Lawsuits filed against Pennsylvania Supreme Court: Entire Pennsylvania judicial system alleged to be unconstitutional

BREAKING NEWS: Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court and its sham “disciplinary commission” are being sued for their RICO-style justice.

wb-scranton-single-line-web1The Wilks-Barre Scranton Independent Gazzette says:

Ostrowski’s (PA candidate for congress) lawsuit features as a prime grievance current disciplinary proceedings taking place against Don Bailey, which constitute a case of pure retaliation for Bailey’s speaking out against judges, according to Ostrowski.


  1. It is about time, wouldn’t you agree? The laws need to be changed so we can sue individuals in the Judicial system personally. And also eliminate internal policing of themselves, because that is also a big part of the problem.


    1. What is interesting is the “law” isn’t actually law, it is a ruling by a judge for the benefit of other judges – a.k.a., common law doctrine. But that begs the question, if there is law that prohibits a judge from ruling in a matter in which he has a personal interest, how did this “immunity” doctrine evolve? Clearly it must have been hatched by a judge who violated the law to disqualify himself due to conflict with the subject matter of the case and then make a ruling in his self-interest. It doesn’t get any more ‘blatant’ than that – assume power that isn’t provided by law and then make law too.


  2. The problem is that you are suing in their rigged system. The only way things are going to change is as our forefathers wrote in the Declaration of Independence and that is for the people of America to do their “Duty.” Our forefathers would have been labeled Terrorists nowadays by DHS. Ultimate power corrupts Ultimately.


  3. Here is an email I wrote asking questions about the Washington State Bar Association’s Office of Disciplinary Counsel’s conduct in a disciplinary case it prosecuted, In re Karen Unger. To its credit, the Washington State Supreme Court found its own Office of Disciplinary Counsel had brought a frivolous proceeding and awarded Ms. Unger $60,000 in attorney fees. I also asked these questions of the WSBA Board of Governors. None of my questions have been answered.

    From: Paul Simmerly []
    Sent: Thursday, July 03, 2014 12:20 AM
    To: ‘’
    Subject: WSBA payment of $60,000 from Bar members’ funds to attorney Karen Unger for frivolous disciplinary proceeding
    Importance: High

    Hello Zach:

    I have known you since law school and we have crossed paths over the years in various cases including work as outside counsel for First Interstate Bank and in our discussions about my efforts to have your AG’s office and the DOJ pursue a Medicaid/Medicare Fraud case involving J&J’s blockbuster anti-anemia drug Procrit. You have always been a straight shooter.

    Since you were on the WSBA Disciplinary Board in 2006 and the Chairperson of Review Committee IV that unanimously ordered the Karen Unger disciplinary matter to a hearing, I wonder if you could answer a few questions for us about that case.

    The WSBA agreed to pay the sum of $60,000 to partially compensate attorney Karen Unger for her attorney fees in defending against the disciplinary proceeding filed by the Office of Disciplinary Counsel (ODC) in In re Karen Unger, Public No. 06#00071. Ms. Unger had been accused of attorney misconduct in representing a criminal defendant in a federal court criminal proceeding. The disciplinary counsel, Kathleen Dassel, had previously been a state and federal public defender. The Chief Disciplinary Counsel, Douglas Ende, was a specialist in criminal appellate law while in private practice. The Hearing Officer, Gregory Dahl, found that the disciplinary proceeding was frivolous and without merit. Ms. Unger’s counsel, David Allen, one of Washington’s pre-eminent attorneys, stated that the Office of Disciplinary Counsel presented false, untrue and misleading information to your Disciplinary Board’s Review Committee, which determines whether a disciplinary proceeding proceeds to hearing. The entire file in the In re Unger proceeding is contained on line at and in the attached UNGER SETTLEMENT document.

    My questions to you are:
    • Was this matter kept a secret from WSBA members? If so, why? Why wasn’t I provided information about this matter when I first inquired about it in 2008? How was this disclosed or publicized to WSBA members over the past six years? Why was this kept a secret from the members of the Bar and, apparently, from at least some members of the Supreme Court like Justice Sanders? Why was there a cover-up? Was the purpose of the non-disclosure to influence the WSBA membership vote on the dues rollback vote?

