Because we trusted … we lost our state (our country) to those we trusted!

I have been fighting to reclaim our rights, meaning the people’s rights, since 1998. It seems very clear, according to Washington’s constitution, especially Article 1, Section 1, “All political power is inherent in the people, and governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed, and are established to protect and maintain individual rights.” These words no longer have any meaning. Now, government officials decide the scope of their own powers through schemes they devise, implement, and protect. I have been trying to bring back meaning to Article 1, section 1 … I hired lawyers (but they are part of the problem). I filed various “petitions for redress”, which include, administrative hearings under RCW 34.05, declaratory actions under RCW 7.24, civil lawsuits under RCW title 4, and criminal actions under CrRLJ 2.1(c). But each and every one of these “unabridged rights of petition”, (which is an “individual right” specifically guaranteed by Washington’s constitution Article 1, Sections 1 and 4) have been blocked or obstructed by government officials. For example, the lawyers are extorted from taking my cases by public officials who use the lawyer’s law license as leverage. And every petition that I’ve filed has been dismissed without “redress”. Meaning the “people”, who are represented by the jury, have always been denied their powers to exercise all their “political powers”. That is why a jury is specifically reserved for the people in Article 1, section 21’s “inviolate right” to a jury trial. This blatant violation of Washington’s constitution to deny a citizen’s right of redress, and to deny the people their powers, via their jury role, by our state’s public officials happens not just to me, but all over the state to many, many other citizens.

So my questions are: If a citizen’s constitutional right of petition can be obstructed by one or more government officials, does a citizen truly have a right of petition as guaranteed by our Constitution Article 1, section 4? And if a citizen’s right of petition can be dismissed, ignored, or obstructed, by some government official, rather than having this right “protected and maintained” by these government officials as Article 1, section 1 mandates, who lays claim to all the political power?

The logical and simple explanation is we lost our rights because we trusted those who are supposed to protect our rights. And they betrayed our trust. The sad fact is, when “TRUST” is the only criterion that binds the parties in any contract, which is what our constitution is – a contract based in trust that is between the governed and the government, the violation of that trust leaves one side holding all the cards and the other side having nothing. We “the People”, have NOTHING when government officials can decided for themselves the scope of their own powers, and abridge the rights of the people that shall not be abridged so petitions to reclaim our rights are denied, obstructed and delayed.

It is time for all of us to join in one common cause – to reclaim our right of petition so “We the PEOPLE” can determine the “JUST POWERS” claimed and used by government officials.

Please support me in my fight for our rights that is now before the US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. My petition for redress was dismissed without the consent of the people.

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  1. I read an interesting quote the other day that most certainly relates to our nightmare situation here in Washington State, as follows; “Confidence…. thrives on honesty,on honor, on the sacredness of obligation, on faithful protection and unselfish performance.

    Without them, Confidence cannot live”

    Franklin D. Roosevelt


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