the same thing – claimed it looked like a ‘fee dispute’ and dismissed it. Then my former lawyer decided to seek revenge, and is doing anything and everything possible to hurt me and my family. The last time I was in Court, the Judge told me to file again with the WSBA, and I have also had 5 Independent Attorneys advise the same. They gave me all the RCW provisions that were violated as well as CR and Professional Code of Conduct. I have even been advised to hire a malpractice attorney. I submitted my second grievance and told them I was forwarding a packet full of additional information and all documented evidence. Before they even received it, the same WSBA (Erica Temple), dismissed this new grievance claiming again that she saw it as a ‘fee dispute’!?!? How do I file a complaint against the WSBA for failing to uphold their public duty?


    1. You have many options — i.e., causes of action — to consider. Some are based upon law, such as personal harms to you because your attorney violated his ‘statutory oath’ (RCW 2.48.210), or violated other provisions of law (See RCW Title 9 and RCW Title 9A; and others)…. here is a good site to WA Laws (a.k.a, RCW’s or statutes) http://apps.leg.wa.gov/rcw/default.aspx…. Other causes of action may be based upon court rules, such as CR 59 or CR 60 in which the “decision rendered by the court” was based upon perjured or other misconduct…. here is a site to court rules. http://www.courts.wa.gov/court_rules/?fa=court_rules.list&group=sup&set=CR

      While I wish I could say the WA State Bar is the forum for claims against your attorney, the WA State Bar is a corrupt organization and will, in all probability, dismiss your complaints without any investigation. Because the WSBA is a state agency, and their failure to address in a meaningful manner complaints against lawyers who are ‘quasi judicial officials’ our ‘society’ is being defrauded by the corrupt WSBA…. Said another way the WSBA OWES YOU A DUTY and if they fail you and cause harm by that failure you may also have a claim against the WSBA.

      See Monell v. Department of Soc. Svcs. – 436 U.S. 658 (1978)stating, “Local governing bodies (and local officials sued in their official capacities) can, therefore, be sued directly under § 1983 for monetary, declaratory, and injunctive relief in those situations where, as here, the action that is alleged to be unconstitutional implements or executes a policy statement, ordinance, regulation, or decision officially adopted or promulgated by those whose edicts or acts may fairly be said to represent official policy. In addition, local governments, like every other § 1983 “person,” may be sued for constitutional deprivations visited pursuant to governmental “custom” even though such custom has not received formal approval through the government’s official decisionmaking channels. Pp. 436 U. S. 690-691.”

      I’d be happy to give you my personal opinion but my understanding of estate law is zero, so I may do more harm than good …. However you can research the “estate statutes” yourself and find which particular law the lawyer violated… this would help in any CR 60 motion for relief from judgment or claim against your attorney.

      I hope I’ve helped, as you can see by looking over the RCW’s and Court Rules it takes a lot of reading to become familiar with what can be done, I encourage you to do as much research as you can to answer as many of your questions.Then, if you still need a lawyer, you can better discuss the matter and law.

      Also, I’ve published a lot of pleadings on http://www.corruptwa.com which you can look over to get some idea of how it all works — style of pleadings, citation of
      legal research and quotation, motions, and evidence…

      JUST KEEP FIGHTING and feel free to contact me if you think I can help answer some questions. Good luck, Bill


      1. Kelly, I would like more info on the bond and what you know about the process. I believe this is the way to go too. Please contact me. Thanks


      2. Can ‘I’ sue WSBA along with conservator/trustee? When I 1st started this, I just had to feel things out the 1st year 2011, familiarize myself with my rights and learn to understand ‘and accept’ the practically UNBELIEVEABLE way this Washington State Bar system worked. THAT in itself, is a hard thing to face,…..all the corruption, lies, and fraudulent ways they have to exploit us. Then, when I got ready to ‘do business’ in 2012 learn how to express the hard facts despite ‘the terms of the system’, and WSBA was the 1st place I went. I found out (the hard way) that THAT was the wrong avenue to take – especially on my own without support of an attorney in that matter. Of course they denied my charges and allegations against her (after all, – at least ‘at that time’ she was a ‘board member with no other excuse than ‘they were not going to do anything about ‘anything’ concerning this trustee/conservator. So I appealed and within 2 weeks my reply was returned…..NO! – they were going to do nothing and set me a letter of appeal denied with no more appeals. Now, Im going through it again trough the county courthouse it happened in with every waking moment on pins and needles and one thing after another to do concerning it – EVERY single day, if not ALL day. WSBA justice seems a hopeless case with all their umbrella protection from the members unless SOMEONE CAN SUE them!!!!
        Also I am seeking information about the RICO hearings that this conservator/trustee of mine is indicted in. Where to go, when they are – SO I CAN BE THERE for whatever God gives me to deal out. I would love nothing better than to be able to contact John Scannell and mail him some stuff but none of the phone numbers seem to be currently working. Can anyone put him in touch with me???


      3. Paula, if I understand all that you have written, the WA State Bar basically “ignored” all that you stated as violations, by your attorney, without an investigation or explanation. If this is accurate than you should join in our lawsuit. We are suing the WA State Bar, and all of their Associates, for this dispicable behavior. And we will win because the evidence is overwhelming in how corrrupt an association the Bar is.


      4. Chief Activist – I apologize for not getting back with a reply sooner. The legal issues here are VERY time-consuming. Joining the lawsuit is a possibility worth considering and if you wish to email me to speak about it you can.:
        plsef@rocketmail.com – Just title it WSBA so I know what is being referred to.


      5. HI I want to join your lawsuit I have a current case where the attny intentionally filed a second and unnessary Notice of Appearance to gain unfair attorney fees. BUT he got caught and it is still early I am hoping this really nice attorney I met will follow thru and help me file complaints with the WSBA and work with me to correct what this shitty judge and attorney have tried to do.


      6. Thanks for contributing to our discussion.

        To be involved in our lawsuit is your right — you can be involved as a co-plaintiff or you can be involved as an “intervenor.” There may be other avenues that we haven’t learned of yet.

        In a nutshell, our lawsuit depends upon “evidence” of judicial/attorney misconduct that goes unpunished. In other words, without punishing judges and lawyers as the Bar and Commission on Judicial Conduct is suppose to do, we all have been forced to deal with a judicial system in which corrupt/incompetent lawyers are allowed to operate at our peril. We won’t be focusing on any particular corrupt judge or corrupt attorney, but the ‘failure of our regulators who are suppose to protect us from corrupt judges/attorneys.

        Said another way, the solution isn’t to focus on a symptom (corrupt judges), but attack the cause — the Bar Associations and their members! And these Bar associates must be prosecuted in whatever capacity Bar associates function — legislative, executive, judicial, administrative offices. Said yet another way, the reason the Bar is allowed to be corrupt from which corrupt judges are spawned is because they have ‘poisoned’ our “separations doctrine” by being in every important legislative, executive, judicial, administrative … office. They are “protecting them from us and not protecting us from them.”

        This is the crux of our lawsuit and we would like to have you tell your story as “evidence” that our complaint has merit.


      7. You’re the best Vera, I’ll put you on our email list, but right now we are in the process of “drafting” the lawsuit. If you haven’t — ever — filed a WSBA or CJC grievance, then I ***think*** you’ll be able to file as an ‘intervenor’. See CR 24

        But Don’t worry at this point… we are still tossing ideas and strategies around…. I’ll put you on the list and we can all get on the same page so we can be most effective against the “legal establishment” that has taken over our rights, our life, our freedoms and our government!


      8. WSBA—Felice P Congalton

        According from a letter I recieved, The conduct of James L Strichartz (Queen Anne) is not in within the WSBA. It also does not warrent further investigation by their office. There is insufficiant evidence and my claim was dismissed.

        What does he do and what has he done? It is such a complext yet simple situation.
        It basically goes like this….and took me years to figure out.

        Hazelrigg knows Mastro, Mastro is on the run and was wanted by the FBI, so he and his lovely wife split to France, (Seattle Times)
        Mastro knows–Wallace, Dunn, Reardon, Norman McCue, Bob Ferguson and the Bennett family.
        The best way to see who their friends are is by looking at Facebook.com under Kevin Wallace, Bellevue, Wa.
        Some of them also sit on the Metropolitan City Council and Bellevue Council and many more councils around the state. They are all connected and friends.

