WA State Supreme Court’s “McCleary” decision: Is it lawful? Absolutely NOT!

Today a letter was sent to WA State Representatives that provided just two reasons why the McCleary decision (that orders our legislators to raise taxes) is VOID for FRAUD upon the COURT by the very SC justices who issued the order.

WA State Gov chart

Here is the letter.

Dear Senators and Representatives,

Please consider the following authorities as a few of the many arguments you have to ignore the WA Supreme Court’s attempted domination of citizens by its attempted control over our “representatives and the laws we make”.

Only “lawful orders,” issued by any judge, are the only orders required to be obeyed. See RCW 2.28.060(c), full citation omitted. The fact that the Supreme Court justices have made a ruling doesn’t in itself mean the order is lawful.

On this point of “lawful”, please consider the following argument made be Andy Ostrowsky, a lawyer, who claims in a lawsuit filed in Pennsylvania that Pennsylvania’s Judicial Branch is unconstitutional. WA Supreme Court sued as unconstitutional and as rico style | Corrupt WA

Here in WA, RCW 2.48 should held unconstitutional [and repealed] because it makes “our judicial branch” as guilty in the same way as Ostrowsky claims PA’s judicial branch is unconstitutional. Clearly an “unconstitutional entity” cannot issue valid orders or hold anyone in contempt. RCW 2.48 is special legislation that prohibits citizens from being represented in the “judicial branch”. Only those whom the Supreme court accepts can be a part of the judicial branch.

That avenue aside, there is growing evidence that the WA State Bar is a racketeering enterprise under both State law (RCW 9A.82) and the Federal RICO statute. Because the WA Supreme Court is the “overseer” of the WA State Bar, they are implicated under RCW 9A.08, if the Bar is found to be a corrupt organization. Again, if the Bar is corrupt and the justices are implicated the validity of any order by the Supreme Court can be rendered VOID for fraud upon the court.

While these “RICO styled complaints” have not yet be filed, (and who would serve as judge when the complaint is about the judicial branch), here are links to articles about what we know so far.

Supreme Court justices hide crimes occurring within their courts: WA Justices under attack for corruption criminal conduct. | Corrupt WA

Scheidler and TV host Bruce Broussard discuss legal corruption; Bruce Broussard and Bill Scheidler discuss legal corruption. | Corrupt WA

WA State Bar alleged a racketeering enterprise: Anne Block, a champion holding accountable public servants. | Corrupt WA

Class complaint against WA State bar and WA Gov for racketeering and color of law. Draft-class-complaint-against-wa-bar-association-for-rico

The bottom line; our judicial branch is either unconstitutional in that it violates the separations doctrine (due to RCW 2.48 which provides NO citizen partcipation in the judicial br) or the justices are engaged in criminal conduct and their orders are void. The justices must be removed or impeached and the matter of McCleary re-litigated.

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