Fed Judge Ronald B. Leighton is at it again — blatant prejudice

Federal District Court Judge Ronald B. Leighton is “reversed”, again, by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in Scheidler’s case against a corrupt county assessor, James Avery, and those WA State Bar Associates, Alan Miles (prosecutors office), M. Karlynn Haberly (Kitsap County Judge), Kay Slonim (Board of Tax Appeal Chair), Ione George, (prosecutors office), James Miller (Attorney Generals office), who aid and abet Avery’s violations of law.

Leighton has been reversed 16% of the time when his rulings are appealed. See Judge Ronald B. Leighton dishonors his office as Federal Court Judge yet Leighton still occupies the judicial bench. And now, Leighhton, being reversed by the 9th circuit has issued an ORDER that is a complete fiction of the 9th Circuits mandate that Scheidler’s case be addressed. Rather Leighton, under his rose colored glasses, believes that Scheidler needs to beg him to perform the “judicial function” that was ordered by the 9th circuit. Said another way, Leighton’s ego, has worked as a “defense mechanism” to rewrite reality so his high opinion of himself is not disturbed.

This is more than I can withstand…. I filed a Dkt 56 motion for disqualification and obj to Leighton’s distorted order and filed a complaint, my second, with the Federal Court of Appeals per 28 U.S.C. 351

When, at what point, is this blatantly corrupt conduct by government officials nothing more than “entrapment” when it forces people to take the law, and their defense, into their own hands? Will we citizens be “guilty” or “justified” when that time comes… that question and it’s answer is for you to decide! But make no mistake, that day is coming and it will be sooner than later. YOU, the PEOPLE MUST DEMAND JUSTICE, or you must be willing to take blame for what will ultimately result when “judges are the criminals” and citizens are victims.


  1. That’s because Judge Ronald B. Leighton does not respond to your motions and is likely unaware of your case. Corrupt staff answer all the pro se complaints and protect corrupt attorneys. They pervert law, ignore fact and sign off with the name of the Magistrate or US District Judge. They use the computers provided to them by the tax payer to impersonate federal judges, deny rights and commit federal crimes. Down load the decisions from PACER and check the properties of the PDF.


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