Candidates Wanted|Sole qualification — willingness to remove from office those public servants who betray our trust. is seeking individuals who share our anger and frustration with elected officials who fail to honor their oath, fail to hold public servants to the law, ignore the pleas of their constituents who suffer at the hands of corrupt government employees and officials, and make promises they fail to keep.

Next year is another election for WA State Legislative District 26  and we want to get people to run for these legislative positions. Jesse Young, the incumbent needs to be replaced as well as incumbent, Michelle Caldier. Neither Young nor Caldier apprehend the very simple fact … demand “HONESTY” from those in government service and all the other issues begin to resolve themselves. Why do I know this … because I’ve been witness to budget negotiations between the South Kitsap School Board and its employee unions and see how lies and deceit drive up the cost of education; I’ve been witness to judicial proceedings and see how lawyers and judges lie, ignore the law, and drive up the cost of litigation; I’ve been witness to Kitsap Parks and Recreation and hair-brain schemes park directors and administrators concoct that drives up costs; and I’ve witnessed County Assessors lying to citizens which drive up taxes.

The way to FIX this broken system of government based in deceit and incompetence is for “LEGISLATORS” to exercise their power granted to legislators by the WA Constitution and REMOVE from office prosecutors and judges for incompetence, negligence, fraud and outright violations of law. How does that solve “education”? assessors lying to citizens? and all the other governmental wrongs being levied against citizens? For this reason, when the “judicial branch” becomes corrupt, which it has, then its oversight of the other functions of government are also based in corruption. The “buck must stop with the judicial branch” and legislators MUST require the judicial branch adhere to the highest standards of truth and honor because our society requires — depends upon — a society based in laws, not in self-dealing, power grabs, or lies.

WE need “legislators” who demand government be honest and adhere to the highest standars of truth and honor… and that means removing judges and prosecutors who ‘turn a blind eye’ to government corruption.

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