Federal 9th circuit says activist Scheidler prevails, sort of, in suit against Kitsap County.

fireworks photo: fireworks lotsofire.gifBill Scheidler, chief activist here at http://www.CorruptWA.com has been a warrior for WA State Citizens for the past 16 years. While the fight to protect citizens from the overreaching powers of government has been long, painful and expensive, the occasional success rekindles the hope that all is not lost.

In an unpublished “Memorandum” the Federal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals “affirmed, reversed and remanded” the dismissal of Scheidler’s case against the Kitsap County Assessor, who is defrauding the Retired/Disabled/Poor/Widowed from their Article 7, Section 10 property tax exemption.

SECTION 10 RETIRED PERSONS PROPERTY TAX EXEMPTION. Notwithstanding the provisions of Article 7, section 1 (Amendment 14) and Article 7, section 2 (Amendment 17), the following tax exemption shall be allowed as to real property:
The legislature shall have the power, by appropriate legislation, to grant to retired property owners relief from the property tax on the real property occupied as a residence by those owners. The legislature may place such restrictions and conditions upon the granting of such relief as it shall deem proper. Such restrictions and conditions may include, but are not limited to, the limiting of the relief to those property owners below a specific level of income and those fulfilling certain minimum residential requirements. [AMENDMENT 47, 1965 ex.s. House Joint Resolution No. 7, p 2821. Approved November 8, 1966.]

While the “memorandum” filed by the 9th Circuit Court isn’t written in such detail to provide a clear understanding of what must now take place, the fact that the 9th Circuit has stated that Federal District Court Judge Ronald B. Leighton “abused his discretion” and failed to “address the merits of Scheidler’s administrative case” and didn’t “allow Scheidler his right to file an amended complaint before dismissing the action” says enough to claim success.

For more information about this matter please look to these stories published on this site and to the “memorandum” issued today by the 9th circuit court of appeals.

  • Kitsap Assessor, James Avery, is defrauding retired/disabled/widowed/poor citizens their constitutional rights.

    1. They never “publish” anything against a government official, attorney or judge. They should have to publish everything for the record.


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