Gold Bar reporter, Anne Block – my HERO! The WA State Bar is a racketeering operation

Anne Block is not your typical lawyer, or for that matter, your typical reporter either. She is driven by principle and nothing will separate her from her values — not even the risk in losing her license to practice law. I admire Anne like no other — she is a warrior and she will pursue justice at great personal risk to herself. And the proof that what I say is true is how Anne became a victim of the WA State Bar’s policy to ‘retaliate’ against lawyers who ‘tell the truth and expose those in government who are corrupt’. Anne’s license to practice law was threatened when she began reporting on Gold Bar’s government elite and their involvement in various crimes and misconduct. And now we know why the WA State Bar began proceedings against Anne’s law license for reporting on Gold Bar’s government elite.

The Washington State Bar solicits agency employees to file bar complaints against any attorney who questions or complains about an agency employee. The Washington State Board of Governors also receives special financial perks to influence which members are investigated and which members are not…. The reason the WSBA is member of Snohomish County’s RICO gang ( also referred to under USC code as an Enterprise) is simple: keep cost to the taxpayers down by reducing civil liability for crimes committed by agencies and its employees and to take out anyone who who questions the Washington State Bar’s RICO activities. Read the full story at the Gold Bar Reporter

We citizens of WA State have Anne Block, thank God, but she has her counterpart in other states as well. In Pennsylvania another lawyer is doing something similar, Andy Ostroski, and has brought a lawsuit against the Bar on similar grounds. Andy is also a candidate for US Congress and here is a short video that helps all of us understand what Anne, me and many others already recognize.

As the tide is turning and Anne Block exposes the very corrupt WA State Bar for what it is – RICO. Anne is getting help from other lawyers who too did the right thing – to report legal corruption. These courageous lawyers coming forward are:


Attorney John Scannell disbarred only after he filed a WSBA complaint against former Attorney General Christine Gregoire. John Scannell is running for WA State Supreme Court against Christine Gregoire’s friend, Debra Stevens.


Attorney Robert Grunstein disbarred only after he filed a WSBA complaint and sued a WSBA Board member named attorney Ronald Meltzer.


Attorney Paul Simmerly disbarred only after he had the audacity to represent another attorney against the criminals inside the WSBA ODC.


Marja Starczeski was suspended from the practice of law after defending a women who was in a land dispute with Snohomish County Commissioner Geoffrey Gibbs. Geoffrey Gibbs was on the WSBA Board of Governors at the time he managed to get his WSBA ODC RICO gang to suspend Ms. Starczewski.

Robert Leach, also a WSBA Board of Governors member, represented Commissioner Gibbs and made an illegal contract with the Snohomish County Prosecutor’s Office for duel defense against a Snohomish County citizen that Gibbs stole land from.

The WSBA ODC rubber stamped ODC Hearing Officer’s recommendation that attorney Kathryn Abele be suspended from the practice of law for one year for simply filing a criminal complaint against a police office in Seattle that “tripped” her.

The five above attorneys who the WSBA ODC retaliated against will be witnesses in the Gold Bar Reporters RICO complaint.

Robert Grundstein wrote about his experiences and our ‘Legal Failures’ in his book VENDETTA

Full Story at the Gold Bar Reporter

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