Above the Law … what happens now?

Dr Richard Cordero has the following credentials: Ph.D., University of Cambridge, England; M.B.A., University of Michigan Business School; D.E.A., La Sorbonne, Paris and is a lawyer who has a NY law practice. Dr Cordero is a prolific researcher and writer on the topic of Exposing Judges’ Unaccountability and Consequent Riskless Wrongdoing .

The credentials and viewpoint of Dr. Cordero must resonate within the minds of those who read this article. Dr. Cordero is a person of superb intellect who is practicing law and writing about ‘judicial corruption’ — which he claims is a problem that cannot be solved through our “judicial system”.

Here is what he has told me dozens of times…

As you have witnessed, judges protect each other. Suing them in court to expose their wrongdoing is the product of wishful thinking that ends up as an exercise in futility, for it is doomed to be dismissed by peer judges or lead to sham decisions that exonerate the defendant judge.

If ever a defendant judge were removed or caused to resign, he or she would simply be replaced by another judge of the same ilk by the same people who recommended, endorsed, appointed, campaigned for, and contributed to the campaign of, that judge . You end up where you started.

The problem with me is I didn’t believe Dr. Cordero… I, naively, trusted in the rule of law. I trusted in our judicial institution. And I trusted in what our WA State Constitution says — especially Article 1, Section 21

“SECTION 21 TRIAL BY JURY. The right of trial by jury shall remain inviolate, but the legislature may provide for a jury of any number less than twelve in courts not of record, and for a verdict by nine or more jurors in civil cases in any court of record, and for waiving of the jury in civil cases where the consent of the parties interested is given thereto.”

But my faith in our judicial system immediately changed after being denied my constitutional right to a jury trial. A jury of my peers, as our constitution provides, is to render a verdict in all cases. Especially in a case against a corrupt lawyer, Scott Ellerby, who is regulated by other lawyers. See RCW 2.48.060 But the judge, under his own claimed power, said no … a jury shall not be provided … instead it was a trial before a judge. And what a trial it was … I was ‘sanctioned’ by the judge, Kevin Hull, in the amount of $120,000, as punishment for suing my corrupt attorney. (The case number is Kitsap Superior Court Case 09-2-00660-3, and I encourage everyone to read how this case was handled by members of the WA State Bar who serve as government officials – a judge!)

From this direct and personal experience in our ‘judicial system’, I have been proven wrong in my belief that our justice system is where grievances are fairly resolved. And I learned the hard way and at a cost of $120,000, Dr. Cordero is right, our justice system is rigged and designed to steal from those who trust in its processes and punish those who criticize the methods.

So now that I’ve been proven wrong and Dr. Cordero is right, what must happen to insure our Country doesn’t erupt into violence? Clearly ‘violence’ is one of the likely consequences of a corrupt government – first it is government’s violence against the people, then it is the people against government.

What is happening in Ferguson, Mo is a consequence of “TRUST LOST”. In other words, we don’t trust the police, the prosecutors, the ethics boards because we know these entities are corrupt and those who are suppose to “regulate” and insure these entities operate in a manner that instills trust is instead creating suspicion and hopelessness. People don’t want to ‘protest and riot’ … there is no reason for such behavior if we ‘TRUST’ in our institutions. People “protest and riot” because we don’t trust and we don’t have any civilized avenue to resolve our grievances — which a “JURY” of ones peers would provide.

I know I’ve lost trust in WA State’s judicial system… had a “jury” reached the same result as Judge Hull, the take-away view would be that our “institution” is alive and functioning, but that I failed to convince an “impartial” fact finder that my case against Ellerby was justified. And had a “jury” felt I deserved to be punished in the amount of $120,000 for filing the lawsuit, that would be a decision of my peers, not a partisan judge who has no authority other than the authority judges give themselves. But in this case, Judge Hull made these decisions to ‘deny’ my right to a jury – which was the first act that violated my constitutional rights, and dismiss my case against Scott Ellerby, his colleague. The whole case was conducted under the “rules” judges make for themselves. Rules are NOT laws — rules are suppose to be made so the laws can be applied and enforced; not to substitute for law. The authority to make “rules” is governed by law, RCW 2.04.190 . The courts do not have absolute power under any constitutional or statutory enactment! They MUST follow the law!

