WA State Supreme Court rules in favor of their Bar Associate, Scott Ellerby, and to SANCTION Scheidler for claiming the courts are corrupt.

SupremeCourtJustices2013Today, the WA State Supreme Court Justices, Madsen, Owens, Stephens, Gonzales and Yu, in a unanimous decision ruled to deny hearing any of Scheidler’s arguments and responses in the matter Scheidler v Ellerby, and therefore, by default, favor their fellow Bar Associate, Scott Ellerby, Esq.

Scott Ellerby - Crooked Dirty Attorney
Scott Ellerby, Esq., poster of all that is wrong with the legal profession
The Justices also felt the need to SANCTION Scheidler again — clearly the first sanction of $132000 wasn’t enough to shut Scheidler up in claiming the ‘judicial branch’ is corrupt, and that judges and lawyers violate laws and their own rules without consequence. Scheidler is objecting to the SANCTION and will file a CJC grievance.

Clearly there is something wrong if a citizen has to argue that judges and lawyers violate the law by having to plead his case to judges and lawyers. The very circumstance in seeking an impartial court when there are no “impartial decision makers” speaks directly to the nature of this corruption. Of course I made this claim in my petition to the Supreme court, because there is a law that controls in such situations, it is RCW 2.28.030(1) and states — a person cannot serve as judge if he/she has a direct interest in the case. But the Supreme Court simply said they would not hear this argument and therefore evade this “conflict”. In essence they neither admitted nor denied the allegation, they just “ignored it” and sanctioned me for daring to raise the allegations.

The Justices’ denial of my due process right of “petition” by rendering Article 1, Section 4 -The RIGHT OF PETITION, irrelevant by not hearing the petition is the “legal establishments” only tactic – continue to thumb their nose at the law. The alternative is to admit they “violate the law and their own rules”. In a sense the WA State Supreme Court Justices have “taken the 5th” in refusing to address my “petition” as it would “incriminate them”. Their backs are against the wall and they only have “deceit and intimidation” as their strategy. To do anything honorable will open the flood gates and send them all to jail.

But I’m not going away, I’m only getting stronger and more determined to take-on these criminals … as it is today, our “justice system” is far from being “just.”


  1. Criminals in black robes. On the front of the WA Supreme Court building it says: Temple of Justice. This is in error, as it should read: “Temple of Injustice.” Time to do like the Declaration of Independence says and do our “Duty.” They will not clean up the system and/or go willingly. We tossed out the tyrants starting in 1776 and Lexington/Concord. Time to do it again. For saying this we/I will be branded a domestic terrorist, but I think patriot is the true word.


    1. There is another alternative. WE the PEOPLE are the victims of a terror group. We can and should seek damages, not from the same corrupt legal system that has deprived us, but from an available administrative solution.
      Lois White Buffalo DUPEY
      (to be divulged)


    1. When our judicial branch has been commandeered by the legal establishment of lawyers, bar associations, law schools and those who “fund” this enterprise, it is their game. Until ‘we the people’ either band together or ‘law enforcement’ recognizes what is going on and has the courage to do its job, or a few judges are arrested or be-headed (figuratively) there is no way to get them to play ball in any other ball park then theirs. They’ve built it, the judicial branch, for their own purpose – total control.

      If the rule of law existed, the system would work fine just as it is. The problem isn’t a failed system it is a system occupied by criminals that is causing its failure.

      One example of a ‘core failure’ that has caused this sequence of unfortunate events. The ‘self-regulation’ of lawyers by lawyers. When a lawyer by law is suppose to employ the highest standards of “truth and honor”, the ability to render those standards irrelevant, as in the case of ‘self-regulation’, has destroyed everything that can only function if it does so in a ‘truthful and honorable’ way.

      I’ve lost confidence in the rule of law because our justice system has been commandeered by lawyers who answer to only themselves.


      1. Rule of law only works when it is without fear or favor and when the majority of people obey the law, even when there is little chance of being caught if breaking it, because they see that the law can be used to protect them but not if they break the very same laws they invoke for their own protection. This leaves law enforcement and the justice system with scarce resources, to go after the few who consciously and serially break the law and with impunity so far.

        But under Nazi Germany they also had “the rule of law”; but it was law written by and for the few to rule the many and do so under law. So they next question is law written and passed by whom and in the interest of whom? The problem is not that the corrupt oligarchs and their minions break the law, the problem is that they write and administer the laws so they do not need to break them; they wrote them to confer legitimacy and legality (as the Nazis did at the Wannsee Conference in Jan 1942 to make genocide “legal” under German law) as they accuse people of breaking the very laws they do not need to break as they wrote them for themselves.

        Where do judges come from? How are they selected and by whom and on what real basis? When they are elected, without even party affiliation yet no doubt they would not be candidates without party attachments, what do the voters even know about them? The same with trustees and regents at the community colleges and universities, where do they come from, how and on what basis are they selected? The same applies with respect to members of the Bar and the complaint committees of the Bar. As long as this system is riddled and infected with political patronage, cronyism, nepotism, dynasties, the likes of Rotary and other hidden power sects and networks, we can only expect more of the same.

