Fifty Eight Minutes: Mr. Lanre Amu’s video story validating all we say is happening in corrupt WA

Mr. Lanre Amu, Esq., had his license to practice law in Illinois suspended because he filed grievances against 4 judges over the course of 9-years. As is customary with “lawyer-whistleblowers” his license was suspended by the Illinois Supreme Court. There were no grievances filed against Mr. Amu by any person, lawyer, or even the judges subject of his grievances, there were no witnesses at the hearing. Mr. Amu was the ONLY witness at the Hearing. yet the Illinois Supreme Court suspended his law license — JUST BECAUSE!

Take note: Mr. Amu, via a phone call, was suspended from the practice of law on his way to court in a case against a big insurance company. Compare this removal of an attorney from a case to Scott Ellerby withdrawing from my case on the very eve of a hearing against the State of WA. This is a “tactic” to save wrongdoers – REMOVE their Attorney one way or another.

Hear what Mr. Amu discovered in his effort to plead his case and face his fictitious accuser.

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  1. admitting I can’t do an hours worth of videO but readily believe this as in EVERY DAMN STATE there are similar outrages when an attorney even attempted to take down the probate / guardianship cartel or “”tampered”” with family court.
    Most are losing their licenses on trumped up scatology involving misuse of funds.
    I found this out while searching for ANY CASE challenging the constitutionality of guardianship HEARINGS and winning==or cases getting guardianship revocation based on the same–it’s unconstitutional when there ARE NO CRIMES INVOLVED.
    NOT A ONE found and a few that took a case to court are disbarred or have had license suspended until further notice-
    WE KNOW what they are capable of esp with inserting false and fabricated evidence on the record and this is why the majority remain FEARFUL of filing complaint and taking action.
    it’s too bad WE cannot mobilize nationwide and pick one day in the future and have a MASS FILING which would be the equivalent of a nationwide class action.
    I tried and without success to get a state wide action in TX on the abuse of the bar and board of appeals, but they have stockholm syndrome.

    I have come across ONE LONE ATTORNEY taking them to task and pray for the safety of her SON who is disabled,that these subhumans do not interfere with their ALLEGED judicial authority in the removal of her son and disappearing him.
    THEY won’t come after us,but apparentlykeep CONTROL via our family members and don’t forget : TX has ex parte hearings conducted AMONG THEMSELVES and no one can get THIS declared unconstitutional and get the ball rolling.
    They also have court initiated guardianshIP LEGALIZING anyone with a crime free background… upon seeing a disabled adult and finding out this disabled adult DOES NOT HAVE a court appointed guardian..anyone can go and FILE APPLICANT and destroy your family.
    The wording is so vague on WHAT constitutes incapacitation it should have never passed as law and the bs artists have taken it so far as to even state that they MAY include letters from physician declaring incapacity.


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