    • Are transparency and trust important to the ODC, the Disciplinary Board and the WSBA?

    • How many times has the Hearing Officer, Gregory Dahl, been appointed as the Hearing Officer since serving in the Unger case?

    • Where did this settlement money come from? What is the legal authority for this payment?

    • Why didn’t the Bar pay all of Unger’s attorney fees, which I understand were over $100,000?

    • Was there any kind of investigation into the conduct of the WSBA’s Office of Disciplinary Counsel (ODC) handling this matter? If not, why not? As former Justice Sanders states*(see my email exchange with former Justice Sanders below), why are these members of the Office of Disciplinary Counsel still working there? Why haven’t they been fired and disbarred like the Duke Lacrosse Prosecutor in NC, Mike Nifong? Justice Sanders was “outraged at the time” and “still is”. If the ODC can bring a disciplinary proceeding against attorney Madeline Gauthier for filing an allegedly frivolous show cause proceeding (see attached email to all members of WSBA), why shouldn’t the responsible ODC attorneys also be subject to disciplinary proceedings for bringing a disciplinary proceeding against Ms. Unger that has been found to be frivolous?

    • Why was Justice Owens allowed to testify on Ms. Unger’s behalf in violation of the Rules?

    Why don’t you or the Disciplinary Board or the Review Committee or the Supreme Court care that these kinds of misrepresentations were made by the ODC to the Review Committee?

    Thank you for your anticipated response.

    14418 S.E. 24th Street
    Bellevue, WA 98007
    (425) 830-8218

    *The emails exchanged with former Justice Sanders:

    From: Rbsanders []
    Sent: Wednesday, July 13, 2011 11:19 AM
    To: Paul E. Simmerly
    Subject: Re: In Re Unger and In Re Gauthier

    Yes Paul, I have heard this. If I were still on the court I would try to get you all the details, but I think that might be difficult. But I’ll try if you can’t get satisfaction. I suggest you call Justice Owens. Karen Unger is her friend and she (Owens) recused from her case for that reason. She knows the details or could get them. Let me know what you find out. While I was on the court I tried mightly to change the rule which says if the lawyer loses he pays the bar’s reasonable attorney fees, but if he wins the bar doesn’t pay anything. You also might call Karen’s lawyer. Like I said if you strike out I’ll try to help myself. Great to hear from you.

    In a message dated 7/27/2011 4:39:07 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, writes:
    Justice Sanders: Well, I have struck out. I have been trying for three years to obtain this information. The ODC is free to take Membership money at any time? Why is this a secret? Is there misconduct going on that the Bar wants to remain secret? Why else wouldn’t this information be readily available? The ODC is retaliating against me and my clients. Please do not contact Justice Owens or any other sitting Justice. The ODC is claiming that this would be ex parte contact. Their reasoning escapes me.

    Attorney at Law
    (425) 451-1400

    From: Rbsanders []
    Sent: Saturday, July 30, 2011 1:57 PM
    To: Paul E. Simmerly
    Subject: Re: In Re Unger and In Re Gauthier

    When I first heard about this, a long time before you contacted me, I was outraged. Still am. I was also told the same attorney at fault is still employed by the bar. See my last message for further action.



    1. Supreme Court No. 90288-7

      Supreme Court of Washington

      William Scheidler,


      Scott Ellerby, Esq.

      Objection to Defendant’s attorney fee request.