        The problem is further compounded by the fact that the AGs office, the unions, the public employment entities and the courts do not want what they summarily regard or assert are torts to be handled as crimes even when they are. So what happens? You go to the AG, nothing will be done but to tell you to get a lawyer even when you provide hard documents and evidence of real crimes and cite the crimes allegedly committed and allegedly by whom. Plus, the fact is that if you are complaining about another Agency of the Government of the State of Washington, they are likely represented by an AAG acting like a mob Consigliere with public monies and even using public monies for hush money offers when a hearing is about to commence when more crimes will be exposed followed by a motion to limit to cover-up all the crimes and frame-ups prior to the last charge.

        But the good news is that these creatures are really not that bright. Their tradecraft is nothing and they leave patterns, trails, networks, names, modus operandi, victims, enemies who were former insiders and trusted friends, etc. And when they obstruct public records requests, that’s great because not only does one not need to cover-up what is clean only what is dirty, they show with their obstructions where the real goodies are and they also expose their own mens rea and consciousness of guilt. which is evidence in a conspiracy case.

        There are five basic approaches in all RICO and conspiracy cases and they work in parallel and jump back and forth between them with new information (dots and connections between them) comes in:

        1) Discrete Surveillance of known or suspected players for networks of associations, hierarchies, chains of command, hangouts, habits, weaknesses and vulnerabilities, weak links, modus operandi, codes and communications, etc

        2) Probling defenses for weaknesses, vulnerabilities, reactions and reaction times, capabilities through calculated provocations, records requests, leaking disinformation, exposing insiders for other offenses etc;

        3) Infiltration: public meetings, documents, hearsay, conversations, send in plants, reveal real power structures and real insiders and which are vulnerable and how;

        4) Rollover insiders, make them offers they cannot refuse, sacrifice small fish for the big ones, get insiders to vouch for outsiders, etc.

        5) Collect, analyze, connect the dots, see that is missing, what is evolving, new players or new modus operandi, etc and back to previous phases or stages.

        This is what I have been doing from the last 18 years at where I work based on previous work in the military and elsewhere along the same lines. .


  2. Oh sure it is if you alter the spelling to read Just-us. What a coincidence that our Chief Justice Madsen would have anything to do with something like this! As I am looking at this pile of green certified mail receipts and the one addressed to Chief Justice Madsen dated received Oct,31. 2011 where I notified the Chief Justice, her side kick Ron Carpenter about the organized crime within the Judiciary, the severe criminal corruption and their fraud committing WSBA and CJC, providing them signed proof of this Fraud on the WSBA own letterhead with Executive WSBA Official signature on this Fraud Elizabeth Turner. Chief Justice Madsen and Task force Agent for the WSBA and Supreme Court clerk Ron Carpenter replies to me that they will not be investigating this documented proof of felony criminal fraud, nor are they concerned with the daily decision making of the executive Officials of the WSBA or the conduct of these Officials either. Therefore they would not be assisting me nor would they respond to any further documented verifiable notice of Felony criminal Fraud being executed by the executive Officials of the WSBA.

    This being the same day I received a reply back from the AGO telling me that they could not assist me but if I would want to pursue myself being blatantly defrauded by the WSBA, that I should contact the Supreme Court!!!

    I suppose it could be looked at this way, it is comforting to know that some things just never change. Not that they shouldn’t but they don’t. Why change when you can screw everybody over , break the law, violate innocent citizens rights and commit RICO right in front of God and everyone and nobody will do anything about it?

    That quote below the Chief Justice’ s picture on her web site could sure use a change. The one that says any injustice anywhere is a direct threat to justice everywhere, well keep the quote but just invert injustice & justice and then it will be dead on bulls eye target.


  3. Or better yet, just put the reply they sent to me there, that will surly cool off any potential grievants coming to the Supreme Court Chief Justice with proof of Organized Crime within the judiciary.


  4. Couldn’t you push for a Grand Jury? I’m just curious because I have run into some of the same hurdles. But was told I couldn’t convene a Grand Jury for an individual case. With the high number of individuals who have the same problems seeking justice, couldn’t we all act together to request this?


    1. Kris, my opinion, which is based in giving the “system” a chance to work, a citizen cannot “call a grand jury”. We, as citizens, have allowed our legislature to pass law on who and for what causes a grand jury can be called. We, as our legislature believes, have no right as an individual to call a grand jury.

      That said, we, as citizens DO have an individual right, as our legislature acted in passing law to express this right, to file an “information” against “those officials” who betray their duties to the individual. In other words, while an individual cannot call a grand jury, an individual can, by law RCW 7.56, file an “information” against any “official” from whom this “individual” has suffered harm. An “information” is the equivalent to an “indictment” that a grand jury would hand down. So there is a “remedy”… the problems is in having everyone abide by the law.

      With that said, when an individual files this “information”, we are at the mercy of a judicial official. In other words, if an individual has the statutory authority to file an “information/(aka indictment) against an “official”, a judicial “official” is also within the reach of this individual if the judicial official engages in unlawful conduct. If you assume “judges” recognize that they too can be charged with misdemeanors, gross misdemeanors and ethical violations, which will work a “forfeiture of their office” it is by their self interest in “obstructing” the individuals authority under RCW 7.56 to prosecute such a right of action. Which is what they do!

      So while an individual (alone) cannot obtain an “indictment” from a grand jury, the individual (alone) can hand down his own “indictment (call an information), which achieves the same result. Clearly the problem isn’t in “filing” an “indictment or information”, it is in the “judges” using their self-created court rules to “obstruct” the process because they see that they too are at risk for their misconduct under an individuals ‘statutory’ right to file an “information.” See Article 1, SECTION 25 PROSECUTION BY INFORMATION. Offenses heretofore required to be prosecuted by indictment may be prosecuted by information, or by indictment, as shall be prescribed by law (RCW 7.56).


