Ethics Complaint filed against legislators Jesse Young, Michelle Caldier and Jan Angel, also Judge Kevin Hull

Today Bill Scheidler filed Ethics Complaints against Representative Jesse Young, Representative Michelle Caldier, Senator Jan Angel and Kitsap Superior Court Judge, Kevin Hull. Scheidler alleges Judge Kevin Hull is using his public office to retaliate against citizens who expose government corruption.

Scheidler says that he went to his legislators, Young, Caldier and Angel, with documents that prove Kevin Hull is misusing his public office and violating the laws that apply to judges so as to punish citizens for exposing government corruption. According to Scheidler neither Young, Caldier nor Angel showed any concern for such misconduct by government officials – particularly officials in the judicial branch.

Scheidler claims that self-regulation, which characterizes the judicial branch/ aka, the Bar, is an unconstitutional grant of a “privilege” no citizen enjoys, and leads to an unconstitutional grant of “immunity” which judges bestow upon themselves and their colleagues of the Bar. Such “privileges and immunities” are “PROHIBITED” by Washington’s constitution Article 1, Sections 8, 12, and 28 and the State legislature is negligent in performing their obligations to address official misconduct. Said another way, the legislature has the power to address judicial overreach under Washington’s constitution Article 4, Section 9. Failure to do so is tantamount to repealing Article 1, Sections 8, 12, and 28 and rendering most other constitutional protections irrelevant.

An “ethics complaint” is an ‘administrative’ pathway to resolve Scheidler’s issues. Failure to achieve a remedy, Scheidler intends to file a lawsuit against his state legislators for breach of duty and aiding and abetting in unconstitutional and unlawful conduct by Bar associates who occupy judicial, legislative, executive, administrative offices and sit on ethics boards and legislative committees under their special “privileges and self-bestowed immunities”.

Scheidler sees a constitutional crises should a lawsuit be instituted — under law a judge cannot sit on a case in which he/she has an interest. Here the case would be judicial overreaching concerning the powers and laws that apply to judges — clearly a judge has an interest in the laws that apply to judges and must, by law, disqualify. Where do you find a “disinterested judge” when the issues concern judges violating the laws that apply to judges?

The entire prospect of such a lawsuit and the “quid pro quo” motives involved raise huge issues of “fairness” and spotlight how damaging to our confidence in our government when the legislature, particularly Young, Caldier and Angel, fails to address judicial corruption.

Scheidler says he has been,

victimized by a legal system that has replaced its duty to “truth and honor” with greed, retribution, intimidation as it commits criminal acts of perjury, extortion and engages in other despicable conduct.

At the center of Scheidler’s troubles is Washington State’s constitutional provision, Article 7, Section 10, which was passed by the people to assist retired/disabled individuals pay local levies (taxes). These local levies are voted upon all homeowners by the majority of the residents. Much of these “voter imposed taxes” are for county extras such as county employee perks and benefits.

When I discovered county employees were misrepresenting this Constitutional program so as to “disqualify” applicants and deny those who have a legitimate claim to their constitutional help, I made a simple request to those county employees … please correct their misrepresentations concerning this constitutional program and use the statutory language as the law requires. They refused!

At the time I didn’t know that this “defrauding” of retired/disabled individuals was a practice throughout the state and my discovery of how their scheme works has significant and adverse financial consequence to all the counties of WA, including the insurers who insure the counties. This huge liability to the counties risk-pool funds is the motive for the government “cover-up”.

This is when the “legal system” displayed its true character. Rather than coming to the rescue of the retired/disabled citizen, and equally important, to rescue WA State’s Constitution and its laws from the criminal acts of greedy county employees, it is clear the “legal system” is at the center of the fraud, has established a “protection racket” to insure people like me who discover these crimes are silenced, and utilize methods to ruin anyone who does the right thing to correct a wrong.

In fact, the “legal system” has a vested interest in more crime, more controversy, more pain and suffering as these hardships translate directly into “revenue and profits” for law firms and lawyers.

This is the “nutshell version” of my story and how “my reporting” of criminal conduct to our “legal establishment” has ruined me.

While all government officials, have as their preeminent duty, established by Article 1, Section 1 of WA Constitution, to “protect and maintain” individual rights — my rights, the tragedy is our “laws” no longer have meaning.
If public servants abided by their “preeminent duty” and abided by the laws that govern their conduct, and would tell the truth rather than lie upon lie, the cascading and interrelated set of unfortunate events – criminal events — would never have occurred.
For argument… Circa 1998, if Carol Belas, as then Kitsap County Assessor, simply did her job as her oath demands, and “corrected” Kitsap County’s misrepresentation of a controlling law occurring within a document that must be signed by applicants as “true” under penalty of perjury, which is a black and white issue, the cascading unfortunate events that spanned 17 years would never have occurred.
… Scott Ellerby, a Bar associate, would not have been retained by me to sue Belas for the misrepresentation and due process violations she caused by not doing her job… Cassandra Noble, Kitsap county prosecutor (a Bar Associate), would not need to extort Ellerby’s withdrawal (threatening his Bar license if he didn’t withdraw) from my case in order to save the Assessor, … I would not be forced to sign the assessors fraudulent document under duress, … The bogus APA hearings conducted by Kay Slonim (a Bar Associate) would never have taken place, … The lawsuits filed by me against government officials for the lies they tell would not have been filed, … the grievances resulting from lawyers lying would not have been filed … the Bar’s disciplinary board (all Bar Associates) would not need to cover-up the crimes of their fellow associates in dismissing grievances rather than prosecuting them for their criminal conduct … the grievances against judges for lying would never need to be filed; and those grievances dismissed by the CJC (Bar Associates too) to cover-up the crimes of judges would never have occurred. But above it all the $248,000 in SANCTIONS imposed upon me as retaliation for seeking due process and in trying to hold lawyers and judges to the “law” wouldn’t occur…

It is 17 years that document one corrupt act upon another to hide corruption, incompetence, negligence… and retaliate against those who seek accountability. And at the center is the WA State Bar who has its associates in EVERY BRANCH of government to protect corruption at the expense of a citizens life, liberty and property.

2 thoughts on “Ethics Complaint filed against legislators Jesse Young, Michelle Caldier and Jan Angel, also Judge Kevin Hull

  1. interestingly, I asked Jan Angel and Jesse Young’s offices to help me with a problem where the Sorry Pathetic Corrupt hellhole and nightmare State of Washington was going to garnish my wages, which led to my employer terminating my employment when I refused to allow it…both of these pieces of human filth and garbage effectively did nothing to help me. and my U.I. benefits were garnished, reducing my weekly stipend for U.I. to 78 dollars a week. This is what you get when you ask corrupt scum to assist you. Corrupt self serving scum. Scum without a conscience. Scum who serve only themselves. Scum that should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for illegally holding office.


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