        How does Strichartz get in? He basically works for them.
        My condo-complex has been overtaken by corrupt individuals that can not be voted out anymore because they brought in their friends. This scam started little by little unill we basically changed our declaration. Norman McCue and friends, using their legal system basically took over this complex.
        Strichartz was hired in 2006 and helped them. It was really ignorant of me to not have taken the documents I signed to a Lawyer to look over. We basically operated on trust. Never imagining that something like this corruption could ever happen. But I learned.
        Guess who lives in my condo-complex, The Sister of of Prosecuting Attorney Dan Satterberg.
        I myself have not been invited to our homeowners meetings because I speak up.
        But, I investigated and see that many of the people that live here now are Strichartz, Bennett, Dunn, Wallace friends.

        So, I basically complained about unethical conduct. Does that matter to the WSBA? No way. They continue to operate this way. There are millions of Dollars to be lost if something is done about this. Well this scam also goes into the Burien City council where once apon a time Brian Bennett was Mayor. Facebook.com friend of Bob Ferguson (Attorney General). (Seattle Times )They basically brought changes about in documents that would benefit their friends that are in Building and Construction. Most of everything that is happening has to do with real estate. But it also has to with contracts given to their friends. It goes like this. They fired the federal lobbyist Hemstra and replaced him with one of their friends Steve McBee, (WASH DC) and local from Seattle. So all their friends are getting contracts. Federal money is being spent on their friends. Tunnel 99, Frank Coluccio Construction (Wallace Friend).

        When Mayor Bennett left he wanted Joey Martinez to continue in his position as Mayor. Guess who showed up to rally for him. Courtney Gregoire and John Creighton. I bet they had interest in Joey Martinez being elected Mayor of Burien. He would have been a little puppet on a string for them. And her mother signed for the Tunnel 99.

        After there was suppost to be an investigation of Aaron Reardon, I noticed that right away his connection from Wallace (Facebook) was removed. They wasted no time and I believe it was done not to draw attention to themselves.

        This also goes for Strichartz. When the Federal Government was investigating Foreclosure practices, Strichartz and his friend Mary Jo Pfohl Bennett (McCue and Associates, Bellevue, removed their facebook accounts. I guess they don’t want anyone to see their connections.

        There have been 7 Foreclosures in my complex since Strichartz took over. I guess there is lots of money to be made. That is since 2006. While Strichartz and the people he works for make all the money, we are paying for it. They build more condos and buy more real estate.
        But what is really dangerous is that there is no way to remove them anymore. We are living in a time of terrorism. They are making unlimited income and the WSBA could not care less, I am asking myself ….whom are they serving?….are they scared to take action against whom is involved with this?

        Washington State has a big mess on their hands.


    2. Writing tip: make paragraphs no more than 3 or 4 sentences. Attention spans are very short so write accordingly like serving up bit sized pieces. Practice makes

      The guardianship fraud is part of a larger game: asset stripping and legalized fraud by the Shadow Elite, Shock troops of the Ruling Class. The reason there is no remedy inside the system
      is that the inner circles of the bar are all in it dirty together.

      To understand the wolf it is necessary to put on the coat of the wolf and see through his eyes.

      Kenn Lassiter, Writer, Sesko-Lassiter Blood Sport Productions.


      1. The guardianship fraud is part of a larger game: asset stripping and legalized fraud by the Shadow Elite, Shock troops of the Ruling Class. The reason there is no remedy inside the system is that the inner circles of the bar are all in it dirty together. – See more at: http://www.corruptwa.com/contact-us/#sthash.VAu0vA8k.dpuf————-you hit the nail right on it’s head and hopefully this indictment via Mr Scheidler IS the KEY to their kingdom.
        This situation is a nationwide DISGRACE and I am SICK AND TIRED of these advocacy groups as somehow “they” don’t get IT and insist that their “experience” in dealing with these legislators/advocating FOR CHANGE as a group WILL get something done, and my screaming to SUE THEM as in these court appointees and all other liars IS dead wrong ….. uuuuuuh boys and girls ? why can’t you see that these same subhumans ARE either the ones that AUTHORED the unconstitutional PROBATE CODES,signed them etc.and YOU are wasting your time as NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE in spite of YOU chasing after THEM and KEEPING SILENT instead of FILING SUIT directly along the lines of violations of the 1,4,14 etc and the MASTERPIECE 42 USC 1983. screw THEM exactly along the lines of THEIR playbook.
        GODSPEED TO ALL unafraid to directly CONFRONT THEM–,and to the cowardly ? step back and remain silent.
        PS anti_probate/guardianship CLUBS do NOT want ME near them as I am labeled a TROUBLEMAKER.
        again,what purpose HAVE THEY SERVED and wouldn’t it be a better idea to unite and educate each other on HOW TO FILE etc ? and have MASS FILING DATES nationwide ?
        OK,these kangaroo courts will make some money as a result of THOUSANDS filing but once the LAWSUITS are compensated from the individuals responsible for denial of rights-they’ll WAKE UP damn fast.
        the information for filing on the federal level (why waste time on THEIR level and then the he said/she said scatology ?)is out here via a search on fight CPS,sue CPS etc as a HEARING is a hearing and they are one and the same in regard to violations of rights and due process.
        again GODSPEED and prayers UP as these people are ungodly and unrighteous.
        fear them not,for there IS NOTHING that will not be revealed. etc


      2. I have a question about being a WARD of WA State. If a person voluntarily signed for a temporary order. 3 separate doctor now state the person can handle there own affairs and does not need a Trustee—plus the person moved from WA to ID State—-Can the Trustee be SUED ? The Trustee has already been sited for 7 violations not protecting the best interest of the person. There is alot of money involved and the Trustee is determined to continue her harassment and refusing to give accounting of the Trust Money to the individual. Can the Trustee be sued in Federal Court since I now live in ID and the Trustee is living in WA State . She is trying to hire her own attorney but the Trustee is in full control of the finances.


      3. Lenora, you have a good question. However very few lawyers visit this site or would be willing to give legal advice here, just so you don’t wait for someone here to answer. Good luck and keep us posted if you get your question answered as it may help others who have the same issues. Bill


      4. – I wish people would not use this analogy even though ‘the context’ is obvious. As a pastime I have raised both wolves (yes, pures) and wolfdogs for over 2 decades and if human beings (i.e most being ‘sub-human) had 1/10th the social structure and ‘just order’ in their life that these very intelligent critters have, society would be alright. I apologize for feeling the need to insert this – I know its totally off-topic and I don’t mean to ‘hijack’ the conversation.


  2. I am now in Hell. The WSBA dismissed my second grievance before they even received my packet of documents evidencing misconduct by my former lawyer in the court. I was even advised by the Judge to refile…but I now see there is no point to it. It goes to the same gal who at this point thinks I am just a pain in the ass, and has decided not to even waste her time reading anything I send. My former lawyer on the other hand has retired, and has told my new lawyer that he plans on spending his retirement making my life a living hell. He says he has nothing but time and resources on his hands to appeal this over and over and over, just to keep a running tally and increasing the financial demands of what he thinks he deserves. My new lawyer says that there isn’t anything that can be done to stop him, and I don’t have the money to pay her, so she is resigning. As it stands, she has made him an offer for the full amount just so I can get him off my back and focus on my health. After 8 surgeries, they still can’t get a handle on the systemic infection, so it looks like they will just keep removing parts until my body can no longer function.

    How is it that lawyers can tear a family apart after someone dies, do whatever they can to try and get them at each others throats, and then turn around and try to claim for services they never rendered or failed to render properly – and yet demand to be paid $300 for time that was mainly spent jogging their fading minds of what has and hasn’t been done, what needs to be done, and the fact that they keep failing to do anything!?!?


    1. The WSBA rarely acts on attorney misconduct. The exception seems to be when they are actually caught with their hand in the cookie jar, such as dipping in to funds held by them for a client.

      I’ve harped and harped, over the years, that a straight on battle is not always the best or only way to tackle a legal issue. For example, if I were having problem with an agency, I would use the Washington Public Records Act (codified at chapter 42.56 RCW) to dig deep into the agency’s records, until I found violations of law. Doing that, you always will find violations. Now the matter can be made personal, because you also have the right to see “records by which it can be determined who was responsible for the acts in excess of or contrary to law.”