      1. Thanks Bill. It’s just a never ending circus of self regulations which doesn’t leave the people any recourse. I’m sure I’m missing a means to get a case to a Jury and take the self serving judges out of the picture. I just don’t know how.


      2. I know your frustration… it isn’t because you don’t have the proper argument or the law on your side, but rather it is the “too big to fail” house of cards the legal establishment built which they now have to protect from “we the people”.

        Until we the people gang up on them – the lawyers, or force our “legislators” to do their job, the ‘legal establishment’ will use every despicable tool to protect their turf and their ‘house of cards’.

        I can give you example upon example where “good lawyers” try to get judges to obey the law and end up getting disbarred themselves. One of the most talked about is the way the WA Supreme Court ruined Doug Schafer for exposing a corrupt judge. See http://www.dougschafer.com/ Another great example is Bob Grundstein getting disbarred for ‘criticizing’ a judge. If the WA Supreme Court engages in this “retaliatory conduct” against ‘whistleblowers’ to “protect their turf” — we have NO CHANCE to get justice from within the “justice system.”

        Look at John Darash and his failed legal challenges to get his “right of redress” heard — the bottom line, the legal establishment has commandeered our Justice System, then built it into a ‘house of cards’ that now threatens our entire country. There is NO upside to the harm these lawyers have created for us.


      3. I have tried for 2 days to copy and paste the most recent email to Congressman Heck’s Office and the reply I received back from them yesterday without any success. I get it pasted on the screen and then click post and the screen goes blank and nothing


      4. Jim thank you for your words of understanding the true grit of the situation. I too have been consistently doing my best to impress upon all of who I have contacted that they are in possession of clear verifiable documented proof of criminal felony Organized crime corruption.

        Severe Felony Corruption within our Judiciary both State & Federal working in mirrored concert to achieve the needs of RICO and Organized Crime. That they are currently and have been for a very long time Misprisoning severe Felony criminal corruption within the judiciary. That this is considered to be the same as executing these crimes themselves. But all to no avail, clearly demonstrating that the criminal government actors that I have specifically identified for them and applied to specific instances of felony crime that they are covering for, that they are confident will in turn cover for them misprisoning these felony crimes.
        Thus completing the never ending circle of RICO. Making the ones doing so the real enablers of this Criminal felony Corruption, actually a worse threat to the public than the criminals themselves who have executed these horrendous Felony crimes. Taking our money to defraud us and cheat us out of our rights, out to due process, out of any thing that even remotely resembles justice. Taking our money to do this to us and going about their lives, paying their bills with money that has been taken via defrauding the innocent citizens of the State of Washington & the United States.

        Which at this juncture, just exactly what does this make them?? What type of person would do this consciously to innocent victims free of guilt and pretend they are really decent human beings? Needless to say we are attempting to deal with people(and that is being extremely kind to reference them as such)that are so twisted , perverted and lacking in human decency, they clearly represent the scum of the earth.


      5. Article 1, SECTION 25 PROSECUTION BY INFORMATION. Offenses heretofore required to be prosecuted by indictment may be prosecuted by information, or by indictment, as shall be prescribed by law-

        Try using CrRLJ 2.1(c) Citizen Complaints. Any person wishing to institute a criminal action
        alleging a misdemeanor or gross misdemeanor shall appear before a judge
        empowered to commit persons charged with offenses against the State, other than
        a judge pro tem……….

        It’s located in the same section as the information/indictment called a complaint. And is prescribed by law,for citizens criminally wronged by any person, included but not limited too corrupt fuckwads (Judges also qualify as corrupt fuckwads, when Probability a crime was committed ).


        RULE CrRLJ 2.1

        (a) Complaint.

        (1) Initiation. Except as otherwise provided in this rule, all criminal
        proceedings shall be initiated by a complaint.

        (2) Nature. The complaint shall be a plain, concise and definite written
        statement of the essential facts constituting the offense charged. It shall be
        signed by the prosecuting authority.

        I suggest contacting Adam Karp attorney at law, to learn more about how to apply this law pro-se, and win.




      6. Yes, CrRLC 2.1, is another avenue. The differences between CrRLC 2.1 and RCW 7.56, is that
        1) a court rule [CrRLC] is not statutory law [RCW].
        2) the court rule extends only to filing a complaint, which may or may not be acted upon. (a “complaint” isn’t an “information” contemplated by Article 1, Sec 25)
        3) the statute provides for filing an “information” which must be tried.
        4) the court rule begins the process in the district court
        5) the statute beings the process in superior court.
        6) the court rule allows for a complaint by anyone against anyone (e.g. if you see a crime committed by another)
        7) the statute only allows the ‘injured’ party to file the ‘information’ against ‘specific defendants’.
        8) the court rule is limited to ‘unlawful’ conduct
        9) the statute encompasses ‘any conduct’ that is inconsistent with the “defendant’s” official duties.

        Given these distinctions between the rule and the statute the circumstance for filing the “complaint” or the “information” has to be considered. However if the conduct complained about is criminal and you are a victim, it may be possible to do both, file a complaint in district court, and also an ‘information’ in superior court.

