Jesse Young or Nathan Schlicher, Esq., for WA Representative, 26th District? It’s Jesse Young, hands down!

Bill Scheidler endorses Jesse Young on the issues and for the sake of honest government

If all things were equal, Jesse Young is the important choice for representative. However ‘things’ are not equal and this is why Jesse Young MUST continue as representative of the 26th district.

JesseYoung Nathan Schlicher, ESQ.
Jesse Young Nathan Schlicher, Esq.

First, the reason for my opening statement. If all things are equal with respect to the issues, why Jesse Young and not Nathan Schlicher? The reason being is due to the inequity that exists in the WA Legislature today. And I’m not suggesting a balance between the number of democrats and republican members, but rather the ratio of “citizens v lawyers” who occupy legislative seats. The composition in our present legislature in which _______% of the members are lawyers leaves citizens underrepresented and at risk for domination by the legal enterprise. And it is becoming increasingly clear the legal establishment is intent in controlling us all for their own wealth and for the protection of their rich backers, bankers and insurance companies.

Nathan Schlicher is a lawyer! This should immediately disqualify him as being a “fair and impartial” advocate for the 26th District — he owes his duty to the legal enterprise – the Bar, insurance companies, power brokers… and we citizens are a lawyer’s play-toys.

But beyond this imperative, are the character flaws, which are sadly characteristic of lawyers, Nathan Schlicher lies. The Gallup Poll that measured honest/ethics in professions lists lawyers near the bottom.

bcby_eugqucl77h-uwye1w (1) When Nathan Schlicher was asked by Kitsap Sun reporter, Steve Gardner, if being a member of the WA State Bar Association, which is a judicial agency regulated by the WA Supreme Court, presents a conflict of interest in Schlicher’s quest for a legislative seat too. To which Schlicher states that ‘being licensed by the WA State Bar is no more significant that a beautician being licensed by the Department of Health.’

Schlicher’s answer to Gardner’s question is so far from reality that it must be a lie. In truth, our WA State Constitution requires any legislator who has a personal interest in any bill or measure abstain from participating in the measure or bill. Because Schlicher is a lawyer and not a beautician any bill or measure that addressed legal corruption or judicial misconduct would require Schlicher to recuse or abstain. The WA Constitutional provision at issue is the “BRIBERY OR CORRUPT SOLICITATION” SECTION 30 of ARTICLE 2. Who would represent our district if Schlicher is prohibited from participating? Worse, who can we get to introduce a bill or measure concerning legal corruption if Schlicher is prohibited from participating because of his a personal interest in “legal matters”? Clearly if Schlicher would have answered this question honestly, Steve Gardner would have published the truth informing voters that they would NOT be represented in any bill or measure that addressed legal or judicial corruption. This is an important and critical difference between a lawyer seeking a legislative seat versus a beautician seeking a legislative seat. Schlicher should be ashamed for this deceit…. but he is a lawyer so being ashamed isn’t part of their personality.

This is one reason why Schlicher should not even be a candidate.

On the issues…

Jesse and I recognize the high cost of medical care and its related problems are significantly affected by excessive litigation – much of it frivolous. Guess who is to blame?

Jesse is committed to the constitutional rights entitled to all people embodied in the 2nd amendment, and for that matter Jesse believes strongly “in the rule of law” and it is apparent by his positions on other issues of general importance like transportation, common core, immigration …

While we may not see eye-to-eye on government employee unions and their consequence upon the freedoms of citizens, Jesse has a logical and rationally supported view… so we agree to disagree on this matter.

Bottom line, I am a fan of Jesse Young and believe he embodies the moral and ethical backbone that is so needed in government… Good luck Jesse.

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