The second United States Civil War is underway – and it has been instigated by judges and lawyers

…. the Nevada massacre together with CBS’s top LEGAL executive, Hayley Geftman-Gold, saying “I’m actually not even sympathetic bc country music fans often are Republican gun toters”, proves it is true.

America’s core saving grace was that Americans had confidence in our judicial institution through which we can resolve our disputes in a fair, impartial, and in a civilized, manner. By knowing we can rely on this institution is how we maintain peace and tranquility in an evermore complex and crowded world.

This is no longer the case! Our judicial institutions are no longer ‘fair nor impartial.’ Rather our courts have been commandeered by judges and lawyers and made into their playground that was once the domain of “juries”. Our judicial branch is now a cesspool where corrupt lawyers, despite their oath to uphold the highest standards of ‘truth and honor’ use our courts, and its judges, to launder their lies, conceal facts, misstate the law, and to frustrate justice. This “incites” anger in those who are victims of this “unjust system”. Anyone who doesn’t believe that our courts are no longer a respected institution only needs to read what the US 9th Circuit Court has declared, as accepted behavior from lawyers and judges, in its published case — Ashelman v Pope, 793 F.2d 1072, 1078 (9th Cir. 1986). They said,

“We therefore hold that a conspiracy between judge and prosecutor to predetermine the outcome of a judicial proceeding, while clearly improper, nevertheless does not pierce the immunity extended to judges and prosecutors.”…In Dykes 776 F.2d at 946, the Eleventh Circuit, sitting en banc, held that “a judge who conspires to deny a party federal constitutional rights is immune from a damage action under section 1983”.

Is there anything more evident that our ‘judicial system’ is completely OUT OF TOUCH with the IDEALS of our founding principles?

In fact just this year we have learned that US Ninth Circuit, Federal District Court Judge Benjamin Settle overruled a jury’s verdict in favor of Clyde Spencer, who spent 20 years in prison because the police officer fabricated evidence to obtain his conviction. Judge Settle proclaimed a police officer who believes in the guilt of the defendant was immune from the jury’s verdict because the officer’s ‘intentions to fabricate evidence was not an act of malice because the officer truly believed the defendant was guilty”. See Spencer v Krause, US 9th Circuit, Nos 14-35689, 14-35737, (February 2017)

This scenario where judges “IMPOSE” their political nonsense upon citizens plays out in every court, in every state, in every county, all across the nation. While the names change, the tactics and motives are the same … judges and lawyers are seeking to commandeer our justice system so judges and lawyers decide what we must endure as a society, NOT what “We the People” decide by their voice that is represented by a “JURY”.

In the Krause case, a “JURY” rendered a verdict in favor of Clyde Spencer — the “jury” represents “We the People”. But the lawyers and judges wanted “immunity” for the police officer who fabricated evidence used to convict Spencer. Be dammed “truth and honor”, be dammed “to serve and protect” — it is now about having the power to decide the norms of our society that matters! This case epitomizes all that is wrong with our justice system and why America’s “peace and tranquility” has been shattered that is so evident by acts like the Nevada massacre and the riots that follow police beatings of Rodney King and more. Our Trust in our “justice system” is also adversely impacted by scenes like the killing of an unarmed black woodcarver in Seattle; or the ambush killing of LeVoy Finicum in Nevada..

It isn’t just these “headline” examples that provide the reasons our “peace and tranquility” is being shattered; every day families are invaded by government lawyers and judges under the guise of ‘child protective services‘, and ‘guardianship‘.

What is occurring now is the government crack-down on those individuals who are trying to restore “peace and tranquility” by speaking out against the corruption that destroys our trust in our judicial branch.

In Pennsylvania, civil rights lawyer, Andy Ostrowski, has been taken into custody under the guise of “psychological evaluation” after filing a lawsuit claiming our judicial institution is an evil enterprise.

In Washington State, Lawyer and investigative reporter, Anne Block, was disbarred for reporting on the ‘political corruption’ that led to the 43 deaths in the Oso mudslide.

Lawyer, Bob Grundstein, was disbarred for reporting a corrupt judge.

Lawyer, Doug Schafer, was targeted by the Washington State Bar for reporting a corrupt judge.

Cranberry farmer and legislative candidate, James O’Hagan, was arrested (on trumped up charges) just days before the election because he was running on a platform to ‘clean up Washington state’s judiciary’.

And of course, Bill Scheidler, was punished by Judge Kevin Hull for bringing a lawsuit against Hull’s colleagues in government offices for their corrupt activities.

The second US civil war is here and it is being fought by the only means available — citizen against citizens — because those individuals who seek to restore our ‘peace and tranquility’ through our “justice system” are being obstructed, punished, and taken into custody to assure “judges and lawyers” continue to force their agenda upon “We the PEOPLE”.

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