        The problem isn’t so much which avenue one finds most appropriate, it is with the “judges” who can “obstruct” either.


      7. Folks 18 USC 4 and 73 (Obstruction of Justice) are clear and federal law trumps state law or any state court determination or ruling that conflicts with it:

        U.S. Code › Title 18 › Part I › Chapter 1 › § 4
        18 U.S. Code § 4 – Misprision of felony

        Current through Pub. L. 113-142, except 128. (See Public Laws for the current Congress.)
        US Code
        PREV | NEXT

        Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.


      8. Jim, yes, obstruction of justice is a crime under both federal and state laws. However to prosecute this crime (rather than report it) you need standing… otherwise your claim is for ‘civil damages’ and not to ‘convict’. Both CrRLJ 2.1 and RCW 7.56 are avenues to a ‘conviction’ (theoretically). I’m not sure if there is a Federal statute that will allow an ‘individual’ rather than a ‘prosecuting authority’ the right to bring a criminal action against someone else. If you know of such Federal authority please post.

        The issue, as I’ve been discussing with Dr. Richard Cordero, Esq is this… (a snippet from this conversation.

        Dr. Cordero

        I’d like to discuss this point you make.

        B. The failed strategy of suing wrongdoing judges in their own turf, the courts

        However, I am not interest in filing a class action against wrongdoing judges. In fact, I am not interested in suing any wrongdoing judge at all.

        The reason for therefor is that such a suit would come before another judge who is the peer, colleague, and even friend of the sued judge. The judging judge will protect the sued judge and himself due to their involvement in coordinated wrongdoing(jur:88§§a-c), which joins their fate(jur:51¶103). From the outset, the suit will be an exercise in futility for the lawyer and the plaintiffs complaining against the wrongdoing judge.

        Trying to expose judges’ wrongdoing through a strategy involving judges-judging-judges is a failed strategy(jur:68fn124-125). It only reveals that those implementing it lack understanding of how the judges of a judiciary work on the principle, “Today I protect you, tomorrow you protect me”, and the material[213], (jur:27§2),professional[69] (jur:56§§e-f), and social benefits(62§g, a&p:1¶2nd) that they gain by fitting in all the time and closing ranks when needed.

        Judges behave as do the members of another similar body, namely, a police department, whose members protect each other behind the “blue wall”. Hence the title of one of my articles concerning wrongdoing judges:

        Doesn’t this “Today I protect you, tomorrow you protect me” require disqualification of the “judicial branch from hearing complaints about the judicial branch” and therefore must be tried by the “legislature” or some alternate mode? In WA RCW 2.28.030(1) states that a person may not serve as judge in a matter in which they have a direct interest. Clearly “judicial conduct” is a direct interest for any judge and must require their disqualification under the law.

        While I agree with the futility in suing in their own turf, the conflict requires an alternative …

        RCW 2.28.150

        Implied powers — Proceeding when mode not prescribed.
        When jurisdiction is, by the Constitution of this state, or by statute, conferred on a court or judicial officer all the means to carry it into effect are also given; and in the exercise of the jurisdiction, if the course of proceeding is not specifically pointed out by statute, any suitable process or mode of proceeding may be adopted which may appear most conformable to the spirit of the laws.


      9. Hi Bill, I do understand and agree with your point that we cannot rely on the very same structures that openly enable and cover-up corruption, along with those who do it or are friends of those who do it, or those whose rulings may lead to discovery of their own treachery somewhere else, to expose and undo corruption they are potentially a part of. That is why careful records need to be kept, why witnesses need to be given subpoenas and the weak links in the conspiracy identified for full-court-press in discovery depositions and careful paper trails of hard evidence constructed.

        I have accomplished my objectives already no matter what happens to me at Clark College because I now have some 7 boxes of documents that were withheld serially over numerous public record requests and they all show the dots or pieces of a dynamic mosaic of interrelated and clearly coordinated players, intentions, actions and objectives they clearly know to be criminal otherwise no need to cover-up what is clean only what is dirty and no need for hush money offers of $100,000 at the last minute followed by a motion to limit and hide critical evidence of phony charges and serial denials of due process along with perjury and other serious felonies alleged in sworn testimonies (against interest as they left themselves open for civil action if not criminal under 18 USC 4) of two union officers against Bob Knight the president of Clark College and in one case there were opposing sworn testimonies in the same hearing and the “judge” ( a former Kelso judge he says retired, James Stonier hired by Bob Knight,, the members of the hearing committee selected by Bob Knight, the AAG Bonnie Terada appears to act as a kind of consigliere for Bob Knight and has for many years, if their case and charges were clean and could withstand dispassionate and objective scrutiny.