      Regarding the WSBA, keep in mind:

      1) It, as a matter of routine, investigates claims of practicing law without a license;
      2) Investigations are the realm of the executive branch;
      3) The WSBA claims it is part of the judiciary;
      4) Based on its claim of being part of the judiciary, it claims the same exemption judges gave themselves (of being exempt from the Public Records Act;
      5) Judges gave themselves the exemption from the Records Act under the claim we had a common law right of access to the courts (see Nast vs Michaels). If that claim stands, then we have a common law right of access to to WSBA files, as well as administrative files kept by the court;



  3. Me again. I have been told by Erica Temple (same person everytime with the WSBA, seems nothing gets past her unless she thinks it has merit) – that my appeal will be heard by the disciplinary committee on Sept 20. However, I just received a copy of a letter to her from my former lawyer who the grievance is against, in which he thanks her for contacting him personally via email, to warn him that I am appealing the grievance, and ‘encouraging him’ to hurry and respond to the grievance since he hadn’t done so originally!?!? If I ever had any doubt that there is a personal bias with at least Erica Temple towards the Attorneys, I now know that there is. My current attorney agrees, but says she is not familiar with the WSBA and how to go about making sure that the Disciplinary Committee actually gets to review not only my grievance, but the 3″ of emails and court documents of evidentiary fact that I forwarded to Erica Temple as well. Considering that she originally dismissed my 2nd grievance that I filed upon the advice of a Judge at the end of a hearing – Erica sent me a letter dated July 1, dismissing my grievance – when I had mailed the package of documents the evening of June 29, USPS Priority Mail. The USPS website shows that there is no way she received those documents to review, before she decided to simply ignore my complaints. She even admitted this over the phone, because she was going on Vacation starting that day and wanted it off her desk!?!? Ms Temple says it is up to her ‘personal’ discretion to make the choice as to whether or not a grievance has merit – and despite the fact that 5 lawyers and a judge have stated that my former attorney clearly violated the Code of Conduct by withholding information he received from opposing counsel just minutes prior to entering a Mediation – she says she feels my former attorney believed he didn’t see a need to disclose it to me, and that’s good enough for her!?!? If that information had been disclosed, the Mediation would never have been necessary – basically it was confirmation from the WSBA that the opposing counsel could NOT include demands of withdrawing a grievance from his former client, as part of a Mediation Settlement with my fathers Estate, since they were two separate entities, and it would not be enforceable in a court of law…because basically it was extortion!]
    What can I do????? I am at my Wits end because I fear Erica will manipulate the documented evidence so that my former attorney again, can try to claim this is all a fee dispute – in which case they will dismiss it again because they don’t deal in fee disputes!?!?!?


    1. Nothing is going to change how the WSBA operates unless they are sued, either by an individual or in a class action, for “conspiracy” “fraud” “negligence” “contributory fault” ………., and have to pay millions of $$$ in damages.

      If Ms. Temple’s responses to you “include” some language as “the grievance may be reopened upon a finding of impropriety” … you’ve been given permission by the WSBA to sue your attorney without fear of counter-suit in order to obtain a ‘finding of impropriety’.

      Keep in mind, LAWYERS are “quasi-judicial officers” they must adhere to the LAW, which includes their oath to abide by the WA State Constitution for the protection of “individual rights”. They MUST exercise their duties only by the highest standards of “truth and honor”. All of these ‘obligations’ imposed upon lawyers create issues of FACT and give you the right to have a JURY hear your evidence.

      You have ‘absolute immunity’ from any ‘hostile’ response by your lawyer for any action you may take on account of your lawyer’s misconduct. The Supreme Court has stated that it is the lawyer who bears the consequences of their misconduct. Reference the WA Supreme Court Case 136 Wn.2d 67, DISCIPLINE OF DANN

      I’d sue and request a jury to decide if the lawyers conduct meets the “truth and honor” obligation mandated by RCW 2.48.210 See also RCW 2.48.180(6), which incorporates the unprofessional conduct statute RCW 18.130.180

      If you want a lay-person’s opinion, I’m willing to help you as much as I can… As you likely know I’m already prosecuting “lawyer” misconduct and have some “experiences” to share.

      Don’t give up…. but DO expect the “good-ole-boys” to use every despicable tactic to intimidate you; whether the lawyer is a “judge” or an “advocate” they will NOT abide by the law to be “TRUTHFUL” and will commit one deceitful act upon another to save their colleagues. This will, of course, give you additional rights to sue the lawyer who acts in a judicial capacity (the judge) and any other lawyer who use these deceitful tactics to deny your right to “justice without delay”. See WA Const. Art. 1, Sec 10

      Remember YOU ARE A CITIZEN… Lawyers serve YOU! Judges serve YOU! See WA Const. Art. 1, Sec 1.


      1. Sir,please also contact me at your convenience as I need to ask you something contained within your indictment . WE are over in XXX and of course have the exact same situation,same script/different actors and won’t even get a FAIR trial over here if a presented indictment gets by their garbage cans.


  4. Hello, I’ve contacted you before concerning the out of control fraud committing WSBA, its disciplinary board and its Lawyers fund for client Protection, both of which are nothing but crime committing fraudulent shams. Protected by and reinforced by Ron Carpenter our Supreme court Clerk, as well as our Chief Justice Madsen. That quote above her picture on her web site needs to be worded correctly to read”Any justice anywhere, is a threat to all of our injustice everywhere” In my particular case with the WSBA, they dismissed even the allowed multiple appearances of Gregory E. Grahn(disbarred) by the Pierce County Superior court while Grahn was currently suspended from practice. Whereas Grahn went ahead and defrauded me of my deed release to the family home that he and Geoffrey C. Cross guaranteed to me in court that would be provided to me in no more than 24hrs from that court hearing in exchange for being allowed to remove another $1500.00 of my money from their trust account. They immediately removed the $1500.00, and refused to provide the signed deed release. I filed 2 separate time &date stamped motions to the Superior Court for Contempt of Court, an a Emergency Motion to save the family home from foreclosure. The motions were never responded to by the Superior Court, with them knowing for a fact, that they were liable for Grahn even being there while Suspended from practice in the first place. I was forced to file for bankruptcy. although I had good credit, and a totally new loan arranged for the home, but without the deed release recorded, the loan was lost due to these fraudulent color of law felony crimes being committed by the attorneys involved and the Superior Court. I immediately notified the U.S. Bankruptcy court, the attorney for the mortgage company who was Brian Lynch( now U.S, Bankruptcy court Judge Lynch), the U.S. Trustee, and Judge Paul Snyder of the U.s, Bankruptcy court of these felony crimes being committed towards me by the attorneys involved and my now ex wife conspiring with them. Crimes of conspiracy to commit Fraud, the Fraud itself, and the Grand theft of my $1500.00 from the trust Account,plus the illegal with holding of my deed release which is clear violation of USC title 18,chap.9, sec.3057, sub sec.152-154. Having 3057 read that”any attorney, officer of the court who with holds a document belonging to the estate,has committed a crime against the United States and needless to say , the debtor. Punishable by 5yrs in the Fed. Pen. and thousands of dollars in fines.” The prescribed proper action to be taken for this violation of Law clearly reads in every printing of it “any Judge, any Magestrate or even the mayor of a town or a city once becoming aware of such violation of law has not only the duty, but the authority to report such violation to the U.S. Attorney with a recommendation of a Grand Jury Investigation” My formal written & docketed notice of these felony crimes being committed against me that were without question 100% responsible for my being illegally forced into bankruptcy and clearly within the jurisdiction of the U.s. Bankruptcy court, even the Superior court and according to WSBA rule 8.3, this conduct and these crimes were suppose to be immediately reported to the WSBA and any Court or Judge that I would have current dealings with. I told the Bankruptcy attorney Desa Conniff about this( which Miss Conniff now sits on thew Federal Bar Association) but Miss Conniff said that was too bad but there was nothing she could do but fleece me for another $5000.00 for filing a fraudulent chap.13 case that was totally unnecessary due to the fact that I owed no one any money at all except for the mortgage that had risen over 100% during the 2.5 yrs these felony committing asset thieving attorneys drug their feet with the divorce stealing my assetss, illegally diverting the sales proceeds from previously agreed 1031 reverse exchange I had fully approved and paid in full for. Doing this so they could get all of that money from the sale of my other lakefront home into their control and access too, which is exactly what they did and took every dime of that $65,000.00 too. Not one of the Officials I notified about the clear violation of the 3057 bankruptcy law ever responded to any of it at all which clearly eliminates the remote possibility of an isolated over sight. It is color of Law, RICO and professional misconduct from hell. When I confronted Judge Snyder and Judge Lynch about the no response tomy formal docketed written notice of these felony crimes being committed towards me forcing me into bankruptcy and that the Superior Court had never responded to my filed motions which I had already provided the Bankruptcy Court copies of those time and date stamped motions, both Judge Lynch and judge Snyder lied to me right from the Stand! Telling me that they were a Court of limited jurisdiction and that they did not have the authority to report this to the U.S.Attorney. So in essence telling me that they did not have the authority to act on a Bankruptcy Law in a Bankruptcy Case in a Bankruptcy Court because they were only Bankruptcy Judges!!!! Where is the warning sign posted reminding us to wear our hip boots to court because the BS gets that deep at times? Please get back to me because this gets a whole lot worse from here. Stealing my home via a totally fraudulent auction that was never announced to the public, only a total insider only, the theft of all cars, trucks, boats, family heirlooms all on the authority of a known null and void order set up by Judge Brian Chushcoff and executed by his personal gang of thugs and henchmen that mascaraed around as the Pierce County Sheriff’s Dept.