      Scheidler objects to the fee requested ($4,400) under the following grounds.
      1) The WA Supreme Court (SC) has no lawful authority, nor is statutory authority cited, to establish court rules that provide for such an award.
      2) If there is lawful authority, the SC did not accept review and any “pleading” provided by defendant was unnecessary and served only to delay and increase the cost of litigation. Respondent’s cost is in fact a cost attributable to the SC’s defective rules.
      3) More fundamentally, the law – constitutional, statutory as well as common law, as you are aware so I’m not going to repeat these authorities, prohibit such a scheme by the SC that is designed to retaliate against a citizen for bringing an action against a WA State Bar member who represent Scheidler and lied to him. Citizens have absolute immunity in claims against their attorney for an attorney’s breach of trust.
      4) And last, judges belonging to the WA State Bar are disqualified by law, RCW 2.28.030(1) due to conflict of interest – you all belong to the same club, the WSBA. Therefore the award is based in unlawful conduct by WA State Bar members serving as judges and is void for fraud upon the court.

      This “retaliatory scheme” devised by the SC and employed against Scheidler is no different than the WA Supreme Court’s retaliation against Doug Schafer, Esq., suspended for reporting a corrupt judge; or the Supreme Court’s retaliation against John Scannell, disbarred for criticizing the WA State Bar; or the SC’s retaliation against Robert Grundstein, disbarred for criticizing a judge – in Illinois; or the SC’s retaliation against Karen Unger, Esq.; or the SC’s retaliation against dozens of other ethical attorneys who report corruption occurring under the SC’s watch.

      Neither in law, nor in any rational analysis can an award of fees be justified. The WA State Supreme Court denied the petition for review – there was no reason for any pleading to be filed, neither petitioners nor respondents. Such self-serving reasoning to award fees when none of the pleadings were considered can only be regarded as a tactic to delay justice, increase the cost of litigation so as to extract as much money from a citizen for the enrichment of your colleagues, Scott Ellerby, Esq., Jeffrey Downer, Esq., and Aaron Gilligan, Esq., of the WA State Bar, and punish citizens for exercising their constitutional right of “petition”.

      Dated 11 September 2014.

      William Scheidler


  4. Bill, please include me and the Retaliatory Fraudulent Conversion of Title to my home & property for the want of accountability and Corrective Justice. This being in the draft of the Suit where you make reference to yourself, and several others who are also victims of this spiteful Organized Crime RICO Retaliation within both State and Federal Judiciaries.

    Below I have pasted my most recent request of U.S. Senator Cantwell, U.S. Senator Murray, Wa State Senator Becker, Congressman Reichert, and Congressman Heck. This particular one is to Congressman Heck’s Office Staff Miss Min. Now the case has been passed on to the Senior Case Manager Miss Snyder.

    Denny Heck September 3, 2014 Mr. Bruce Gambill 8513 123rd Street E Puyallup, WA 98373-4992 Dear Bruce, Thank you for contacting Congressman Denny Heck’s office regarding your case. I have requested a status upda

    Denny Heck

    Sep 5
    Dear Miss Min

    I would hope to God that you can not be serious within this approach to a illegal life destroying Organized Crime syndicate Operating flagrantly right in front of all of your faces. Furthermore given consideration to its birth place AND WHO REALLY PARENTED THIS CASE. Your Official reference to my issue as being one of my concern with my “Bankruptcy proceedings” is a clear statement that you have either failed to grasp the true grit of this situation or are instructed to continue to attempt to do so. Make no mistake , as I have provided copy of my Credit report from that specific time period which shows for a fact that I not only had good credit, several assets, and it was well established and had been for years!

    My issue surrounds the fact that this was an illegally forced bankruptcy that was given birth to by the unprofessional negligent criminally corrupt judiciary within the Washington State Superior Court,. RICO joined in on by the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, the U.S. Trustee , the U.S. District Court, the Ninth Circuit BAP, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, the U.S. Attorneys Office, The U.S. marshals Service and the FBI. Considering this all represents the DOJ, just exactly what type of response do you think they will provide? Also why are we wasting this precious time slow walking me down the fast lane to nowhere?

    Your lac-si-daisy approach to my home , property and everything I have managed to amass over the last 60 yrs being illegally stolen/blatant fraudulent felony criminal conversion via severe felony corruption within both the judiciary and Law enforcement are absolutely appalling. With me providing documents of unequivocal proof , all verifiable on court record.

