“Let the force be with you”

No, I am not a STAR WARS fan, just looking for a catchy title to get a discussion going around what seems to me as a long lost tool by which WE THE PEOPLE maintain our control over our public servants.

Here is THE TOOL!

[WA constitution] ARTICLE 4,SECTION 9 REMOVAL OF JUDGES, ATTORNEY GENERAL, ETC. Any judge of any court of record, the attorney general, or any prosecuting attorney may be removed from office by joint resolution of the legislature, in which three-fourths of the members elected to each house shall concur, for incompetency, corruption, malfeasance, or delinquency in office, or other sufficient cause stated in such resolution. But no removal shall be made unless the officer complained of shall have been served with a copy of the charges against him as the ground of removal, and shall have an opportunity of being heard in his defense. Such resolution shall be entered at length on the journal of both houses and on the question of removal the ayes and nays shall also be entered on the journal.

Let us study this constitutional provision to see if it means what it says… Does it mean … ANY JUDGE? ANY PROSECUTING ATTORNEY? the ATTORNEY GENERAL? Who writes the “JOINT RESOLUTION”? and must the “OFFICER complained of” ANSWER TO THE LEGISLATURE? Hmmmmmmm, can it be that easy for us to make it that miserable for a JUDGE, a PROSECUTOR, the ATTORNEY GENERAL when they betray our trust?

But what if no legislator, such as __[fill in the blank]______ is willing to “write a resolution” to force a JUDGE, PROSECUTOR, ATTORNEY GENERAL to ANSWER the charges raised by the resolution and possibly be REMOVED? WE VOTE the legislator OUT, WE CHALLENGE their PATRIOTISM, WE EXPOSE their spineless character, WE bring this issue front and center in candidate debates …. WE REMOVE THE LEGISLATOR! AND we elect someone like me whose mission is to REMOVE from government those public servants who betray our trust!

Let us understand this tool and see if the “force is really with us”!


  1. Yes, and also 28 USC 455 All magistrates, judges and even justices (or anyone acting in similar capacities in administrative or Para judicial proceedings with precedent capacities) shall disclose on their own (does not have to be discovered) and recuse themselves in any matter in which they have even the appearance of a conflict of interest that may compromise the perception of equal protection and application of law and the impartiality of the judiciary and judicial process.

    Also, and I have a formal complaint with and against FBI along with the Clark County Sheriff, Vancouver Police, Attorney General, WA Human Rights and others, that under 18 USC 4, Misprision of a felony, anyone, more so with those carrying a badge and gun or officers of the court, who has knowledge and evidence of the commission of a felony crime and conceals AND/OR does not asap report such to any competent civil, judicial or even military authority, is guilty of a felony crime up to 3 years each count $5,000 fine. File formal criminal complaints against law enforcement with other law enforcement as I am doing. My stuff is going to WA DC personally delivered bony me.


  2. Love this!!! The Force is with us, Bill. We need more voices to stand up, care and get out those laser swords.

    Rock on!!…..it will happen. The entire Country needs a pendulum swing.




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