But the abuse of power is more than just a ‘due process’ matter. Judge Hull is a member of the WA State Bar. Scott Ellerby, the defendant, is a “hearing officer” and member of the WA State Bar…. IS THERE THE APPEARANCE OF FAIRNESS when the defendant and judge belong to the same association – the WA State Bar? I say NO! Credibility is lost. And the loss of credibility destroys faith in a fair judicial process when you can say that there is no “impartial decision maker”. Isn’t it proven when our ‘constitutional rights – a jury trial’ can be denied without consequence.

So what now? I believe Dr. Cordero when he says our judicial system cannot be relied upon to function as an ‘impartial’ forum. Rather, the “legal establishment” is using their governmental job – judges – to steal from citizens for their own wealth and power. The emphasis is on POWER. Once they have the POWER, they can accumulate all the wealth they want.

Dr. Cordero believes the solution to a corrupt judiciary is in the power of the press. Dr. Cordero ‘trusts’ in the “moral and ethical” backbone of citizens, who will rise up and demand reform once they know what is happening. The only problem is the people are unaware of what is happening. The people don’t recognize the harm that awaits this country when all hope is lost! So this is my purpose… to write of my ordeal and publish those stories of others so PEOPLE begin to look at WA State’s legal establishment for what it is … a power grab for ultimate control over citizens.

Please pass this story to all you know so good people can stand up against our corrupt judiciary and save this state, to save this country.


  1. Only “like minded” people that stand up and force an end to corruption will win. How? These corrupt individuals must be so “tormented” that they have no more room to move. And that is by exposure.
    Like I said before, Anne Block did the right thing. She exposed Aaron Reardon and it gave the Newsmedia no way out, then to cover the story.

    Thursday newspaper (Seattle Times 3/12) Bob Ferguson is suing ticked agancies. He has fun suing outsiders.His own corrupt friends he will never sue because its to close to home.
    I am thinking of writing him a letter and asking him why he is allowing his friends to legaly steal real estate and as Attorney General his is doing nothing about it.

    Its like I said before, if you can’t get them in one way you have to get them in another.


    1. I’ve been reading everything that you write and I couldn’t agree more with all that you say. I see how you connect the dots and I see that you do it in a logical way. Do you think if we formed a willing group of 5 or 6 people who are willing to place themselves at risk … for example … agree to make a citizens arrest of “???” the effort will draw the attention upon “???” and the corruption reveled?


      1. How do you put yourself at risk if you present the Facts?

        The more you read and follow what this group of real estate people are doing, the more you will connect the dots.

        Question……The slum lord (roosevelt district) he was in the news few days back.
        Does the city of Seattle want to take his property away?…..

        Who are are the friends of friends that sit on the council that want to do this?
        Take his property so they conveniently build a park next to the rail station?
        I wonder how many condos they will build in the area? This is how these scammers take over. This should be a news story to follow.
        We need to watch and see what they do.
        Who are the lawyers that will deal with this problem of taking this guys property away?


  2. It might be a lesson in futility, but you cannot sue a judge for a judicial act, but you can sue him in federal district court for an administrative act. The seating of a jury is an administrative act. I sued corrupt Kitsap County Superior Court Judge Leonard Costello in federal court. It was dismissed by his buddies/WSBA , but it scared him enough that he resigned/retired two years into a four year term. One less criminal in black robes.


    1. William, From all that I’ve read in statutes and constitutional provisions … a judge can be sued for any act that isn’t conferred by law upon him. Article 5, Section 2, of WA Constitution says “[judicial officers] shall be liable to prosecution, trial, judgment and punishment according to law.” There is a caveat to this Section 2, and it is, before a judge can be sued he/she must be made a “party” to an “impeachment” process in the legislature. This is where our “legislators” are failing us and protecting corrupt judges.

      And I agree that any act by a judge under their “administrative rules”… which are the ONLY rules they are permitted to make … this includes CR 11 (dismissal of cases), 56 (summary judgment) are administrative acts and MUST provide a ‘procedural safeguard’ for ‘arbitrary decision-making’…. i.e., a lawsuit.

      The problem is with WHOM do you file your grievance with — a court! So a Court will convene to decide the powers of the Court…. this in itself violate WA State RCW 2.28.030 (mandatory disqualification for being “directly interested” in the case). Of course this ‘law’ is violated time and again, which repeats the cycle of hiding behind a power that judges do not have.


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