  5. Suggestion: for clarity limit paragraphs to 3 or 4 sentences. Traditionally well educated people, who are few and far between, have up to a 20-30 minute attention span.

    The average low information tweeter has an 8 second attention span
    whereas a goldfish has a 9 second attention span.

    Complex subjects require very effective writing skills to present. Study the likes of Thomas Sowell who is a an extremely effective writer on very complex subjects
    so that the few who actually read can comprehend easily.

    With the steady loss of literacy we are just going to have to work harder to
    sharpen our writing to be effective in the “war of words”.

    Kenn Lassiter, MA English, one time graduate reader.


  6. This is the cover up of my Moms murder that left Dad needing a guardian because she was his caretaker as he has Dementia and can not handle his affairs when she was sent to her grave. The suspect was left in the house with my Dad for 6 years and was forced to live like a pig, in cat shit, filth, abuse and exploited thanks to the probate judge who thought this was funny dragging out the case and refused my guardianship I fought for all these years. Now there is over $500,000 missing from their estate then a year ago they threw Dad in the living warehouse and now he is trying to kill himself so they loaded him up on Psychotropic drugs and killing him now. Oh Yea they refused my Mom a headstone and she still doesn’t have one with her own money nor justice for her life taken.


    On a side issue this just broke news in my state yesterday. Who says a judge can’t be sued????? This prosecutor is doing it…..You have to watch all the included videos. They are not long. I liked the video where the judge is giving an interview with the Bible behind her and the word “Believe” $%^&*&^%$…..

    Another story….
    Coroner in Hocking Co. is holding a inquest as to why law enforcement and prosecutor is not charging for the murder of this dead man.

    Do you know about this movie playing in theatres now?
    Listen to this…….. “all judges have the same middle name, God”?????

    more trailers

    Advocate for §1.02 of the Ohio Constitution
    Right to alter, reform, or abolish government, and repeal special privileges (1851)
    All political power is inherent in the people. Government is instituted for their equal protection and benefit, and they have the right to alter, reform, or abolish the same, whenever they may deem it necessary; and no special privileges or immunities shall ever be granted, that may not be altered, revoked, or repealed by the general assembly.
    well that has been violated….

    If we could just get the prosecutors to get mad on OUR behalf who have been Terrorized and Victimized and work on OUR behalf…..


    1. Dear Rosanna, I believe your ‘story’ and report of the injustices the legal system has put you and your Family through was probably, the 1st one, other than my own, I was ever made aware of. Its of extremely broad expanse and definitely one of the most powerful ones to hear. Each and every horrying story has the element of sheer disgust. I wish I knew how to help more,…..it wouldn’t surprise me if others, like myself – feel they can only wring their hands and worry ‘what to do’. I KNOW I need to post on your blog – its just been this week that I have attempted to bring things out and express my feelings in a blog though. Once you have ‘taken the dive’ of being even able to open your mouth and let it all out I see it gets easier and you can betcha – I will get there! – to your blog! I want to Thank my Friends in these groups,…..its clear that they are all so much more conscionable than the ‘powers that be. I see amazing wok as a whole unit to better the life of just one individual! – and that’s the way it SHOULD> What we do to help others makes us the happy ‘winners’ and better people.


    1. Chris, Yes indeed, the WA legal establishment is either so incompetent or corrupt they either must stand together in trying to hide this fact or have the whole system crumble under the reality of this incompetence or corruption.

      Thanks for your support and please continue to expose those who betray our trust both here and at your web site http://superiorcourtjudgesassociation.com/


  7. It is a shame a more competent law firm did not tackle the matter of access to court records via the PDA/PRA when the matter was brought before the courts. There are several issues that were not addressed, but that could have blown the current trend of exempting the judiciary and the courts (which are, in law, distinguished from each other).

    1) The people of The State of Washington put the Public Records Act [PRA] in place to insure we could monitor OUR [representative] government. In doing so, we nowhere exempted a branch and, certainly, not the branch often called the most powerful branch- the judicial branch.

    2) The Nast versus Michaels case, cited as the case that answered the question of if the judiciary was subject to the Act, only addressed case files, not administrative records. Anything other than that was dicta (judicial ramblings).

    Like Vance vs Thurston County, the case evolved into something it was not and is, conveniently, cited as justification for denying the government, that is, We The People, access to files kept by our “representatives,” or employees (public servants).

    3) The PDA clearly stated the will of the people – which was to insure we could monitor government at ALL levels.

    4) The Act covered campaign finances, lobbying and public records. That has not changed. The only thing changed is, it was broken down in the codification so the records portion may now be found under chapter 42.56 RCW, while the remainder, including adminsitrative remedies (e.g., RCW 42.17.400) remain under the former chapter.

    This left attorneys and the public confused and many do not realize the laws are yet tied, but listed only in the former chapter, leaving the erroneous impression the remedy at [formerly] RCW 42.17.400 only applies to campaign and election matters.

    5) Under the Act, judges MUST report campaign contributions. Too, if elected, they must report business dealings. A failure to do so can result in up to a $10,000.00 fine for a violation by failing to do either. Clearly, judges WERE/ARE subject to the Act and, to avoid the fines, do file (the records are available to the public, for review, through the Public Disclosure Commission).

    That judges were recognized as being subject to the Act can be seen by review of the case of Judges of the Everett District Court vs Hurd. District court judges lost that round.

    6) The higher court, conveniently, concluded the judiciary is not named in the Act, so is not subject to it. However, the facts noted above show that not to be true. Further, hundreds of state and local agencies also are not specifically named in the Act, but remain subject to it.

    7) The judiciary claim the Nast case made clear the judiciary was not subject to the Act. The Nast case pointed to our common law right of access to case files, not administrative records, as the basis for those files not being subject to the Act. In other words, we had a prior, higher right of access under common law.

    If the courts are going to rely on that logic, it would also stand that administrative records of the judicial branch are subject to disclosure under that higher, common law right, just as are case files.

    To use the power afforded it to exempt itself from public scrutiny only works to bring more question about the integrity of an already disrespected branch. One must wonder how many judges would not fare well, if their records were exposed to the light of public scrutiny.


  8. As I’ve told others, there are many back doors that can be taken, when dealing with a corrupt judiciary. For example, verify the guardians ad litem the courts pay must either be employees or contractors. If the latter, they MUST have business licenses. The court cannot usurp legislative power and exempt those it deals with from legislative requirements.

    A search of Thurston County records showed GALs did not have licenses. Bringing the fact to the attention of the judges and commissioners in the county forces them to act, or become complicit in acts contrary to law (the entire GAL industry is a gold mine for someone wanting to corrupt judges and commissioner’s feet to the fire (learn public disclosure and how to use in on the agencies with which the courts deal.

    Next, peek at the juvenile courts. In Thurston, the local rules required litigants to submit their motions and things to the opposition, the prosecutor, for approval. This is a clear conflict.

    Finally, check on public defenders, both in adult and juvenile court. They win their positions by bid and must perform on their contracts. However, most fail to defend their clients, opening them for possible qui tam actions.



  9. Bill, I have some documents you might find useful. They are available in PDF, WordPerfect or your preferred format. Of course, PDF will retain the formatting. If interested, contact me via email.