        I now have a better picture of the econometrics and sociometrics (economic and social networks, go-to law firms and AAGs, communications and codes, frequency and periodicity of actions and communications, backgrounds, capabilities, weaknesses, vulnerabilities etc) of the vast but highly cloistered and covert network in Clark County as well as in other counties in Washington and Oregon, that engages in most of the big-time corruption in public employment (fixing jobs for the unqualified, trustee and regents appointments, public-sector contracts and how awarded, privatization of public assets for the benefit of network insiders (e.g. Clark College forcing out the head of the Culinary program privatization of the famous Culinary program for Arch Miller one of the insiders and whose International Air Academy expanded into “Hospitality and Culinary” and taking over the equipment and space at Clark College at low lease rates), how they do it, who they rely on for cover-ups when challenged, which judges they favor, which county and court clerks they use to obstruct just pro se submissions, which politicians they favor, where they drink and hang out, where they have covert meetings outside of Vancouver, who are their leadership, which “public servants” do they appear to have in their pocket etc. I am doing the same kind of work I once did in Puerto Rico when I was a Planning Analyst VI with the Planning Board of the Office of the Governor and was assigned to design and carry out the first ever, ground-truth up (instead of suits standing next to a pile of dope and cash they had nothing to do with busting and claiming they estimate it to be 12-15% of the total dope passing through) analysis of the “linkages, linkages, flows and networks of the underground economy of Puerto Rico (drugs, prostitution, bolitos and tax evasion). I put together and ran a team of informants (former prostitutes who found religion and were activists against prostitution; former drug addicts who were really clean and wanted to stay that way; vendors of boilitos or the numbers games surveilled by their own anonymously with a guarantee of no bust for honest answers and sampling from tax returns with known sources of revenues of identified likely evaders) This is a sample of some of the work: http://sttpml.org/subversives-radio-show-on-the-fbi-with-mike-levine-and-mark-marshall/ see pr241 file.

        But I will say this from many years of experience in public employment. There are decent hard-working and honest people in law enforcement, government, state government and yes even among lawyers and judges. I know one very famous lawyer and former judge, who is the real deal in every way you can imagine including never allowing a client to act unethically and aiding in the cover-up of it, and he said upon his retirement that he wanted to get as far away from the law and lawyers as he could. But there is also the fact that law enforcement may be dragged into where they do not want to go but have no choice to go there, because the facts, evidence and implications are so staggering. Want and example? David Petraeus and General Allen. An FBI agent at the behest of a socialite and friend of the FBI as well as Petraeus and Allen, went to her agent friend with a formal complaint of harassment and threats by some woman telling her to stay away from her man Petraeus. So they opened up an investigation and not only found Petraeus deceptions prior to as well as after becoming CIA director, but also found that General Allen, in the midst of two wars the US has lost, he had time to send some 30,000 emails, many of a sexually suggestive nature to a married worman and JSOC groupie who had initiated the investigation: http://sttpml.org/schadenfreude-blog-no-1-tip-of-the-spear-petraeus-and-broadwell-all-in/ and http://jimcraven10.wordpress.com/2014/05/31/masters-of-manipulation-psychopaths-rule-the-world/

        We have only the truth, the courage to tell it and the persistence not to be corrupted or coopted. We have the law but remember the rule of law begs the question of law as written and administered and applied by whom really, for whom really, in the interest of whom really, and with what checks-and-balances and accountability really as well as with what kind of people seeking positions of power and influence really in the system. Nazi Germany had the rule of law but for whom and in the interest of whom.

        How about a Constitutional amendment that all politicians (and judges are politicians in robes) upon being selected, elected and installed in office are immediately subject to impeachment on the grounds that they made it: that they managed to get elected in a throughly rotten, corrupt, big-money-infested, Jerry Springer-like system that does not allow successful election without a lot of deceit, lies, pandering, false and broken promises they had no chance of ever keeping and should have never made, cronyism, nepotism etc. That some politician has “made it” through a rotten and corrupt system says more about the politician than any real possibilities of an honest one somehow getting in with honest means in order to reform the system from within.

        So we keep laying a paper trail, sharing the work, focus on the same usual players, find the ones that will likely most easily roll over and work from there each time keeping track of who was given hard, probative and real evidence of crimes, when where,what did they claim to do with it and what did they do with it, with whom to whom, etc and you take it all the way up the tree to the federal level and even beyond to the media or create alternate media when the mainstream will not touch it as they will not (loss of ad revenues and some of these types have real interests behind them that the local papers cater to all the time for access to stories (infomercials) and ad revenues from local businesses also part of this network,.

        Corruption Kills: http://sttpml.org/corruption-kills-not-simply-oh-well-ssdddp-same-shit-different-day-and-place/

        Finally on the difference between a snitch and a whistle-blower. A snitch cares only about saving his or her own skin (along with money, ego and revenge as motives) and will sell-out others to do so. A whistle-blower risks his or her own skin, and those of his or her loved ones, to stop crimes causing real harm to real people he or she will never likely meet or even get a “thank you for your service from.”


      10. I think we can agree to disagree at this stage Bill.
        2) the court rule extends only to filing a complaint, which may or may not be acted upon.>> (a “complaint” isn’t an “information” contemplated by Article 1, Sec 25) <<<< (are you saying that the lowers courts, are not a court of record contemplated by Art. 1 Sec. 25 ?)

        The "information" your trying to point at in the superior court under the RCW is a civil law, and is not available unless you have a personal interest in a public position, or are a prosecuting authority.. The caselaw of this is clear.. and has been for years. It is akin to the same legal theory as an civil injunction.

        The court rule has been ruled on as constitutional act by the court itself.. for protecting the public interests.. in the district court ONLY.. for probability a criminal act has occurred. And If that is proven by said citizen, then probable cause does exist, and must be found by a judge
        in a court order. This rule = the same process a prosecutor uses .. you just replaced them is all.

