One MAN vows his life, his family’s life to a “JURY”!

Jimi O’Hagan is a noble man who has worked hard all is life to provide for his family and his community. As a farmer, a cranberry farmer, Jimi has worked his family farm for many years. He has paid his taxes, he has employed people from his community and has selflessly given back to his community in various ways.

This story isn’t about Jimi, but it is about those who want Jimi’s farm, his land, his way of life … this is about corrupt government officials who have conspired to ruin Jimi so they can become richer by taking his property.

Before I tell this story I must confess, Jimi’s story, which spans over 20-years, involves so many government officials and private parties who have connections to these government officials it became overwhelming for me to keep all the players straight and who did what and when. Given my own inability to follow the “players” and their roles in trying to destroy Jimi, my “nutshell” version told here, can be verified by going to the “official record” to page through the 1000’s of pages that piece together the actual sequence of events.

Please review case numbers 00-35769, A01-04031, A04-04253, 09-45780, 09-48719, 09-49842, and 11-45790 in their entirety. The Honorable Paul B. Snyder documented the fact the debtor (Kelley) worked with his attorneys to judgment proof his assets from my families’ judgment. CP doc.#26 -A01-04031 page 9 lines 17-23. Says James O’Hagan No. 14-35142 at page 2

It all began with Jimi’s water rights. A neighboring farmer, with connections to county officials, diverted a stream that fed Jimi’s cranberry paddies and threaten the family farm. Jimi had to sue his neighbor to recover his water rights and the damages he sustained by the neighbors criminal conduct to interfere with Jimi’s water rights. A Jury determined that Jimi O’Hagan was a victim of the neighbors unlawful conduct and awarded damages to Jimi in the amount of about $2 million dollars.

At this point a “lawyer” steps in for the “judgement debtor” — a judgement debtor is a person who has been found liable to another party, the judgement creditor, for the damage the judgement debtor caused. In other words, Jimi’s damages were found to be caused by his neighbor’s diversion of Jimi’s water rights and a jury said that this neighbor must pay Jime about $2M for the damage. Jimi is the “judgement creditor” and is entitled to receive $2M from his neighbor, the judgement debtor, for damages caused to Jimi’s farm.

Well the “lawyer” — who also has connections to government officials, who, in turn, have connections to judges — attempted to “judgement proof” the money this neighbor had to pay Jimi in restitution for the damage the neighbor inflicted upon Jimi’s family farm. This “legal tactic” to judgement proof a jury award is unlawful … but as I have argued for years, lawyers are NOT HELD TO THE LAW, so Jimi has never RECEIVED the jury award he is entitled to as a consequence of the legal tactics by this lawyer.

BUT this isn’t the end of the story… the lawyer, in engaging in unlawful legal tactics sent the entire matter to “bankruptcy court” as a method to “delay, deny and avoid” the “legal obligation” imposed upon the neighbor for the damage caused to Jimi’s cranberry farm.

Fast forward …. 25 years latter, Jimi is still trying to see “justice” fulfilled … Jimi has NEVER been paid his rightful damage award, the lawyer has never been diciplined for his unlawful legal tactics, and the JUDGES are ‘stonewalling’ every effort by Jimi to reclaim that which a jury had already awarded. Furthermore, through the “bankruptcy scheme” invented by the lawyer to “judgement proof” the jury verdict the “lawyer” has ended up with the lions-share of the assets of the “judgement debtor”. In other words, the lawyer is the only one who has benefited from this entire ordeal. The ‘judgment debtor’ is bankrupt, Jimi is near bankruptcy and has never received his rightful judgement and the “lawyer” has accumulated about $9 million dollars from them all.

Jimi O’Hagan has been demanding a “JURY” hear the facts and decide if these lawyers and judges abuse their power and authority to steal from citizens. While Jimi is seeking a “jury trial” as a “plaintiff,” he vows that if the ONLY WAY to get before a “JURY” is as a “defendant”, he is prepared to force the county sheriff arrest him “JUST SO HE CAN GET HIS JURY TRIAL” and expose these corrupt judges and lawyers for what they are — CRIMINALS!!!

This story is complicated and I’ve omitted names of the lawyers and judges until I look over all the court files and documents, just to be sure I have MY facts right…. I’m certain Jimi is in the right as a jury has already ruled in his favor — over 24 years ago.

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