Breaking| Ninth Circuit Suggests Perjury Charges For Lying Prosecutors | Observer

At long last, judges seem willing to hold prosecutors accountable for lying and so-called ‘cooperation’ deals

Source: Breaking: Ninth Circuit Suggests Perjury Charges For Lying Prosecutors | Observer

The Court is considering “Perjury charges for lying prosecutors” ????? Com’mon, why in the United States of America has this question become a debate? If there is no more evidence that our judicial system has been commandeered by lawyers, it is in lawyers deciding if lawyers should or shouldn’t be allowed to use “perjured” testimony in the conviction of a person for a crime.

At least the Ninth Circuit is breaking with their colleagues and thinking about changing their prior stance with respect to prosecutors — which they previously AND publicly stated in Ashelman v Pope, 793 F.2d 1072, 1078 (9th Cir. 1986)

We therefore hold that a conspiracy between judge and prosecutor to predetermine the outcome of a judicial proceeding, while clearly improper, nevertheless does not pierce the immunity extended to judges and prosecutors.

Is there anything more evident that our ‘judicial system’ is completely OUT OF TOUCH with the IDEALS of our founding principles?

Surely it must be public pressure that is the medicine treating the insanity afflicting judges and lawyers. The public must continue to put pressure on these judges to bring back the rule-of-law because the Bar Associations are ‘against’ holding lawyers to the law; also clearly stated by the 9th. Id., Ashelman v Pope

In Dykes, the Eleventh Circuit, sitting en banc, held that a judge who conspires to deny a party federal constitutional rights is immune from a damage action under section 1983. Dykes, 776 F.2d at 946.


  1. YES they should be held accountable! We the people put them in office to uphold our laws! Not abuse laws on our fine! They have the power to make recommendations both good and bad to help or hurt! Often times they are know to use this power to hit and take luves! Destroying compl the generations and seperating families!! Hold them accountable for lying under oath and abusing the public trust! My friends John still incarcerated 26 years an innocent man! The victim of judicial abuse and falsehoods to get a conviction for power! To do it to others!
    Please sign petition at


  2. We demand our government to lead morally and ethically; and to be Accountable and Transparent within all systems of government.Judges and prosecutors are not above the law. My son was convicted of nine year in federal prison by Judge Ricardo Martinez actions were egregious and unconscionable. Clearly a huge miscarriage of justice in the Western Washington District Court when this Judge became the 13th juror. Then had the trial transcripts Sealed only after I ordered and purchased copies of the transcript two days after James trial from the Nancy Bauer his clerk. The conspiracy took place within the walls of the Judges courtroom/ Chambers and between an overzealous prosecutor in her voir dire; lacking James to John Gotti a gangster, mobster, gun totting murder. In Judge Gould 9th Circuit Courts of Appeals wrote in his decent- “The prosecutor erred, she tainted the juniors when she placed the images in there heads about John Gotti. “The Judge told the jury in his instructions to the jury, that if they reached a verdict today – Friday February 18, 2011 they would not have to return on Tuesday,because Monday was a holiday.” A Rush to Judgement! About an hour and a half the all white jury reached a verdict James was guilty of all charge.James was facing charges of a conspiracy early on before he took two polygraphs and passed. The prosecutor’s charges went from conspiracy charges to being a King Pin. (20year sentence) This Nightmare is all about money. The Drug Court is seeking convictions rather than Justice! Thousands of wrongful convictions will continue until there is government overseers investigating these Drug Courts for corruption. Finally, make these people in high places accountable and transparent.


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