A Washington State Bar (WSBA) associate is hired by Legislative Ethics Board as consultant in ethics complaint alleging Legislature fails to hold WSBA associates to the law

Well, isn’t this just a tidy scheme … In Scheidler’s ethics complaint against Washington State legislators Jesse Young, Michelle Caldier and Jan Angel for using their public office to dispense “privileges and immunities” to Washington State Bar Associates, in violation of their oath to uphold Washington’s constitution, the Legislative Ethics Board hired a Washington State Bar Associate, Keith Buchholtz, as consultant! Isn’t that special.

Scheidler was notified by email that Keith Buchholtz, WSBA #13440, was hired to consult the Board as to Scheidler’s ethics complaint. Buchholtz said that the matter is now solely for the Board to decide. “THE BOARD”, which comprises WSBA associates who are also legislators, other legislators, and a few “citizens” appointed by these legislators and WSBA associates, will determine if legislators fail to hold WSBA associates to the law.

How is the “BOARD”, which is established by law, compliant with Article 2, Section 30, which prohibits “corrupt influence”. Clearly an ethics board that is comprised of the very members they are to judge presents a conflict of interest addressed in Article 2, Section 30, which states, “A member who has a private interest in any bill or measure proposed or pending before the legislature, shall disclose the fact to the house of which he is a member, and shall not vote thereon.”

Said another way, a legislator has a direct interest in the laws, codes and ethical conduct demanded of legislators. How can they enact a law, RCW 42.52.310, that deals with their conduct without being in violation of Article 2, Sec 30? Worse… how can legislators stack the Board with legislators and those picked by legislators? AND WORSE, how can the Board, which is comprised of legislators and WSBA associates and those they hand pick, decide a case involving legislators and WSBA associates?

The entire scheme engaged in by these “legislators” in establishing an ethics BOARD comprised of legislators and those they hand pick to decide cases concerning legislative ethics is a blatant violation of our constitution. Legislators all have an interest in their own powers and duties and an “ethics board” comprised of legislators is a FRAUD UPON SOCIETY!

Scheidler demanded the “legislative ethics board” hire an outside consultant and disqualify all WSBA associates from participating in his grievance against Representatives Young, Caldier, and Senator Angel as the matter has WSBA corruption at its core.

Bill Scheidler
Today, 12:30 PM
Buchholz, Keith (Keith.Buchholz@leg.wa.gov);
Zamboni John (zamboni_john@hotmail.com);
Anne Block (anne.k.block@comcast.net)
Sent Items

Mr. Buchholz,

As a preliminary matter my grievance alleges Representatives Young, Caldier and Senator Angel have violated their oath … which stems from using their office to “legalize” the unauthorized, invalid and criminal acts committed by Washington State Bar associates.

You are a Washington State Bar Associate, #13440. In other words, Young, Caldier and Angel are aiding lawyers in their crimes against citizens for profit. The grievance further alleges as one of the reasons Young, Caldier and Angel are in breach of their oath is due to members of the Washington State Bar in “decision-making roles”, such as yourself, are deceiving Young, Caldier and Angel as to their constitutional obligations mandated by their oath.

Given this conflict of interest in Washington State Bar associates occupying decision-making roles throughout government, and who’s (sic) conduct is at the core of the matter, it seems you and every WSBA associate must disqualify from participating, in any way, in determining my grievance.

I request that the Legislative Ethics Board retain “outside” consultation, for example someone from the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics, and disqualify all WSBA associates who are Board Members from hearing, consulting or having any association with this matter.

Bill Scheidler
chief activist at http://www.corruptwash.com
Candidate for WA State Representative, Dist 26, Position 1 http://corruptwash.com/2016/05/20/activist-enters-race-for-washington-state-representative-26th-district/

From: Buchholz, Keith
Sent: Tuesday, September 6, 2016 10:23 AM
To: billscheidler@outlook.com
Subject: Ethics Complaints: Angel, Caldier, and Young

Dear Mr. Scheidler,

This letter acknowledges receipt of your ethics complaint against Sen. Jan Angel, Rep. Michelle Caldier, and Rep. Jess Young, for violating ethics provisions. I will open a file and begin a background investigation. If the Board determines that it has jurisdiction over this allegation, it will decide whether there is reasonable cause to believe the Ethics Act (RCW 42.52) has been violated. If it makes that preliminary determination, it may order a public hearing or resolve the matter through a stipulation. If reasonable cause is not established, the complaint will be dismissed.