    Today during our brief phone conversation, you spent the vast majority of it trying to convince me that it was hopeless to contact my Congressman concerning having my own Federal government war upon my family and myself as innocent citizens and illegally destroy my families and my life, via the illegal destruction of my credit, career and the theft of , Beach home, commercial properties, other lake front home, my own personal custom built lakefront home, ,every thing I own of value or of personal value to me, being illegally criminally forced to pay thousands of dollars of extortion money to the State of Washington, thousands of dollars of ransom cash money just to get back just some of the now, scratched up. broken, partially missing, rain damaged things and vehicles that this criminal scum did not bother to steal or could not figure out a way to convince their friends in the judiciary to ignore all of that too. Including virtual theft & destruction of the last 14 yrs of the prime of my life.

    This is exactly what the Corrupt U.S. Marshals that were sent to do at my home last Friday who were sent by the Criminally Corrupt Aiding and Abetting , Felony Organized Crime Criminal Judicial Corruption Misprisoning, U.S. Attorney Jenny Durken and Tesa Gorman.

    Once I confronted you with the question of just how you yourself would personally regard this situation if it were innocent you and your family, your home, your credit, your career, your guaranteed rights , your family heirlooms all stolen and or destroyed illegally, wrongfully, maliciously by a terminally corrupt government for nothing you had done to deserve even so much as one single bit of it? IT WAS conversation OVER and you now suddenly had the ability to contact the Congressman’s scheduling manager Seth and remind him that I have ask twice already for an appointment to discuss this at length with Congressman Heck

    As Congressman Heck and everyone else surly realizes that this will continue to go unchecked and outright protected by the RICO Aiding & Abetting, Cover UP Efforts of the U.S. District Court, The U.S. Bankruptcy Court, the Court of Appeals for any Circuit, but especially the Ninth. Also the U.S. Attorney, FBI, the Governors Office, the WSBA, The AGO, and the CJC.

    Whether it is just plain scared to death of Judicial retaliation, which to see and hear this continued to be attempted to denied has clearly surpassed the point of not only boring, pathetic or an innocent stab at employing a bit of cronyism. It is just like telling a person that the edge of a knife is really not sharp, the sun is not hot, the freeway is the safest & most pleasant at and during rush hour and gangs are a good place to spend your time.

    Whereas Judicial Retaliation has long since been acknowledged within the halls of Congress as a major deciding factor if a case is looked into with aggressive objective Authority or if they are simply for the most part attempted to be continued to be ignored, covered up, aided & abetted, and misprisoned. With this marking the undeniable breech to Oath to Office by all concerned Officials and Duty to the innocent victims & the citizens of the United States.

    Fear of alienation from their piers, or simply pro Organized Crime Criminal Felony Government Corruption, it still is no excuse for allowing it, ignoring it, refusing to help the innocent victims of it. Basically enabling it to continue confidently with out interference of accountability and or criminal prosecution. Interference by Authority like our Congressmen and Senators retain for this specific purpose.

    Turning your backs on innocent victims that have had their lives destroyed by the State & Federal Judiciary and Law Enforcement Agencies via the employment of Color Of Law, RICO, Legal Terror, Legal Torture, Criminal Felony Extortion, Organized crime Corruption within both State & Federal Judiciaries. Doing this or simply tying to insult their integrity by slow walking them to no where, or attempting to convince them that there is absolutely nothing a Congressman or Senator Can do, is hardly anything any different than from committing these horrible deplorable life destroying crimes yourselves.

    Having this amount to nothing less than Defrauding the public, taking our tax dollars from us to illegally do this to us, paying your bills with them and going home to enjoy your homes & families. Doing so with the satisfaction of knowing you just enabled this Organized Crime Criminal Felony Corruption within the Judiciary to effectively destroy the Lives, Credit and Careers of innocent victims/citizens. Victims that thanks to your side stepping refusal to adhere to Official Duty & the Law itself who are now still robbed of everything they worked very hard for their entire lives and are still made to be by Corrupt Organized Crime Force illegally made to be homeless while Greed Fueled Felony Criminals remain in possession of my home/Stolen Property.