        Once you have that order in your hands… you can sue the public official and immunity clauses go out the window…

        We will talk about this more next weekend in person. 🙂


      11. No, I’m simply saying that Article 1 Sec 25 says, “as shall be prescribed by law.” By the express language of the constitutional provision ***by law*** that must exclude CrCLJ 2.1 as “the mode by which an “information” is prosecuted”. That doesn’t mean one cannot utilize CrCLJ 2.1 for its intended purpose. If you read RCW 7.56 … it “prescribes the procedures by which an “information” may be prosecuted and who and against whom.

        I don’t understand the nature of your disagreement — unless you want “words” to mean something other than what they say. If you want “by law” to mean “by court rule” suit yourself, but you would sacrifice the power the constitution provides for you by which “officials” are held accountable to their duty.


  5. For Bill and Bruce, First of all for Bruce, I do not know you and have never met you, but still the power and pain and most of all the truth is evident in your words and arguments; the same with Bill. But what I have been doing, and I (and so many others like students who cannot fight back as I can) are in the same situation of seeing and being the victim of serial corruption, dereliction of duty, misprision of a felony, conspiracy against rights, obstruction of justice, misconduct of a public employee, trading in public employment and influence etc

    What I have done is to take not only my allegations but hard physical evidence, tapes, documents, transcripts that I had no hand in originating, no prior knowledge of, no influence on the content or use of, that show clear perjury, obstruction of justice, conspiracy against rights and under law etc. Then I read to them 18 USC 4 that is very clear:

    18 U.S. Code § 4 – Misprision of felony

    Current through Pub. L. 113-142, except 128. (See Public Laws for the current Congress.)


    Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

    Then I told them (FBI, Clark County Sheriff, Clark County Prosecutor, Vancouver Police, Washington State Patrol, Governor Inslee, the AG that they now do not merely have in their possession my allegations or rants, they have hard physical, probative, relevant EVIDENCE of the commission of felony crimes, by whom, when, where, with what motives, with what consciousness of illegality and culpability (no need to cover-up what is clean only what is dirty; no need for perjury if your case is clean and righteous) and now you have the same legal mandate that brought me to you. And you all know that I have full documentation on my website including the $100,000 hush money offer, with public monies, to walk and keep my mouth shut–NEVER!

    Part of the problem is that those doing corruption in government, are using AAGs as “Consigliere” as in mob lawyers with public monies and we are not only going up against corruption financed with public monies, but also covered-up and used as an instrument of intimidation or co-optation and obstruction of justice. The AGs office has been rotten to the core for as long as I can remember; certainly under Gregoire (that was when a secret file was opened on me kept since 1994 now 4900 pages six binders) and then there are the judges who are more often than not political hacks in flowing robes, narcissists, megalomaniacs, control freaks and hard-core ideologues. But they leave paper trails of connections, routes into power structures, where they drink, what secret networks of power and influence they belong to, what awards they give each other, what contracts they got no-bid through patronage, what stepping stones they use to climb to power etc.

    We have the truth, or what we believe to be the truth, we do not lie and engage in backroom intrigue and conspiracy, we do not weave webs of deceit that we have to fear may come unraveled with the discovery of only a few lies and contradictions, we have the courage to tell what we believe to be the truth as well as to publicly correct ourselves when evidence shows we were wrong on something, and we have the courage and persistence (because of what is on the line and so many victims waiting for justice and so many future crimes possible if the perps are not exposed and stopped now) thus we do not have to constantly worry about any deceit being unraveled–they do; we do not have to have high IQs and good memories to remember which lies cover which other lies; we do not have to worry about extended filmed depositions under oath or swearing our statements under oath–they do;

    “Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.” Sir Walter Scott


    1. Yep, we need to make sure all the “law enforcement” folks get all this on record. And I’m doing this too, but in a slightly different manner…. rather than “just me” presenting my evidence, I’m trying to get a “class” together so we present each of our individual cases as “evidence” of mass corruption. The “class claim” has already been delivered to the FBI, DOJ, WA AG … see http://www.corruptwa.com/corrupt/class-action-claim-against-wa-state-initiated-separation-of-powers-implicated/ and http://www.corruptwa.com/corrupt/lawyers/separation-of-powers-class-claim-against-wa-state-to-be-investigated-by-the-ag/


      1. Hi James, Good to hear from you. If you go to my website at http://jimcraven10.wordpress.com/2014/05/04/hush-money-and-sealed-settlements-to-cover-up-crimes-are-crimes-not-torts-no-need-to-cover-up-what-is-clean-only-what-is-dirty/ and http://jimcraven10.wordpress.com/2012/12/19/attempts-to-report-felony-crimes-per-18-usc-4-28-usc-1361-exchanges-with-clark-county-sheriff-gary-lucas/ that will explain many things, give sources of corruption in Clark County and elsewhere.

        Next Friday I have a termination hearing at Clark College where I have been for 22 years and the first ever real economist in the history of Clark College since 1933. I was division chair for 8 1/2 years and department head of economics yet some 12 adjuncts were hired through the backdoor, without being vetted, urged to file complaints against me and then rewarded with my classes and unprecedented workloads and medical benefits. In fact imagine, as head of economics, and also a professor of economics at Tsinghua University the MIT of China (which means I have been vetted backwards and forwards for credential and everything else ) and there are have been 12 adjuncts I have never met, do not know what they look like but all expressed not wanting to be vetted by me or for me to observe their teaching.