Please note that the Board’s jurisdiction extends solely to violations of RCW 42.52.

You are not a party to the proceedings – the Board is now the party in interest – but the law provides that as the Complainant you will receive a copy of all public orders issued in this case.

The Board meets on October 11. As of September 1, I have been hired to advise the Board following the retirement of Mr. O’Connell. Please contact me directly if you have questions about the process before the Board.

Keith Buchholz
Counsel, Legislative Ethics Board
451 John A. Cherberg Building
Olympia, WA 98504
(360) 786-7343


  1. It amounts to simply this; They ignore or pretend that the facts do not apply to their intentional design being in violation of the Constitution, defeats the entire purpose and intent of an unbiased ethics board, rendering it defunct. Dare question this blatant intent to defraud, they merely refuse to reply to that and just re-state their intention and limited jurisdiction, including making certain that the author of the complaint knows just how insignificant they are to the Board.
    Another example of the 360 degree full coverage Criminal RICO Insurance plan in force. A Plan where the client is the same as the provider, being one in the same.
    Maintaining total control over a pre-determined outcome.

    Precisly why Washington State is one of the only few States currently absent from the DOJ published list of prosecuted and convicted public Officials for public Corruption.
    We are to believe that the pure and saintly Officials within Washington State Gov., Pierce, King, Thurston and Kitsap County Governments, including the Federal Officials assigned to Washington State are as clean and non corrupt as anyone could ever hope for.
    Why sure they are and I am also Temporary Emperor of Japan on Thursdays only between 10am -3:30pm . Jay Inslee secretly admires, worships Donald Trump and despises the WSBA. Plus the Commission for Judicial Conduct secretly would much prefer that random members of the public are chosen to hear and decide all Judicial complaints. My fingers should feel like they are burning from typing LIES LIKE THIS!

    The truth of the matter is , and how these Smug Over Confident Corrupt Creeps manage to not only go un-prosecuted & most definitely not convicted is they refuse to bust each other, refuse to honor their Core Mission Statements , Sworn Oaths, Uphold the :Law or our Rights at whatever life destroying costs to the victims and public in General.
    All the way from the local Sheriff, the Judiciaries, the legislature, the FBI and throughout the entire U.S. Attorney office in Seattle Wa. Got it all under total control, think they are celebrities and thoroughly detest even the thought of having to speak to or listen to any victimized member of the public.

    Fact , more than substantiated by this fact as follows; When I contacted the U.S. Attorney Office in Seattle Wa. for the very first time regarding my Rock Solid , verifiable proof , case of Criminal RICO Judicial & Government Corruption, I was fortunate enough to speak with an Assistant U.S. Attorney named Kurt Larsen.

    Mr. Larsen was polite, easy to talk to and very interested in what I had to tell him, As I started to speak stating names, dates and facts that were all verifiable on Oficial Record, it was apparent that Mr. Larsen was becoming even more interested in what I had to tell him.
    Mr. Larsen told me that he had just been transfer out to Seattle from back East and hadn’t even been here long enough to fully unpack his suitcases. From Back east where it is common for us to hear about prosecuted and convicted public Officials for Corruption, Fraud, ETC.

    Mr. Larsen was so impressed with what I told him, that he openly told me that I had quite a substantial case, A case that he felt warranted a full investigation and a three way call with his Superior the very next day.
    Mr. Larsen’s superior was U.S. Attorney Tesa Gorman.
    Mr. Larsen and I agreed on a time for the 3 way call set for the following day.
    Mr. Larsen called me the following day right on time, with his Superior Miss Gorman on the line also. I was immediately ask to repeat what I had told Mr. Larsen the day before.

