Don’t pay high prices for your prescription medication … here are some alternatives

I just recently found out that I’ve been paying 50-70% too much for my prescription medication. For years I was buying my meds at COSTCO. However when one of my prescription drugs increased from $53/mo to $82/mo I looked for alternatives and found that the same prescription drug was available for $11.20/mo. While I was skeptical that I could get the same drug for $11 that was costing me $82, I decided to transfer my prescription to the pharmacies that accepted ‘pharmacy discount plans’ that individuals who don’t have prescription drug coverage can use to save on their medications. While COSTCO doesn’t take these plans, nearly every other major pharmacy does. Now that I’ve used these ‘pharmacy discount plans’ for over three months I am confident that they are the real-deal and list those plans that I can safely say actually save me money.

What I have found is that the prices for certain drugs vary from plan-to-plan and from month-to-month so I check all plans and prices a few days before my prescription needs to be refilled so if I need to transfer a prescription to another pharmacy (so far not necessary), I have the time to accomplish the transfer.

Any way, I hope this helps those of us who need drugs to keep us going … let me know if your experiences differ or to add to the ‘discount programs’ list.

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