  10. I spent 4 years fighting the corruption in the Kitsap County court. I faced 17 attorneys and corrupt attorneys from the Northwest Justice Project. Kitsap County Superior Court Judge Leonard Costello retired after my case. He was 2 years into a 4 year term and I had him cold in corruption (with pictures.)
    The corrupt Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office falsely arrested me for violation of a restraining order that was not properly issued to me and was made out to another person. The Northwest Justice Project attorney in the divorce case before corrupt judge Costello was a past Kitsap County Prosecutor so the prosecutors office falsely pressed charges until the divorce case was over then dropped the charges.
    I caught my ex-wife and her Northwest Justice Project attorney (Jennifer Brugger) committing perjury before judge Costello. Costello refused to investigate and said if I didn’t like it I should go to the police. I went to the Port Orchard Police Dept and found an “honest” cop in Det. Martin. Det. Martin pressed charges, but the corrupt Kitsap county Prosecutors office refused to prosecute.
    Did I mention that the corrupt Kitsap Sheriff’s tried kill me one (and put a gun in my hand) and after I moved out of the county on advice of my attorney, tried to have the Puyallup police kill me with a SWAT team. (both times there were witness’s and I lucked out) The Kitsap Sheriff”s also stole 12 vintage firearms from me, but the BATF/FBI refused to investigate as they are fellow cops.
    Another fact that is being hidden by the corrupt Washington State Bar association is that Pierce County Superior Court Judge Frank Cuthbertson is a convicted criminal with an outstanding arrest warrant and was arrested for “Dangerous Weapons” while a member of the Communist Party!


    1. Thank you for bringing this story to light… What you write perfectly describes the “good-ole-boy” network of corruption that permeates our government and destroys our trust in these public servants. Clearly you are not alone in all that you have experienced. I get phone calls and emails daily about such utter corruption and leads me to believe, we (the people) are being forced down a path to a ‘revolt’. It is because those in “who we trust” exhibit “moral inbreeding” which is as dangerous as biological inbreeding..they can no longer function as intended.


    2. I like this report of taking it to the police. In the past I have had a tough tie with lies, misrepresentations, and false allegation from my opponents. I barely have gotten a chance to speak about ANYTHING much less an opportunity to correct and clarify the false satements I have had to tolrrate from conservator, their attornies, court visitors all set-up to ‘take the ward down’ in the eyes of the court. And they repeat these false things looking right straight into the eyes of the judges. My attitude has changed since I came back from a broad-spectrum recovery program this summer long in Florida. We ask GOD to give us serenity to accept things we cannot change but that doesn’t mean they don’t. it means we have surrendered are WILL and Faith in GOD to HIM for HIM to work his miracles through Us. And he gives us the empowerment of the Courage to change the things we can. And by GOD – the ‘mouse’ in me has left and I have that courage to stand up for my rights and against their corrupt ‘tricks’ and the next time I am not allowed to comment against their lies, the minute I walk out that door, I am going straight to law enforcement!


  11. The Declaration of Independence states that when a government becomes corrupt it is the “Duty” of the people to get rid of that corrupt government. Its past time to do your “Duty” and get rid of the shadow government that runs our state/country, the bar associations/judges associations/attorneys/judges. America, the land of the not so free has more men in jails per capita than any other country on earth (2,200,000+) Its called “Power and Control.” Get you in the system, take all your money and rights and kick you out the other end with nothing, Why do you think corporations run prisons, jails and make money supplying them? Its a growth industry. Check out the domestic violence industry and restraining orders. With a bogus restraining order that judges hand out like candy a man loses everything including the right to keep and bear arms, all without a jury. Wake up sheeple time to heed what our fore fathers wrote.


  12. Just wanted to give you an update…Have never heard back from the Sheriffs Department Investigator, who claimed he was going to ‘seriously look into the perjury claims I have against my lawyer”…I’m thinking it wound up in the ’round’ file! Honestly, this goes way beyond the WSBA, and sadly there are so many corrupt parties involved, that they have made it impossible to reach anyone that might not be, to have our stories heard.


  13. Back in the 90’s, I pushed and pushed on the importance of Washington’s Public Records Act [PRA] for us “little people.”

    Using the PRA, you can force agencies to answer your letters and things (e.g., incorporating a single records request into your communications). You can use it to build administrative records necessary to future appeals. And, of course, you can use it access public records. I have, literally, won cases just using just it.

    When dealing with an agency, it may be to your benefit to go well beyond the instant matter. For example:

    1) Local agencies rarely comply with PRA mandates relating to indexing records (ref. RCW 42.56.070).

    2) Local agencies are required to “prominently display their policies and procedures, but often don’t.

    3) The Act allows you to report failures to comply with the Act to the prosecutor or attorney general and, if he does not act, to step into his shoes to address the often forty year old negligence. This means you can initiate a complaint and the clerk CANNOT charge you a filing fee.

    4) GAL’s often do not have mandatory business licenses, but the counties pay them for their contract work.

    5) Public defenders, including those in juvenile court, often use public resources to operate their private businesses (i.e., they won the bid to defend and some don’t have offices other than the court house)

    6) Public defenders take money to defend, then plea away most their clients. In short, they did not perform on the contract, so stole money. (Clear opportunity for a qui tam action, and a can of worms for people who suffered from their “ineffective assistance of counsel.)

    Notice to judges and others of the fact can establish complicity in schemes to use the judicial branch to undermine legislative authority. Of course, combining two branches has been equated to tyranny.

    Keep in mind, there are the follow-up options too: chapter 4.92 RCW (state actors) or chapter 4.96.041 RCW (local actors); qui tam actions and similar actions (think in terms of the Spokane sheriff just fired for screwing off on duty); tort claims (damages to the people’s liberties, etc.); misdemeanors (chapter 42.20 RCW) for failure to perform duties; and, so forth.

    Rare is the agency which does not have skeletons. Their negligence can be damaging to the county or city and, ultimately, the people who have to carry the burden of their corruption.

    For reference, the PRA was codified under chapter 42.17 RCW. It’s now divided up between it and chapter 42.56 RCW. Generally, the law was not changed. Only the codification, which is mere prima facie evidence of the law and not the law itself, did, so some of the remedies remain under the old chapter.


  14. The point of the foregoing is, there are many options to us. For example, take time to look into the “law of bailments,” “agent, principal and fiduciary responsibility.” A basic business law book, which can be had used for a few bucks, is a great place to start.

    Opportunities present themselves every day. For example, a Kittitas County judge claimed a party’s defective (lack of) service was sufficient. However, law clearly establishes judges’ immunity to be lacking when they act in absence of jurisdiction, but which requires proper service to establish.

    Many “waive” legislative requirement for licensing of businesses with which they deal.

    In the end, remember, law “distinguishes judges from the court.” For example, they all claim the judiciary is exempt from the Public Records Act. Then they file their campaign finance information and business dealing information, to avoid the ten thousand dollar fines that can be imposed on the for failure to comply with that portion of the Act.


  15. Just a note. If the perjury was committed in a town or city it is the town/city police that have jurisdiction. I caught attorney Jennifer Brugger of the Northwest Justice Project and my now ex-wife in ten counts of perjury and Kitsap County Superior Court Judge Leonard Costello (now retired because of me) refused in court to review my charges. Costello told me that if I didn’t like it I should go to the Kitsap County Sheriff’s (the very ones that tried to kill me twice.)

    I went to the sheriff’s and they said since it was committed in the courthouse in Port Orchard that the Port Orchard police had jurisdiction.

    I made a very organized book of all the information and evidence and went to the Port Orchard police dept. Amazing, I got an honest cop, CSI/Det Martin. He said that yes I had a case, but since Jennifer Brugger had been a Kitsap County Prosecuting attorney the corrupt Kitsap prosecutors would not do their duty and prosecute. CSI/DET Martin filed felony perjury charges and the Kitsap County Prosecutors office refused to prosecute.

    The WSBA and 99% of the attorneys out there are just a bunch of crooks and thugs. Its time to take our country back from these crooks. To be an attorney you must be a member of a bar association which is a private club and not part of the government, but protected by the government. So justice is handed out by exclusive private club members and that private club shields its members from the irate public. Yes! Time for a change. This is a nation wide problem.

