Supreme Court Justice, Mary Yu, opposes free speech on social issues!

YuJustice Mary Yu, of WA State’s Supreme Court, displays utter contempt for constitutional free speech. Yu has a Facebook page, at which she discusses her campaign for Supreme Court justice as well as posting information on other social issues — EXCEPT — any issue which runs counter to her world view of herself. When I asked Yu if she informed voters that a CJC grievance was filed against her, or if she informed voters of the utter lack of confidence in our “justices”, the post was immediately deleted and I’ve been “blocked” from posting to Yu’s Facebook page.

Just another example of the ‘fraud’ perpetrated upon citizens by judicial officials in how they hide the truth. Yu needs to be removed from the Supreme Court Bench and prohibited from holding any public office of trust.


  1. I suggest, once againt that, an administrative commercial lien and a claim against the liability bond, be placed against these state socialists, for violation of their oath of office, and for deliberate indifference to the will of the people. These people are being selected and placed in these official capacities in the furterance of creating a
    totalitarian system of governance. Direct methods for stopping these people from remaining in these offices, is a
    must. These people cannot work in government without these bonds.


    1. Earl, correct me if I’m wrong, but a lien is a claim that must be linked to an actual obligation between the “creditor – debtor”. Otherwise it is a crime to lien anything that you don’t have a legal right to. See RCW 9.38.020 So the question is ‘how do you obtain a legal right to “lien” a bond?


      1. you don’t lean on a bond, you make a claim against the liability/performance bond, of the person who caused harm to you. The lien is to be supported by an actual criminal complain in affidavit form. All three documents are then sent to the insurance company that underwrites the bond. If you place a lien on real/personal property,
        you use the same procedure when you record the lien. RCW 9.38.020, is being taken out of context. See
        RCW 9.38, in general, and you will see what acts constitute the crimes. In any event, attaching a criminal
        complaint to the First Amendment Commercial Lien, is the bar against a misdemeanor office, as long as you
        have evidence of a crime (direct/circumstantial evidence). I can show you were to obtain a very potent
        complaint and affidavit that is ledgered with constitutional violation, where you simply check each violation
        that applies. (every violation of the constitution is a crime, where officials are concerned), just show where
        they are violating the constitution. I have a complaint/affidavit form.


      2. Lawyers obtain liens all the time. But they call it a bond yet it’s a lien. In Broadway Condos vs Condominium Law Group and attorney Ken Hater told the court the association owed him 8500.00 in unseen invoices. We fired his firm and requested our records. He actually wrote we could have our records if we 1. Promised not to sue him or his firm, 2. Promise not to file a bar complaint, 3. Pay 8500.00 in unseen invoices. Judge Kurtz of Snohomish county forced the association to purchase a bond and gave Bar member Ken Hare a year to prove his claim of unpaid invoiced. 24 months later no proof, not even a peep, and 4 boxes of records destroyed, then we are denied attorney fees against bar member Ken Harer. So it’s a lien with shenanigans. The saddest part is this lawyer and his firm is out preying on other associations


  2. I recently mentioned liens in a few responses, however, I have decided to address the officials’ oath of office and their performance/liability bonds. Please accept my apology if I have misinformed/misdirected anyone on this site. It is my intent to assist and support all of those seeking righteousness, peace, non-violence, and all other forms of injustce. I am very disturbed by the entire judicial system because it is nothing more than a huge
    collection agency for syndicated criminals. I am looking for effective ways to check these freaks.
    The oath of office these people take is a sworn statement of truth, but, their true actions violate this documentary evidence sworn to under an oath to perform in a lawful manner that does not harm, injure, cause risk of safety and threaten our very lives. These freaks motivate me to seek justice where possible.
    My apologies.


  3. We need to bring the law to the lawless including those in law enforcement, the judiciary and government. Not with vigilantism but with the law itself and we need to out, in every case, those who engage in obstruction of justice, misprision of a felony if not for our own cases then also for others as these are the same scum in their little networks that can be watched and documented lawfully, the same court clerks, judges, corrupt ones in the AG’s office and elsewhere in government. And they do coordinate, collude and act in concert. The good news is that many are do dumb and arrogant they leave their fingerprints and intentions all over emails they think will never see the light of day. Is we cannot get the documents into court, then at least we can publish them to warn and help others.

    Both democrats and republicans are involved and they must be outed without fear or favor or any partisanship; crimes are crimes no matter who does them or under what banners or pretexts.



    1. Very well said! Excellent! “we need to bring the law to the lawless” … “with law itself”! To do it any other way is to engage in the same behavior we complain about. Two wrongs do not equal a right. Thanks Jim for helping better explain the principles involved in what we are doing.


  4. For those that don’t already know, each county wherein every one of these judiciaries operate, all have liability bonds against which claims can be made. The judiciary always have contracts (which makes the county a silent partner), that insurance companies will gladly help you find since insurance companies have an interest, so, finding the county bond is another potent means by which positive change can be made.
    Just one more hint at how to have a direct impact on the corruption that is carried on “in every county”, where these freaks are.


  5. Post Script: In pursuit of a bond claim against a corrupt business that is licensed by the state, and has contracts with state and county goverment (agent/municipal corrporation), I learned of this business having two bonds. So, in planning to place a claim against any bond, look to see if there are more than one bond. And try not to forget, all counties have bonds and you can place a claim against these bonds. Court claims are deliberately stalled and dismissed, and go on for years, and in most instances, the criminals are declared not guilty, in the end. I found this to be the case with Risk Management, as well. Bond claims can be settled in weeks. Tell the surety company that you want to resolve the matter in 30 to 120 days for instance, in your comlaint. Peace


    1. I wonder how much money was paid to Mary Yu to take this job. After all didn’t she mary Dow Constantine little while ago. It is a good thing for all their friends that Mary Yu was “selected”. She will be working on things according to her friendshhip to others. This is the same dirty game as always when their friends get selected. Christine Gregoire should be arrested for exposing the public to her crap. The state justice system only works after what connections you have to others. If your a “nobody” they will treat you according.

      BTW: Dow Constantine works hard on the wash, state transportation system. Patty Murray makes sure that lots of federal money is supplied. And again, you can find out what companies get these contracts to build. Of course again it goes to their “lowest” bidder. And more, Kevin Wallace restored his friendship with Aaron Reardon, you can check on These people are the “head” of the snake.


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