There is something ‘brewing’. A book is being written. It involves the WA State Bar and the governance of Gold Bar, WA, and it should be ‘juicie’.

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Ayn Rand

The Washington State Bar’s lead council Linda Eide and Lin ( Linda) O’Dell “caught red handed” using prosecutors and police officers in their quest to “punish” the member for speaking and seeking a clean and honest government.

WA State’s stranger-than-truth legal establishment is the focus of a soon to be published book by the gals of the Gold Bar Reporter. What they have uncovered shows the WA State Bar is a racketeering enterprise that is closely involved in government corruption going on in Gold Bar, WA. (My view is anything associated with the WA State Bar or the “legal establishment” implicates the WA State Supreme Court, which claims ‘plenary authority over lawyer conduct’ …but the authors haven’t made know that link in anyway at this time) The only question is whether the book, and the movie that is sure to follow, will be a Tragedy, Comedy, or Documentary?

For a glimpse, here is a preview by the authors themselves…

”No sunshine where the cockroaches roam” takes place inside a small North Cascade city, located in Washington State. It’s based on a true story about two women who refuse to stop until the truth about a local sabotaging of the City’s water system is revealed. Unbeknownst to them at the time, the Mayor is engaged in embezzling money, tampering with water samples, and a fraudulent check cashing scheme. But she wasn’t alone, she had the assistance of a political appointee inside Snohomish County Washington…

The book, written by an activist, who resigned from the Washington State Bar citing massive corruption inside the Office of Disciplinary Council. After the release of public records (emails) between and among government officials, the activists uncover evidence supporting that the government officers are running one of America’s largest Racketeering Enterprises
( RICO).

The former Washington State Bar member resigns after uncovering emails and other public records linking the Bar and government officials in gross civil rights violations against many of its members. Emails retrieved under Washington State’s sunshine laws revealing gross civil rights violations perpetrated upon any Bar member who dares to address the corrupt government “RICO” gang strangling Washington State’s political structure…

One local Twitter even suggests that the Mayor has been an often visitor to the “robing room” exposing a sex for jobs scheme inside Snohomish County Superior Court.”

Bravo Gold Bar Reporters, you’re the best! My order for your book is already placed!

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