    In 1861 it was North against the South. Looks like there may be the same thing but the honest, common American against the people that have taken over our government, and the thugs (police/SWAT teams) that they have armed. In AmeriKa there is one attorney for every 365 people. The bar associations have to generate money (power/control) for their members, thus more new laws, longer non-violent jail sentences, the domestic violence industry and restraining orders being handed out like candy by corrupt judges like the ones in Kitsap County.

    Since the Kitsap County Sheriff’s had tried to kill me twice, had police cars at all hours illegally in my driveway and were more than likely going to go after my family since I sued them in federal court, I retired from working for the State of Washington and fled to Cambodia. My advice is that America is Nazi Germany 1938 and Stalinist Russia, Flee while you can!


  16. How do I go about finding out if it is worth filing against two former attorneys? I was involved with an Elder Abuse Financial Exploitation of my Mom two years ago, almost charged, but the lawyers and the court were unable to find anything that could charge me. The entire case was caused because I trusted that Medicaid and APS would help us with my Mom’s care, which never materialized and instead they and the nursing home she was residing brought a petition against me. Instead of talking to us, her family and friends, they made accusations, etc. that caused my husband and I lose many items and also funds to cover attorney costs, and whatever else they deemed we owed! They are ruthless, blood suckers!
    Anyway, I have questions regarding attorney’s responsibilities to their clients. I had an elder/probate attorney who was the main attorney, as well as a criminal attorney in case of need. My main attorney failed to supply us with monthly billing statements or communicate properly, even though the documents we and she signed stating what she would do for us clearly promised monthly statements and precise communication. We received only one statements from her, the first month we did business with her, but no more for the almost two years she represented me! Her communication skills earned her an F-, as she responded after the fact many times! Also, my criminal attorney never supplied us billing statements, but her communication was a lot better! We have no idea where the funds we paid were used, and feel that this needs to be looked into. One belief I have, is that my main attorney seemed to be working against me, she is friend’s with the guardian, his lawyer and the lawyer hired to represent my Mom, as well as the crooked estate people! So I think her prejudices worked against me, as I never believed she had my back.
    Please let me know if there is something I can do. Thank you.


    1. A lawyer must abide by the laws that regulate his profession. For example See RCW 2.48.210, RCW 2.48.180, RCW 18.130.180 among others. Also, a lawyer must abide by the Rules of professional conduct See RPC. Once you become familiar with these lawful and ethical obligations demanded of lawyers, compare what happened in your case to these lawful and ethical obligations to see if your lawyer violated the law or rules. If you feel you have been deceived or underrepresented file your grievance with the WSBA.

      While you may have other options, this is our opinion based upon our own experience. Since we are activist who feel the legal profession routinely violates their legal and ethical obligations and engages in RICO activities we would like copies of what you do and the responses you receive…but this is your call as we cannot give legal advice. See our ‘class complaint’ to see how we are planning on obtaining restitution from and reform of the legal enterprise.


  17. I am new to this site and I have to tell you that the amount of information and grief surrounding the legal corruption that is making just a mess out of peoples lives is astounding in this and other states. And it will take patient time and reading to absorb all of. Here, as briefly as I can make it, is ‘my story:
    I am the ward in a misadjudicated guardianship. I was persuaded by the GALs and attorneys to accept a limited guardianship back in 2007 when I was 52 while going through a complicated divorce. The attorneys involved had been made aware there was ‘money’ coming into my life. While not terribly happy about the GAL’s proposal – I mistakenly thought ‘I could manage’ this. Later, either through not notifying me of a hearing or presenting the hearing under such a false premise to me that I consciously chose not to attend(probably something having to do with my divorce) – she pushed through full power and became my Trustee.
    Then, in 2011 my brother asked me (in a half-hearted effort to address the guardianship problems I constantly obssessed with) to speak with some ‘social workers’ that shared an office with his attorney. – Months later, and far after my mistake, I discovered that his attorney was also ‘their’ attorney. You see, back in 2007 when the initial guardianship, was put through, during the divorce time, Mom was diagnosed as Alzhiemers. In what I thought at the time, due to being 3 hours away from her and in the throw’s of a divorce, was a responsible decision, I put her and her estate in brothers hands and the attorney he chose was later (much later) discovered to be their attorney as well as his. I felt that was a ‘conflict of interest’ but it was refused to be acknowledged by my attorney. At any rate, once again I was persuaded to accept a guardianship. Their premise was that the guardianship would be moved to Idaho and my life would be all well and good. It was discovered that the attorney had gained full trusteeship. Since I had already verbally accepted the Idaho guardians and had signed paperwork to the attending GAL- who presented a ‘trumped up’ petition to the judge full of misallegations and had a court visitor also ‘trumped up’ her recommendation of a full guardianship – despite every hair here being in place upon her ‘surprise visit’. And nothing of the ‘promised’ sort happened with the Idaho guardians. I found myself surrounded by guardians and their attorneys on both sides all collaborated and coordinated, working together to ‘keep this guardianship in place’ at all costs. I have entered into litigation now, as well with Idaho social workers.
    On December 31st 2014 – My Washington trustee Lin O’Dell was brought in front of Stevens county courts on 13 counts of misconduct. It was decided to have her business in my financial affairs investigated by a high-ranking member of the Washington boards and Supreme Court. His findings at a hearing in early March of 2014 were that the guardianship of myself in Washington be DISMISSED. I believe I just heard there is to be a hearing to announce the judges’ Final Findings on November 20th, this month.
    One more thing, while I may have had some personal issues back in 2007, as all humans do, I was not then, nor ever have been Mentally Compromised, Incapacitated, Elderly or Disabled
    I have heard Lin O’Dell continually misrepresent my capacity, intelligence, character, what my Mom wanted, and exactly ‘how’ I accepted her original ‘limited guardianship both in the courts to judges, and through social media.
    Ultimately, I believe this began as a ‘family scandal’ that the guardianships have collaborated with. The last living member of my direct family(other than me), my younger brother – Rex Shank passed away the day after the Dec. 31st Lin O’Dell hearing on New Years day, due to his proveable history of lifelong drug and alcohol abuse. I was estranged from him during the event due to conflict concerning the Idaho guardianship. There was a Christmas(2010, I believe) that my ex will witness where my daughter told her Father ‘We are going to ‘put Mom away Dad and you cant do anything about it because you are divorced’. I have been estranged from her since early 2012. My ex is also a very important witness in the destruction this Washington trustee did to my life in 2010.

    Here is a letter I just sent off to the judge in Kootenai County concerning a major circumstance-altering event the Wa. Trustee pulled on me back in 2009:
    On Tuesday, November 4, 2014 4:20 PM, Paula Shank wrote:

    Dear Judge
    In 2009 – when called me (Mark Fowler – husband at the time came with me) down to Spokane to ask me sign a TEDRA agreement, for my so-called ‘special’ Trust there was an Attorney in attendance from Idaho. I was introduced to . I BELIEVE I was told that she represented ‘the Idaho interest’. which (due to the fact that I still lived in Washington, and had not indicated any intention to move to Idaho, I ‘assummed’ she was referring to my dear alzhiemer Mom’s interest’).
    In the court documents I received copies of concerning financial reports, there is one set that refers to this ‘incident’ concerning my ‘Trust’ – that there was an Idaho representative(attorney) there to represent MY ‘best interest’. does not mention a name (just a ‘representative for my interest’) in the paperwork, but I remember the name because is a well-established name up north and there is even a town of , Washington. From the court paperwork on record – it states ‘this person was representing MY interest’
    Now, I do believe they, (with all in attendance) ‘did’ refer to the term ‘special needs’ but being a person of a high level of education, but in other areas and growing up as a child in a very normal fashion, I had never even been faced with the ‘meaning’ of that connotation, not my entire life. Mark didn’t ‘catch it’ either and he is NOT a ‘special needs’ person either. (Glad to have ‘your ‘witness Marcie)
    And, in fact was never even familiarized with ‘the connotation’ until years later when I moved here to Idaho and a t.v. news show had a happy story about a ‘special needs(i.e. ‘retarded'(!)) couple.
    I would say….this ‘GAL’ Grosly MISREPRESENTED me and my interests in an illegal and corrupt way along with the Wa. trustee. – AND this matter should be brought before the courts. However, this ‘stand-in GAL’s office refuses to interact with me in any way, indicating I must go through my attorney.


