At the center of the conflict in the upcoming US Civil war will be the judiciary.

Nearly half of the voting population of the United States voted for Donald Trump because of their concern in who would be the next US Supreme Court Justice to replace Antonin Scalia. I, like many others, believe our constitutional rights are at risk because judges have become an extension of political parties and no longer “protect and defend” our constitution. The most recent confirmation of my fears came when US District Court Judge Benjamin Settle overturned a jury verdict who found a police officer violated a citizens rights when the officer ‘fabricated evidence’. Judge Settle, despite Washington State’s Constitution that explicitly states ‘governments (and their employees) are established to protect individual rights’, ruled that a police officer is not liable to the defendant if the police officer believes the defendant is guilty and fabricates evidence to convict him. At what stage of absurdity must we endure from our “judicial officials” before we rebel?

Well it seems there is a rebellion already taking place within the judicial branch itself. As you all know Washington State sued Donald Trump claiming his ‘executive order to temporarily halt travel from certain terrorist-rich countries’ violated the rights of those from these terrorist countries who wanted to come into the US. Apparently the “tax revenue” WA state loses trumps “security concerns” and Trumps travel ban affects tax revenue and was therefore put on hold by a Seattle Judge and upheld by a panel of 3-judges for the 9th Circuit. But that ruling has sparked a heated response by other, more conservative judges in the 9th. Here are the blows-by-blows between the 9th Circuit judges concerning their own rulings. [pdfviewer width=”600px” height=”849px” beta=”true/false”][/pdfviewer]

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