60 Minutes interview: Lawyers claim they “run the country” .. we are “privileged”.

A couple years ago I argued with Senator Jan Angel about the corruption within the judicial branch. Not only did Jan Angel scold me for bring this issue to her, Representative Matt Manweller (R), called me “stupid” for even raising this issue. Now the matter is in the mainstream media and it proves that I am right and Jan Angel and Matt Manweller are the stupid ones — in fact, they are dangerously stupid!

When a non-profit organization called Global Witness came to New York 19 months ago, it secretly recorded hidden camera interviews with 16 Manhattan lawyers. 60 Minutes ran the story in prime time and it validates everything that I’ve been saying to Senator Jan Angel, Representatives Jesse Young, Michelle Caldier, Matt Shea …. and fighting for as a candidate and in the courts.

Here is the argument that I’ve made to our Elected Representatives, which they don’t understand… or in the case of Matt Shea… a lawyer who also holds legislative seat, won’t address as it bites the hand that feeds him!

At the core of our rotten government is the Washington State Bar.

If you read RCW 2.48.010 (The Bar Act) it states .. it ” may, for the purpose of carrying into effect and promoting the objects of said association, enter into contracts and acquire, hold, encumber and dispose of such real and personal property as is necessary thereto.” This “ACT” was passed in 1933.

Now read Article 4, SECTION 17 of our constitution that was adopted in 1898 … “No person shall be eligible to the office of judge of the supreme court, or judge of a superior court, unless he shall have been admitted to practice in the courts of record of this state, or of the Territory of Washington.”

CLEARLY the Bar ACT SWALLOWED Article 4, Sec 17 and effectively changed Art 4, Sec 17 to say, “No person shall be eligible to the office of judge UNLESS HE IS A BAR ASSOCIATE”, because ONLY Bar Associates may be admitted to the practice of law.

Now re-read the Bar ACT in light of Art. 4 sec 17 and it is clearly a fact that ONLY BAR Associates are eligible to be judges in WA. PRESTO… the BAR has INSURED its PURPOSES will be achieved! WE, Citizens don’t have a choice in who we elect for judicial office… We ONLY have Bar Associates to choose from and the Bar has its own “purposes” at heart!

Here is a short excerpt of what 60 Minutes reported…

(Lawyer) Marc Koplik: They don’t send the lawyers to jail, because we run the country.
Ralph Kayser: Do you run the country?
Marc Koplik: Still do.
Ralph Kayser: I love it.
Marc Koplik: Still do.
Albert Grant: I should say, some lawyers run the country.
Ralph Kayser: So, you are, you are some of them? Two of them?
Marc Koplik: We’re still members of a privileged, privilege class in this country.
Ralph Kayser: So, how, what does it mean you run the country? It means you?
Marc Koplik: We make the laws, and when we do so, we make them in a way that is advantageous to the lawyers.

What these lawyers say in this story is the first truthful thing I’ve heard from a lawyer — they confess that they are a “privileged class”; that they “run the country”

In FACT, lawyers have ruined this Country, they have sold out citizens and shredded our constitution to serve their own greed and power.

Now, apparently, we must die and be murdered trying to undue their damage … like Lavoy Finicum was murdered because he was going to a meeting with the county sheriff to “teach the constitution”!



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