  18. Besides this event spoken of in 2009, what is really making me wonder about WHAT is going on here is that I have thus far tried to contact Gold Bar Reporter twice now foe an interview concerning my situation and hopefully some advice. The 1st time fell on apparently unheard ears, the 2nd time was just the day before yesterday….actually, the evening before yesterday. When I wrote to them and asked them for the details of my conservator’s Federal hearing – she has been indicted in RICO charges. I would like to attend that hearing in hopes that I can report the 2009 incident. I received an email reply right away and thought made arrangements to speak with a reporter ‘yesterday’ after 11a.m. But after that there was no response, not ALL DAY!!!! I sent message to confirm this meet-up and aked some other questions also – TO NO RESPONSE.


  19. Thanks Paula, we need to remember this is NOT a state issue it is epidemic across the country in every avenue of our lives with a crooked corrupt baal worshipping court system. Rosanna


  20. 40-50 gave testimoney allowed for years–The strange case and cover-up of Thomas F. Bello…Staten Island at it’s finest.
    Justice is not for all, and will never be…on Staten Island… Let’s kibbitz.
    “JUSTICE FOR ALL” is not a black and white issue on Staten Island—nor are we close to being divided. Take the recent appellate disbarment (10/23/2013) of a representative of the law on Staten Island that received a glancing notice from the Advance. 12 plus years, this lawyer did not discriminate all he deceived and lied to—white, black, many Italian and Chinese…maybe 40-50 In total harmed, and maybe if he were anything but white—he might have been behind bars by now. The courts and our legal system knew and did SHIT—we have the many admonishments, reprimands, closed door arrangements and court verdicts against him—-all for the same reason—as justice RECUSED themselves from putting an end to one of theirs. We learned from our D.A.’s office that co-mingling of funds, issuing false dockets and never filing dockets along with doing little or nothing for his clients is CIVIL for one of theirs, and when we picketed—our D.A. refused to meet with us as a group. With all this public record, this “Local and Political Albany Liaison” who on 10/23/2013 was disbarred and admitted his guilt, is still being appointed such esteemed taxpayer funded positions as Administrative Law Judge, a teacher of law and ethics, and now a Director of Education with a City Agency that we pay for….yet his long track record of continued intentional criminal acts is called CIVIL on Staten island—not criminal—see y’all learned something. 10/23/2013 needs the transcripts unsealed and available to the public. Governor—Justice is not for all on Staten Island. Who’s to blame—ask our Albany.


  21. Hello I am disabled Veteran in need of some help I have to file my response for SSDI help by the 4th of February 2015 with the court.. My Lawyer Bailed on me as he never got world to me… Then when I complained he said he would not represent me any further??? see his comments…From: carolyns@rafalaw.com
    To: hattersley702@hotmail.com
    Subject: RE: Your Social Security claim
    Date: Fri, 9 Jan 2015 23:36:27 +0000

    I never got word and his firm never updated there files on my address change I need a lawyer to file the appeal.. I have a contract with this guy how can he bail on me and leave me like this I am impaired on medication and receive palitive care can anyone help me please….


    Michael G. Cramer

    12 N Tulloch Road

    Snohomish, WA 98290

    Dear Mr. Cramer:

    I write in response to your January 6, 2015 call to my office manager, Nancy Long. You told Ms. Long that you planned to file a Bar complaint against me because my office did not send you a copy of the unfavorable Appeals Council decision we received on December 8. Ms. Long placed you on hold but when I picked up the phone to speak to you, you were no longer there. When my receptionist, Kira, immediately telephoned you to connect us you told her you did not wish to speak to me.

    We received the unfavorable Appeals Council decision on December 8, 2014. The Appeals Council mailed their decision to you at the same address we have. For this reason, I assumed you also had received a copy of the Appeals Council decision. I did not know that you did not receive a copy until today when you told Ms. Long that you had not received it. Since receiving the Appeals Council denial, I was in the process of reviewing your case to determine the merits of an appeal.

    It is essential that a client has confidence in his representative. Otherwise, if the client loses his case, he will not know whether it was because of the merits of the case or the representative did not properly represent him. Given your lack of confidence in our representation and your statement that you planned to file a Bar complaint against my firm, I think it is best that you find another representative to assist you in deciding whether to appeal the Appeals Council denial to the United States District Court.

    What is at stake in an appeal is your right to receive Social Security disability insurance and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits based on your February 21, 2012 application. Your insured status for disability benefits expired in December 2013. Although you may always file a new claim, if you do not appeal the decision denying your claim, you will lose not only past-due benefits but your ability to receive Social Security disability benefits as opposed to SSI benefits unless you return to work for 5 years.

    If you wish to appeal the unfavorable Appeals Council decision, you must file an appeal with the United States District Court for the Western District of Washington within 60 days of the December 1, 2014 unfavorable Appeals Council decision or on or before January 30, 2015.

    Although you may file an appeal on your own to the Court, I strongly suggest you contact another attorney for help. Extensive briefing and legal analysis would be required in this appeal. You may find the names of attorneys who represent claimants in Social Security disability matters in the Yellow Pages of your local phonebook. After the listing of all attorneys, there is a separate section under Social Security law. If you wish to contact another attorney, you should do so as soon as possible because the deadline for filing an appeal is January 30, 2015. You may also contact the National Organization of Social Security Claimants’ Representatives at 1-800-431-2804 for the name of an attorney in your area. If you do speak with another attorney who is interested in your case, please feel free to ask him or her to contact me and I will discuss your case with him or her.




    Robert A. Friedman

    Attorney at Law



      Office of Disciplinary Counsel
      Washington State Bar Association
      1325 Fourth Avenue, Suite 600
      Seattle, WA 98101-2539


      •Read our information sheet Lawyer Discipline in Washington before you complete this form, particularly the section about consenting to disclosure of your grievance to the lawyer.
      •If you have a disability or need assistance with filing a grievance, call us at (206) 727-8207. We will take reasonable steps to accommodate you.
      •Please note that this form is only for new grievances. If you have already filed a grievance, do not use this form to send us additional information. Mail any additional information with your grievance file number to our office address or send it to the email address caa@wsba.org.
      •If you provide an email address, you will receive a confirmation email after you submit your grievance. We will communicate with you by letter after we review your grievance.

      Date Received: 2/2/2015 7:48:00 PM

      Confirmation Number: 201502020009


      Cramer, Mike G.
      Last Name, First Name, Middle Initial




      Alternate Phone Number


      Beck, CHAD. W
      Last Name, First Name


      3410 Broadway
      Address Line 2

      Everett, WA 98290
      City, State, and Zip Code

      United States

      Phone Number

      Bar Number (if known)

      Describe your relationship to the lawyer who is the subject of your grievance:
      I am a client

      Is there a court case related to your grievance?

      If yes, what is the case name and file number?
      SSDI Claim…

      Explain your grievance in your own words. Give all important dates, times, places, and court file numbers. You may attach additional materials by using the file upload feature below.

      I am filing this complaint as this Lawyer has left me with legal representation and I have just two days to file my appeal on my SSDI claim I am under Dr. care receive Palliative Health care and am on pain medications t that prevent me from thinking clearly and driving an automobile safely…

      Please see his own comments as to why he will no longer represents me.. His firm had knowledge of my legal issues since December 1st 2014 and never updated there records show my address had changed in August 2014 I never knew had any knowledge of this until January when the State of Washington DSHS told me I had no more food or cash left ..I was with out food for days and cash to pay my bills The state has finally gave me back my $198.00 cash assistance to pay my bills.. I have not worked since January 2011 and I am a late stage liver patient(425) 252-5551 who at the end of the road.. I need someone to assist me… This Lawyer has left me with out legal representation.. I have to file my appeal with the court by February 4th 2015… please see lawyers comments…Dear Mr. Cramer:

      I write in response to your January 6, 2015 call to my office manager, Nancy Long. You told Ms. Long that you planned to file a Bar complaint against me because my office did not send you a copy of the unfavorable Appeals Council decision we received on December 8. Ms. Long placed you on hold but when I picked up the phone to speak to you, you were no longer there. When my receptionist, Kira, immediately telephoned you to connect us you told her you did not wish to speak to me.

      We received the unfavorable Appeals Council decision on December 8, 2014. The Appeals Council mailed their decision to you at the same address we have. For this reason, I assumed you also had received a copy of the Appeals Council decision. I did not know that you did not receive a copy until today when you told Ms. Long that you had not received it. Since receiving the Appeals Council denial, I was in the process of reviewing your case to determine the merits of an appeal.

