Bob Grundstein |”Our jurisprudence is directed toward individual and small group advantage”

Bob Grundstein knows the inner workings of our judicial branch better than any other. As a lawyer, he knows the law; and as a “disciplined lawyer” he knows how the law actually works and for who the law actually protects.

Bob has written about his experience with the “backdoor” legal enterprise in his book, “Bad minds, High Places | Ohio to Washington”.

Bob writes,

The federal system is meant to control the Constitutional quality of state courts, but it’s designed so that the defects of the local state courts get imported into the federal ones. The federal courts become the means to insulate a corrupt state system from federal scrutiny.51Vgt+rUjrL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_

Federal District courts are established on a regional, state basis. Since Federal judges are appointed to serve in the district in which they established their careers, this means they bring all the defects, corrupt loyalties and politicized relationships to their new jurisdiction. Someone who was allowed to advance by virtue of a patronage at the County level will extend that loyalty to the Federal level, at the expense of the legal system.

On November 3, 2015, at 6 PM EST, Bob Grundstein will discuss his book and the state of our corrupt judicial system with Andy Ostrowski, candidate for Congress, on Andy’s show

Please tune in and hear what “Bad Minds, High Places” have done to our “justice system.”

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