        Who will decide my fate and that of the students who have been serially and horribly defrauded? The very same Board of Trustees that authorized the $100,000 hush money offer for me to walk, mutual non-disparagement, no revealing of even the existence of the “settlement” let alone its terms, and never to file any form of complaint, civil or criminal against any agent or employee of Clark College ever for any reason. When that failed they made a last minute motion to limit all the charges and dispositions prior to the last one (the history of a frame-up, serial denials of due process, union treachery etc) and to cover-up perjury by Bob Knight the president of Clark College according to the sworn testimonies of two union officers (who spoke against interest in that they opened themselves up to potential civiil and criminal charges for not reporting or acting on the first case of alleged perjury in their testimonies; the second time was in the same hearing fundamentally opposing sworn testimonies–someone committed perjury) to cover-up the serial corruption they have tolerated, enabled and magnified. Royce Pollard, a failed mayor as people were tired of his corrupt patronage machine is on the Board and he was responsible for Knight being hired: 1) as an interim president with no competition; 2) as full-time president with no open competition, not meeting the minimum established credentials for the position and being former interim thus supposedly prohibited from applying for the full-time position.

        This will go like being a Jew in a Nazi court; but I will not play as the hearing itself will be another crime of more attempted cover-up. I have left it for now with law enforcement and Was Human Rights Commission, EEOC, Washington Ethics Commission and PERC.

        On the point made by Bill on 18 USC 4 and standing: The law specifies that it must be a felony that has been committed if one has knowledge of and since a felony is a crime against all of society anyone has the standing to file a criminal complaint that someone had knowledge of a crime provided to them, especially if they were the ones the statute mandated reporting to and they failed to carry it forward at least for prosecutorial review (what does having “knowledge” mean? what is asap? etc) Again this blanket mandate of law exists because an unexposed and un-prosecuted crime means not only denial of justice in the present but denial of more rights and perhaps lives from future crimes from those who get away with past ones.

        My email is omahkohkiaayo@hotmail.com and my cell is 360-980-7690


      2. OK, I see we use two different interpretations of the word “complaint”. One interpretation is as a complaint filed with some law enforcement agency. The other interpretation is a complaint as in a “lawsuit”. My focus is the latter. I’ve filed numerous complaints with the FBI, Sheriff, … and nothing! They claim to prosecute such complaint would be futile as the ‘prosecuting attorney’ would not prosecute a judge as it would be professional suicide. Therefore I’m the only “entity” willing to prosecute a judge and that requires “standing”.


      3. I did go to your website, after I googled your name 😀 and read the link posted above.. interesting .

        I wonder if this has anything to do with almighty millionaire commissioner David Madore ? or Don Benton? I noticed you mentioned Royce “the rolls” Pollard ex-mayor of Vancouver whom is on the board.. doing a copycat. He figures “if David can get away with it so can I”..

        As for a citizen enforcing that federal law you posted.. I haven’t yet (so far) found a civil enforcement or criminal enforcement for any type of felonies under state or federal laws. If you know of one, please help me find it, so I can further evaluate it.. You do have a right to file a complaint with any government agency, the key is, will they act on what and how you presented your claims.. and is there a remedy of some sort, to the complainant other than acting on the facts underlying said complaint.

        Washington court rule in district court (court of limited jurisdiction) CRrlj 2.1(c) allows citizens to prosecute a misdemeanor or gross misdemeanor under the standard threshold: a probability a crime has been committed for a judicial finding of probable cause.. these are key in removing any immunity against a public employee, or official. Even public education persons.. :p

        Having that in hand, well your an economics professor.. I think you know the sum of that fraction.

        I have no idea why any sane person, would want to try and communicate with a not so sane person in power, such as gary lucas… that guy lost his full deck years ago, not to mention his marbles.

        Here’s a good one for ya to read, which I never filed in court, I emailed it to the top heads of the county.. and contacted the prosecutor of Skamania county, Mr. Adam Kicks… I think we had a mind meld .. and he liked my idea.. wink wink nod nod ..


        This one started with all 10 top heads of the county having a criminal background on their records..

        I kind of dropped the ball on that one… as I didn’t put on any evidence before the court beyond what I filed.. and it was 8:30 am .. WTH? can’t a guy have his 2:30 pm appointment with the court? Got to catch a guy off guard that early in the morning.. geesh. poop happens.. But, not all is lost.. I got a laugh out of seeing faces hoping the court will correct their criminal records and delete the 3 misdemeanor charges I filed on them.. was well worth, 8:30 am rush.. you would have enjoyed it..

        James Sr.


      4. James thanks for your response and for reading my site. I just got a call from Washington Human Rights saying that although I went to FBI, Clark County Sheriff, Vancouver Police, Clark County Prosecutor with hard documents, tapes and physical evidence of crimes, along with citations of law like 18USC4, and I was a whistleblower on a faculty member who bragged about collecting and disseminating child pornography on Clark College computers (he is still there), the WA State Auditor’s office was not notified by law enforcement or me and thus I was not registered by the Auditor’s office this time (but this is a continuation of when I was and this is current now going on) so they claim the statutes do not allow me to be considered a whistle-blower by them, not being recognized as such by the Auditor’s office, and thus they cannot review my submissions and investigate. But they already have in their possession evidence of serial felony crimes and thus have the same legal mandates under 18 USC4 and 73 that I had and have and that forced me to report crimes having been committed and being committed. Plus even without whistle-blower status this case is current and involves serious and serial felonies plus hush money offers with public monies. And since I had formal complaints with law enforcement when offered the $100,000, that makes that offer a criminal solicitation to conspire and commit obstruction of justice and misprision of a felony as it would mean repudiating my previous submissions made under penalty of perjury and laws against false reports and reporting to law enforcement.