      It is essential that a client has confidence in his representative. Otherwise, if the client loses his case, he will not know whether it was because of the merits of the case or the representative did not properly represent him. Given your lack of confidence in our representation and your statement that you planned to file a Bar complaint against my firm, I think it is best that you find another representative to assist you in deciding whether to appeal the Appeals Council denial to the United States District Court.

      What is at stake in an appeal is your right to receive Social Security disability insurance and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits based on your February 21, 2012 application. Your insured status for disability benefits expired in December 2013. Although you may always file a new claim, if you do not appeal the decision denying your claim, you will lose not only past-due benefits but your ability to receive Social Security disability benefits as opposed to SSI benefits unless you return to work for 5 years.

      If you wish to appeal the unfavorable Appeals Council decision, you must file an appeal with the United States District Court for the Western District of Washington within 60 days of the December 1, 2014 unfavorable Appeals Council decision or on or before January 30, 2015.

      Although you may file an appeal on your own to the Court, I strongly suggest you contact another attorney for help. Extensive briefing and legal analysis would be required in this appeal. You may find the names of attorneys who represent claimants in Social Security disability matters in the Yellow Pages of your local phonebook. After the listing of all attorneys, there is a separate section under Social Security law. If you wish to contact another attorney, you should do so as soon as possible because the deadline for filing an appeal is January 30, 2015. You may also contact the National Organization of Social Security Claimants’ Representatives at 1-800-431-2804 for the name of an attorney in your area. If you do speak with another attorney who is interested in your case, please feel free to ask him or her to contact me and I will discuss your case with him or her.




      Robert A. Friedman

      Attorney at Law
      please see lawyer review


      Attached Files:

      I affirm that the information I am providing is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I have read Lawyer Discipline in Washington and I understand that the content of my grievance can be disclosed to the lawyer.


  22. I tried to get the Governor to act on behalf of my individual rights in a case that is an unbelievable travesty, and in open court consigned me to slavery. The Judge has allowed herself an unauthorized jurisdiction and has granted herself immunity from her blatant conflicts of interest. I have video of the whole process, the courtroom antics, my complaining to the feds, state, and local government everything. I have posted most of it on Youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JwFG4Dtkz5M&list=PLg92cfVh7xjP-yaou1qcHP0QQH9K4gcD1
    The Judge and Prosecution’s largest concern seems to be keeping the cameras out, in violation of all known law. She gave a direct order to stop all filming, I have it on film. The prosecutor then directs the people in the courtroom to take out their recording devices so they can be identified. Like you see in a movie about soviet Russia or some other place where tyranny reigns. There is always 3 or 4 Deputy gun thugs present for intimidation purposes. This is no wonder, as it was a Deputy who assaulted, arrested, and jailed me for asking for the law (nature and cause) at the courthouse.

    I am going to the capital Thursday to try to get some answers from the Governor and am going to film a YouTube video exposing this man and his support of slavery, as long as it is one of his BAR (A private corporation.) card carrying associates. I did point out to him his duty to stop this crime against me, thereby protecting my individual rights. I also let him know that he is conflicted and violating the separation of powers as BAR card carrying attorneys like himself are officers of the court. I think it is rather obvious his conflict of interest was the actual reason for his inaction. For remedy, he mostly wanted me to look for redress in private corporations, namely the WSBA and the Commission on Judicial Conduct. What a joke!

    I make sure to inform everyone that I reach out to in Government of usc1986, so they know there is a supposed consequence for their inaction on such a grave matter.

    I would appreciate any and all help I can get. I hope this separation of powers stuff is useful to your group.

    Brian Green
    360 791-3812


    1. Brian,

      The ‘fabrication’ ‘entrapment’ and outright ‘lies’ our ‘justice system’ will pursue to “silence” people who criticize our government is frightening. I encourage everyone to watch your video and write to their state legislators demanding they “investigate” this case.

      Brian, if you want to publish your story, let me know.


  23. Fighting within this corrupt system is a losing battle. They hold all the cards. The WSBA runs the state government and state/American bar association runs the country. There is only one way to resolve this and our founding fathers put it on paper. It is past time for the Sheeple of America to step up and take our country back from the criminals that are the bar associations/judges/attorneys and that is to do like the Declaration of Independence says and do our “Duty.” I served my country and this is not the country I served. I fought for four years and faced 17 different attorneys in the corrupt Kitsap County court system, Pierce County court system and corrupt federal court. Corrupt Kitsap County Judge Leonard Costello is no longer a judge because of me.( I caught him and he retired two years into a four year term.)I had Kitsap County sheriffs and their friends try and kill me twice. I had to move to Cambodia so as one “honest” attorney told me “a Sheriff’s car will pull you over and you will disappear.” I feared for my life and the life of my family so I moved as far away as I could. We need to do like out forefathers did at Lexington and Concord and stand shoulder to shoulder against this take over of our government by these criminals and their hired thugs the police/SWAT teams. I will only return to the country I love for one reason and that is to defend our Constitution against all enemies foreign and Domestic.


    1. I believe we are at, or very near, the point which you write about — the physical defense of our constitution. However, we need to get the rest of this country up to speed on what is going on and the likely consequence in allowing the racketeering enterprise, the legal enterprise, to operate as it is. It is still my hope, with the power of instant communication via the Internet, the legal and racketeering enterprise will come to recognize the ultimate travesty that awaits us all if they do not honor their oath, the law and their duty.


  24. Bill, we would still like to have you come on the radio and talk about the situation in Washington. Any time you are willing we are too!



  25. Good day to you all,
    I am not from Washington nor is the case I happen to be apart of but I’m not far from you all down here in Oregon. I have been involved in the case Kevin Chaussee v. The State of Oregon for almost a year now. Kevin Chaussee started out back in July of 2015 with two misdemeanor charges that had very little evidence to keep him from hardly batting an eye at the matter cause we both knew that there was no crime that had been committed and figured it would go away as quickly as it came into our lives. However, here we are in April of 2016 and Kevin Chaussee has 69 charges that have blossemed from the two original misdemeanors 6 of which are fellonies and 60 TBD by the Judge. He has spent 74 consecutive days in jail in solitary confinement and now is back in jail for already 10 days now.
    I have searched the internet high and low and I can not find anyone to help me or give me advice on the matter. I have never stepped foot in a court room before this dreadful case and have no clue as to how things work or what I can do to make this hell go away! Please! I’m exhausted and I don’t want to see this evil pervail again by putting an innocent man in jail or maybe even prison while leaving his 6 year old son and other loved ones to fend for themselves. I will take all the help I can get! Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope to hear back from all of you soon.

    Thank you again and have a beautiful day!

    Contact me at: Sickler2health@gmail.com


  26. Please erica temple is who attorneys who commit fraud and brag they have erica temple to insult you with the excuses everyone is listing.

    I vote we all sue erica temple together. She told me the same thing for a nuisance who forged a retainer and refused to turn it over and when she would have been forced to disbar justin elsner. Erica temple had the audacity to insult me that a violation of the most important right was something a laeyer who commited extortion was allowed to forget for 6 months until the cade was over. And erica temple let mr elsner harass me through the courts because i was defrauded.

    I vote we file a class action lawsuit against erica temple

    Lawyers brag erica temple exist to help them break the law.

    Email me. : midun22@hotmail.com


  27. Erica temple is who corrupt inexperineced lawyers like justin elsner use to abuse clients they defruad and brag the bar will help him.

    Email me if you would like to file a group lawsuit against erica temple

    Mr elsner forged a retainer and sent threats. Ms temple let mr elsner get a fake restraining order. Dragged the displinary hearing for a year. And sent me an insulting letter that mr elsner was allowed to forget he forced the client with a forged retainer despite mr elsner never working for me. Ms temple knew mr elsner had people who brought him into my life send me death threats as mr elsner held me hostage for money he did not earn. Mr elsner is still harassing and threatening my family even after ms temple knew he stole 40,000 . she helped mr elsner humilate me with false things.

    She dragged the hearing for a year when i submitted proof mr elsner forged documents during the hearing

    I vote we all sue erica temple. Email me. @ midun22@hotmail.com. if erica temple helped abuse you and you have proof as well.

    I talked to a court that said erica temple is breaking the law.

    Oh and if you hear of justin elsner. Run.


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