Tacoma News Tribune| Scheidler’s anti-government-corruption campaign is too narrow. REALLY?

Today the Tacoma News Tribune labeled Scheidler’s anti-government-corruption campaign as too narrow. Wow! I cannot imagine a more ambitious and worthwhile goal that would have an impact in every corner of government, business, and families. When 66% of a legislators job is being the “check and balance” over the functioning of government, the corruption undermining our trust in government should be job 1.

Not according to the Tacoma News Tribune, it views ‘corruption’ as just a narrow issue. Scheidler points out the compelling evidence in how ‘corruption’ has become the norm by citing to a Washington State Supreme Court opinion in which they say,

“In this state, prosecutors are accorded absolute immunity when acting in their official capacity even if accused of acting maliciously or corruptly. Babcock v. State, 116 Wn.2d 596 (Wash. 1991), citing Ashelman v Pope, 793 F.2d 1072, 1079, “Allegations of conspiracy between judge and prosecutor to predetermine the outcome of a judicial proceeding are insufficient to overcome those immunities. “

Scheidler claims the Supreme Court’s holding that ‘immunizes’ judicial officials in their acts of perjury and acts of conspiracy between judges and lawyers is in direct conflict with our constitution, laws and morals of our society. He claims such a blatant disrespect for the rule of law encapsulated in this opinion renders every Supreme Court ruling suspect — INCLUDING the McCleary decision on school funding and the Court’s ruling in the Washington Education Association’s (a labor union) lawsuit on charter schools.

The Tacoma News Tribune doesn’t seem to care. Rather the Tacoma News Tribune touts the fact in how “Narrows toll fees” remained the same in back-to-back years.

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