    I immediately agreed to do so and began to tell them this life, credit, career destroying illegal Judicial Criminal RICO Nightmare.

    After I had disclosed the names of the judges, Court Clerks, WSBA Officials, made note of the severity of the malicious Criminal acts intentionally executed against my family and myself, all of a sudden I could hear Mr. Larsen
    saying ,, Tesa, Tesa are you there?

    Miss Gorman had just silently exited the 3 way call. Mr. Larsen ask me to wait on hold while he located Miss Gorman.

    Mr. Larsen was unable to locate his Superior Miss Gorman.

    Mr. Larsen ask me to call him the following day when I was ready to fax various documents to him .
    I did as Mr. Larsen ask, however when I called , i was told that Mr. Larsen was not presently available. I ask if Miss Gorman was available?. I was immediately told a flat “NO”.

    I left voice mails for them both, asking for a call back. I never heard from either Mr. Larsen nor Miss Gorman..
    I wrote to both Miss Gorman and Mr. Larsen . I never received a reply in U.S. mail, by fax, phone or email.

    Quite odd I thought since Mr. Larsen was very interested in my Case.
    I did some on line research , only to find out that Mr. Larsen who had just been transferred to out West in Seattle, and had not fully unpacked his bags yet, had just been Transferred again to Tennessee!

    Mr. Larsen had not been here long enough to know that under no circumstances
    was he to assist any member of the Public with an issue involving the Judiciary or Judicial System..

    Mr. Larsen had just unknowingly practically blown their total sham by being honest, concerned with upholding the Law and our Rights.

    So needless to say, Mr. Larsen’s reward for being a non-corrupt U.S. Attorney, was to be transferred out of here faster than good weather in Washington.

    I never was able to contact Mr. Larsen, even at his new location. Nor did I ever receive a reply to my phone calls , letters or emails to Miss Gorman in Seattle.

    After several months passed with it being August of 2014, I contacted the U.S. Attorney office in Seattle once again via letter certified USPS. Telling them that it was , and had been made more than apparent to me that were involved in, aiding & abetting Criminal RICO Judicial Corruption, Criminal Conversion, the wrongful unlawful flagrant theft of my home, property and everything I own.
    Whereupon within just a few days, I was contacted by U.S. Marshal Arnold Knight, telling me that he was coming to my current residence for a visit with me.

    I informed Bill Sheidler about the U.S. Marshals intentions. Bill came to my residence and witnessed the visit by U.S. Marshal Arnold Knight and his female partner.

    Whereupon Marshal Knight mainly focused on conveying to me , that by me informing the U.S. Attorney of verifiable criminal acts by the judiciary, Clerks Offices and Sheriff’s Dept. was “Not Working”.
    That the U.S. Attorney refused to investigate verifiable criminal acts by the Judiciary or Criminal RICO Public Corruption.
    That I should just forget the illegal wrongful malicious destruction of my good hard earned credit, my 25 + year career, the Framing of and illegal wrongful imprisoning of my innocent 15 yr old son for a crime that he did not match the description given by the victim in age, weight , height or hair color, plus been refused to be allowed to have a hair sample DNA test performed with the prosecutor already having the blonde hair samples provided by the victim from his real assailant, while my innocent brown haired son sat and rotted in prison. That I should just forget the theft of my $450,000.00 prime custom built lakefront home of the prior 32 years, in consideration of my “HEALTH, My HEALTH IN THE FUTURE!”
    Like maybe if I desired to have any future at all , especially a Healthy one at that.

    After delivering that death threat and refusing to abide by DOJ Employee guideline 9-4100, Marshal Knight and his partner left, apparently mission accomplished.

    So that is the current state of the entire Judicial System in the State of Washington. With the legislator , Ethics Board, WSBA, WSP, Governor Inslee, CJC & AGO & FBI all damn well knowing this also for a over confident fact. BG


  2. I am a WA native working as a tenured law prof in TX. I’m aware of the level of corruption in WA. Please call when you have a minute. 3107280336 or 7139279935. Deana Pollard Sacks.


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