    I fully realize that in reality it would be professional suicide for Congressman Heck to execute what must be done by himself. I do not want the Congressman to hate me , providing that he does not already. But none the less this still must be corrected and he retains the authority to do just that. I also know that it must involve both U.S. Senators and my Washington State Senator which all have been provided verifiable documents of undeniable proof of everything I have complained about being nothing less than 100% true.

    Knowing full and well that it would be used against the person who initiated this joint effort by this so spiteful profession of Law within the Judiciary & Bar Association. I also know that it is extremely unfair to place this additional burden on the victims back to attempt to arrange a huddle between this team, but that is what I will request of each of the Senators and Congressman Reichert, as well as Congressman Heck. Once it is requested by me that they converse with each other regarding this, it becomes more than just their Duty to officially address this matter with the intent of corrective justice immediately, it becomes a conspiracy if they don’t. Therefore alleviating the personal risk for judicial retaliation because they flat did not have any choice in the matter any longer. The accused will be infuriated but they are guilty and know it. That’s the breaks, don’t commit the crime if you cannot serve the time. Pay the price for illegally destroying each innocent victims life.

    In addition, I apologize for forgetting your Name earlier today on the phone when I ask to speak with you. Please understand that I have had to accurately remember so many different agencies, courts, Rules, Laws, Doctrines, and the accurate names of the officials within them over a period of years and very stressful conditions, that it more than consumes all available gigabits of Ram most of us have lodged between our ears.

    I have attached a recent U.S. Supreme Court Ruling to this email that you might find a worthy read.

    Yours Truly

    Bruce E. Gambill Jr.


  5. All of the Revised Code Of Washington is not law, the code has never been ratified into the state Constitution.
    There are a number a case decisions on the point. See: PAROSA V. TACOMA; and there are other cases that
    substantiate this reply.


  6. Yes, you are absolutely correct. The RCW’s are what the “code reviser” transcribes as law. The “true law” is what the legislature passed and the code reviser based his transcription upon … i think it is called “session laws”. So if you need to argue what an RCW means… you need to research ‘session laws’ passed by the legislature to make sure the code reviser transcribed accurately the “words and intent” the legislature expressed by their passage of session laws. Read more at


  7. What are we SHEEP headed for slaughter! Attention Attorneys, If after reading this you realize we have no choice but to take action against the States and the federal government for violating the constitution of America you may contact me directly for evidence and witness as another case for review. If you have ever been a party in a contested divorce then you know how easy the courts will do all they can to drag out the process and drive both parties broke. I guaranty if your case goes on long enough, you will soon realize that the system you had full faith in is corrupt and when you call them out on it you will lose. When courts and their officials are caught doing illegal and unethical conduct issues, they will back step and never let you address the issue. When you present the evidence for investigation, the official who is responsible to investigate will refuse to investigate. I personally am speaking for the state of Utah, Salt Lake City police, Murray police, Ombudsman office, DCFS, Utah State Bar, Attorney generals office, Guardian ad litem office, third district court judge and commissioner are all eligible to face RICO crimes of violating the constitution. For Child Abuse, Witness Tampering, Evidence Tampering, Conflict of Interest, Conspiracy and violation of their Oath as members of the State Bar to report criminal and misconduct to the proper authorities. Paul 801-633-1916


  8. One more thing, my son was kidnapped during the criminal activity in Utah Courts. Three Years it took for him to stand up against the corruption. He fled running back home to his father and abandoning the corrupt GAL. and the corruption of the court who lied in the minute entry of courts order granting Mom custody fraudulently. Proven it court to be fact was custody fraud.


  9. Up date, the courts are refusing my agreement to stipulate with the States motion for child support in which I am the recipient as sole custody father. Opposing party has already agreed to stipulate. My fear is the State is refusing because it is their desire to entrap me and put me in jail because I have made it public the crimes committed by the courts officials. On April 7 2015 I submitted Financials and now have been ordered to submit them again. Why does the court refuse to stipulate with their own motion and bring the case to an end.


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