What if we lived in a world where lawyers were defending the “right” to fabricate evidence?

Www.CorruptWash.com maintains, “At the core of our rotten government is a lawyer”. If there ever was a case that demonstrates how citizens have lost their rights because of corrupt lawyers giving our rights away and corrupt judges taking our rights away, the case Spencer v Krause is a prime example.

While the “jury” made it exceedingly clear, by awarding Clyde Spencer $9M in damages for his 20-year prison sentence due to Clark County, WA Detectives Davidson & Krause using fabricated evidence to gain his conviction, Federal District Judge, Benjamin Settle, overruled the jury verdict on the basis that the Detectives believed Spencer was guilty and therefore their “intentions” were well-intended. Judge Settle was reversed by the US 9th Circuit. Now the lawyers for the corrupt detectives are asking the US Supreme Court to overrule the US 9th Circuit. They are asking for nothing less then to allow lies and false evidence to be used against citizens.

These “lawyers” prove what we say … at the core of our corrupt government are lawyers!!! Please support the petition that is posted below. But don’t stop there…. File grievance with the US 9th Circuit and Bar Associations against Judges and lawyers who use their judicial privileges to aid and abet CRIMINAL conduct under the notion that being a criminal is a “well-intended” and protected activity.

The lawyers who advocate for the right to fabricate evidence are: Freimund Jackson & Tardif PLLC, Olympia, Washington, for Defendant-Appellee/CrossAppellant Michael Davidson. Guy M. Bogdanovich (argued), Law Lyman Daniel Kamerrer & Bogdanovich, Olympia, Washington, for
Defendant-Appellee/Cross-Appellant Sharon Krause.


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