Spokane County Superior Court Judges on drugs?

Once again, compelling information that our Washington State judiciary is a cesspool of corruption.


In Apirl 2015 I called Spokane County Superior Court Judge Annette Plese after a mother from Spokane County named Jill Fleck contacted the Gold Bar Reporter with a horrific story about an extortion and bribery scheme involving Spokane attorneys Susan Embree, Judge Annettee Plese and Commisoner Anderson.

The source even stated that during her custody trial, Judge Plese called her a whore. A matter of public record. Now I’ve heard some really strange stories from my readers about judges in Corrupt Washington over the last nine years, but this had to take the cake.

I’d like my readers to know I’ve spent the last twelve months investigating before publishing, sorting and sifting through hundreds of Spokane County files, to state that our entire judiciary should hold up signs saying ” For sale to highest bidder, but if you’re poor, you’re out of luck and your kids stolen and handed over…

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