In the year 1933, America was betrayed from within.

This story is based in fact, common sense, and statistical probabilities. It requires readers to “THINK”; it requires readers to look at these facts and probabilities from a neutral perspective and not with any preconceived notions or belief that our “elected officials” actually “represent us” rather than selling “US” out for their own power and wealth.

In 1933 many of the United States passed the “Bar Act” that required all lawyers to be members of a ‘STATE AGENCY” and REGULATED SOLELY by this STATE AGENCY. In Washington the legislation establishing the Washington State Bar is RCW 2.48 and was enacted in 1933.

When this “Bar Act” became law it “overlaid” the laws already on the books. For example, under Washington’s Constitution Article 4, Sec 17, prior to 1933 any person wanting to be a “judge” only required the applicant for judge be admitted to the practice of law. Nothing prevented any individual from seeking judicial office. The only qualification was “knowledge of the law.” However, when the “Bar Act” was enacted, in order to practice law you must be a “Bar Associate,” and agree to be regulated by the Bar. Now the criteria changed… in order to become a “judge”, because of Article 4, Sec 17 and the Bar Act, RCW 2.48, you must be a member of the State Agency – the Washington State Bar, which has all the power to “expel” any lawyer from practicing law if that lawyer didn’t conform to the political whims of the Bar’s Board.

As a consequence of the Washington State Bar Act, and the laws already on the books, it means that our “judicial branch” is actually a “STATE Agency” under the supervision of the Board of Directors and NOT the PEOPLE. See Illustrations

Once these lawyers of the Bar and the “judges” the Bar spawns BECAME our ‘judicial branch’ these Bar Associates began making “court rules” that they “as judges” were able to define and enforce for themselves. These “court rules” are now used, routinely, to deny the people their rights and powers expressed by the U.S. and Washington State Constitutions and its laws. Since our “judicial branch” is actually a “state agency” that is run by a Board of Directors there is NO “regulation” nor oversight of this State Agency by the PEOPLE. Said another way, the Washington State Bar = a State Agency = Washington’s Judicial Branch; and it is accountable only to itself. The PEOPLE have been “EXCLUDED” from the 3rd Branch of Government, which is solely for BAR ASSOCIATES as RCW 2.48 has insured. We, the PEOPLE, are the PLAY-TOYS of lawyers!!!

How did this “take-over” get started…..

In 1933, the United States was in the midst of the great depression of 1929 – 1939 During this period our society was marked by PANIC, UNEMPLOYMENT, BANKRUPTCY, and huge losses in WEALTH in both the private and public sector. While the Stock Market Crash of 1929 is most often cited as the cause of this “GREAT DEPRESSION”, the actual reasons emanated from the depression of 1907 and the economic policies bankers and politicians afterwards devised … all behind closed doors. The 1907 panic was “primarily a bankers’ affair that resulted in runs on numerous banks and trusts, especially in New York City”. It was J.P. Morgan who, at that time, organized bankers and financiers to buy up stocks creating artificial market demand to stabilize prices, which stemmed the 1907 panic.

In the years succeeding the 1907 panic the Federal Reserve Act was shepherded through Congress by Senator Nelson Aldrich, with the secret support of many of America’s — and the world’s — wealthiest men, like international banker Paul Warburg and Jacob Schiff of the investment firm Kuhn, Loeb, and Co. The most powerful man at the new Federal Reserve was Benjamin Strong.

The Federal Reserve was to “regulate” the banking system and stabilize the credit markets which had been running amok with unwarranted credit expansion.

Also, circa 1915, J.P Morgan had millions of dollars invested in war loans. The reason J.P. Morgan invested in “WAR LOANS” was tied to the 1907 depression and the “manipulated stock market” engineered by the banks and the “world’s wealthiest men”. Once the “banks” and the world’s “wealthiest men”, in their self-interests, used the “capital” under their control, to buy stocks so as to curtail the panic of 1907, they put themselves those whose ‘capital they used’ in the drivers seat. This is what led to the creation of the Federal Reserve. Now both “EUROPE and the US” were tied together in keeping “financial markets” stable for the sake of protecting the banks and the world’s wealthiest who stemmed the 1907 panic. When World War 1 began the “financial stability” of Europe and thus the US, the banks and the world’s wealthiest men was at risk and the whole “engineered” economy was again at peril.

This “financial interrelationship” between J.P. Morgan and the European Allies was central to a lawsuit involving espionage and the conviction of a group for speaking out against US involvement in the WAR (WWI). This was the “first” case in which the courts were used to save bankers and the “war loans” of J.P. Morgan that were at risk should Europe fall to enemy forces. Pierce v. United States, 252 U.S. 239 (U.S. 1920). Excerpts of this case provided by LexisNexis

“Since the loan of $ 500,000,000 was made by Morgan to the allies their efforts have been persistent to land our soldiers in the French trenches.” (55 Cong. Rec. p. 342.)

“Already we have loaned the allies, through our banking system, up to December 31, 1916, the enormous sum of $ 2,325,900,000 in formal loans. Other huge sums have been loaned and millions have been added since that date. ‘Where your treasures are, there will be your heart also.’ That is one of the reasons why we are about to enter this war. No wonder the Morgans and the munition makers desire war. . . . Our financiers desire that Uncle Sam underwrite these and other huge loans and fight to defend their financial interests, that there may be no final loss.” (55 Cong. Rec. p. 362.)

“I believe that all Americans, except that limited although influential class which is willing to go on shedding other men’s blood to protect its investments and add to its accursed profits, have abhorred the thought of war.” (55 Cong. Rec. p. 386).

“Likewise, Mr. Chairman, the J. Pierpont Morgans and their associates, who have floated war loans running into millions which they now want the United States to guarantee by entering the European war. . . .” (55 Cong. Rec. p. 372.)

“These war germs are both epidemic and contagious. They are in the air, but somehow or other they multiply fastest in the fumes around the munition factories. You will not find many in our climate. They also multiply pretty fast in Wall Street and other money centers. I am opposed to declaring war to save the speculators.” (55 Cong. Rec. p. 376.)

The Washington State Bar is a RICO enterprise

Just as the banks and world’s wealthiest men established the Federal Reserve to help “manipulate” the financial markets so these Banks and the wealthiest men don’t lose their money, so too these banks and wealthiest men established the BAR ACT for the very same purpose — to “protect” the powerful from the people.

Just as the Federal Reserve is “unaccountable” to the people, the Bar Associations’ are unaccountable. Just as the Federal Reserve can make any “economic” decision regardless of it impact on citizens; these Bar Associates have the power to make “court rules” that they can use for any purpose they want.

We have been betrayed by banks and the wealthiest people because they have the power to manipulate economies and government; the power to go to war; and the power to deny our constitutional rights — all for their self-interests. See illustration

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