Anne Giroux – Victim of legal abuse, medical malpractice, physical violence, and legislative indifference – now seeking elective office

Anne Giroux has experiences more horror in her 46 years of life than most people have in their entire life. I would say Anne’s experiences are on par with those of soldiers.

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Anne Giroux with her signatures

Anne Giroux is a young woman who lives in Tacoma. Anne has endured years of legal abuse, medical malpractice, physical violence, and legislative indifference to it all by each of her “elected representatives” of the 28th District – State Senator Steve O’Ban, (who is also a lawyer), Representative Richard (Dick) Muri and Christine Kilduff

Despite the almost impossible odds at ever getting justice in our corrupt system of government, Anne continues to ‘get up’ and keep fighting.

This is where it becomes an even more remarkable story… Right Now Anne has been standing out in front of Trader Joe’s gathering signatures, to serve in place of a $475 fee, so she can become a candidate for legislative office in the 28th District! By law, a person who cannot afford the filing fee may substitute signatures for each dollar of fee … in this case about 475 signatures are needed.WP_20160518_10_48_37_Pro

Anne stands out in front of Trader Joe’s and she tells of her ordeal and the people are signing her petition so she can get on the ballot!

Very few people know how pervasive corruption runs throughout government … only those who have been victimized get the experience and knowledge in finding out who-protects-who and by what means they cover-up their crimes.

This young gal needs to be a candidate AND a YouTube story, She has endured so much as a single parent who is up against the “good ole boys club,’ which is intent in destroying her to cover-up their misconduct and malpractice. She doesn’t give up in taking on the establishment. Anne is the type of person we want in our legislature!

If you have the time, perhaps you can make a trip to the University Place Trader Joes this morning from 9-11:30 and 3:30-9 by helping Anne collect the 375 signatures she still needs for her petition so she can get on the ballot and become a TRUE REPRESENTATIVE who WILL PROTECT INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS as GOVERNMENTS are REQUIRED to do under Article 1, Section 1


SECTION 1 POLITICAL POWER. All political power is inherent in the people, and governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed, and are established to protect and maintain individual rights.


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