James O’Hagan’s quest for a state seat continues in a write-in campaign in the 19th

James O’Hagan is another worriar in the fight against WA State’s corrupt legal establishment. First, O’Hagan filed as candidate for a state seat for the 19th district, but failed to move to the general election after the primary votes were counted in August. But James hasn’t capitulated and is waging an agressive ‘write-in’ campaign by running ads in the local newspapers.

Here are copies of James O’Hagan’s campaign ads — Well done James! And you are RIGHT ON THE MARK! Judicial/legal corruption is at the core of all government corruption!

Why should you let Jimi O’Hagan represent you?
1. The other candidates have failed to identify the problem we have with our government “why” are they afraid to, or part of the problem.
2. Jimi identified the problem and has the courage to step up and fix the problem.
3. The judicial branches of our governments have turned taking your life, liberty and property into a profitable business enterprise for their fellow state bar members.
4. Our judges do not honor their oaths to uphold our constitutions, and regularly engage in more criminal acts than individuals they are incarcerating for criminal acts.
5. All of the problems we have with our domestic tranquility stem from lawyers making money from taking your life, liberty and property.
6. Jimi will be your equalizer against the state bar association, and disbar several state bar members including state and federal judges and send several of them to jail for using their official position for leading organized crime.
7. Until we incarcerate some state and federal judges we will never have any respect for our constitutional form of government.

No More, Register, Vote and Write in Jimi O’Hagan for Position #2 of the 19th District.

Domestic Tranquility?
I asked you to let me represent you in the 19th district because we were victimized by the criminal activity that led to the May 23, 1999 Washington State Department of Ecology arson fires. The criminal activity involved in the May 23, 1999 WDOE arson fires caused over a hundred million dollars of interference with commerce to the 19th district. After being victimized by the criminal acts that caused the WDOE arson fires, my family and our financial ability, was continually attacked by members of the judicial branches of our state and federal government. In attacking our finances state and federal Judges, prosecutors, and State Bar members criminally stole our life, liberty and property. I asked our county Sherriff, Scott Johnson to hold an inquest jury investigation into these criminal acts, instead he asked the WSP to investigate them. WSP investigator’s identified us as victims of criminal activity and submitted a charging document to our Attorney General, who is another Washington State Bar Association member that refused to act.
In a lawful judgment my family is guaranteed a jury trial in Pacific County Superior Court, but the Court administrator cannot locate a judge willing to preside over the jury trial, because judges and prosecutors led serious theft crimes against my family and I have announced I intend to ask the jury to indict the public officials who used their official positions to steal from my family on criminal charges. Federal and State Judges were directly involved in stealing money and the Kelley Grayland cranberry farm from my family. Since Sherriff Johnson is afraid of attorneys and will not conduct an inquest jury, he is willingly participating in the thefts and the farm from my family. The rights in our constitutions were established to protect domestic tranquility. Judges acting criminally attacks our domestic tranquility. What would you do?
Since the Courts will not let a jury address the situation in a civil manner, I am left to taking the farm by hostility as identified in RCW 6.19. When I am done harvesting our farm I am going to start harvesting the former Kelly cranberry farm and Sherriff Johnson can either arrest me, or call the matter before the court or an inquest jury. If you write me in for your representative I will restore accountability, by revoking bar licenses and sending judges to jail. Paid for by Jimi O’Hagan

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  1. http://jimcraven10.wordpress.com/2014/10/23/serious-corruption-political-patronage-and-lawlessness-clark-college-washington-state-agencies-and-unions/ Here is some hard evidence of serious corruption, and collusion in various state agencies along with some unions supposed to report not aid and abet or suborn perjury and other serious felonies. When the people have reasons fear the lawyers and law enforcement more and respect them less than the criminals you have a recipe for total lawlessness and anarchy. Either rule of law or of the most ruthless; there is no in-between.


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