        My case reaches into Washington Court of Appeals Division II (David Ponzoha who heads off and plays procedural games with pro se litigants to obstruct their submissions), WA Employment Security Department, Clark County Clerk’s office Scott Weber, AGs office (Gregoire, Ferguson et al), Thurston County Superior Court, now Washington Human Rights, the WEA and Clark College Association of Higher Learning (unions) and others who were given not my allegations and rants, but hard evidence, documents, tapes, that I had no knowledge of prior to obtaining them with subpoenas after repeated public records requests obstructed, no influence on and no influence on the writers that showed clear serious and serial felonies being committed. Each and every person, no matter who or in what agency, that was presented and ignored the evidence and played “hot potato” sending me all over the place, will be named in both civil action (Civil Conspiracy, Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress, Willful Blindness and Depraved Indifference, Dereliction of Duty, etc) as well as in criminal complaints that I will continue to send in over and over each time taking names, times, places, dates as to who received the evidence and what did they do with it.

        I have had heart attacks and my disabilities make it difficult to do all the various papers and procedures in various venues I must visit, but I have time and I have no lies to cover-up, no crimes to worry about discovery of, no conspiratorial links and webs of deceit I have to worry about coming unraveled, no perjury I have to worry about discovery of, and thus no need to try to offer hush money using other people’s money to do it. I am coming for them and in this little two-bit and inbred cesspool these types have created that led to the name “Vantucky” (where family and political trees do not branch) will suffer their worst fate even if tried for crimes, that is to be exposed for what they are and what they intend with hard evidence that cannot be ignored or covered-up with reprisals against whistle-blowers.


      5. Jim,

        I don’t think any “one” person can do this alone no matter what the evidence, the law, the obligations of those who we report these things to… we need to be a ‘group’ in bringing our anger to these ‘law enforcement agencies’ or in lawsuits (see my lawsuit against WA State Bar Assoc.) As a “person” you can be marginalized, discredited, ignored … but as a group their self-serving logic begins to fall apart and they look more like the criminals they are.

        It is my prayer that all of us who share this one thing in common – recognition that our judiciary is corrupt and biased – can come together and be a united voice in seeking a remedy.

        Hope that makes sense.


  6. OHSU has just announced that they will not longer be using rats but rather now only using lawyers for experimental purposes for four reasons:

    1 PETA and animal rights protests
    2. There are more of them
    3. The experimenters are less likely to become emotionally attached to the experimental subjects
    4. There are some things that rats just won’t do.


  7. That Washington judges are corrupt is an indisputable fact. There is nothing in our Constitution or statutes that says judges have the right to limit free speech, especially when the truth is spoken. Under the circumstances, it would be correct to say that the state is run by well organized criminals.


  8. Below I have pasted an exact copy of my recent email to Congressman Heck. Presenting them with several questions of relevance to this specific case and issues surrounding it.. Below this I will paste the reply I received from them yesterday.

    Denny Heck

    Sep 2 at 3:02 PM

    Dear Miss Minn
    After having sent you prior email regarding this abundantly clear situation. A situation that is the specific epitome of the Latin phrase of “It Speaks For Itself”. Concerning the Criminal Felony organized crime Judicial corruption, Fraud, Grand Theft, RICO , Color of Law, the directly resulting intended illegal unjustified injuries to my family and mainly myself, that has been attempted by me to be brought to Congressman Heck’s personal attention, with little to no success for some reason.

    Having emailed the Congressman’s scheduling manager Seth twice regarding a face to face meeting with Congressman Heck regarding this most serious and important issue that I described for Seth in enough detail for him or anyone to grasp the urgency, the severity and the intended illegal Felony Corrupt malicious resulting injuries to my family and myself by the accused I have specifically identified as criminally corrupt both State and Federal Government Actors.

    All of which have been fully supported by Statute , Constitutional Right, FRCP, and on black and white legible verifiable Court Documents of hard , undeniable proof of guilt as accused and according to Laws of the State of Washington and the United States. Never once expecting anyone to just take my word for it. All of it supported by verifiable court document on file. Signed by various corrupt government actors.

    However, still not hearing back from yourself or Seth regarding this matter, and being fully aware of the fact that you did indicate that if you had not heard back from the DOJ by Sept. 3rd, you would take further action concerning this matter.

    Having my prior email address the question of why when something like this is backed up with more and more verifiable proof, all supported by statute , doctrine, FRCP ,, on verifiable documents clearly on file that specifically pertain to clear written law, court procedure and scope of duty of various identified officials within the judiciary and legislative branch of our government, that it must be all sent to a dept. back East to determine what is right in front of all of our faces?? The same Dept. Back East that has had verifiable documented proof of all of this via certified USPS return receipt mail for over a year and done nothing but side step this, say they have mis placed all of my files, and nothing else!

    Why would this continually be the same patern that I experience at every station of this tragic illegal Judicial Organized Crime nightmares journey unless there is something seriously wrong here. Be rest assured it is not within my proof of evidence of these criminal events occurring exactly as described within the documents I have submitted to Congressman Reichert that his Staff assured me were all being forwarded on to your Office.

    Or otherwise why would I receive so much absolute resistance as I have? Having time & date Stamped filed motions intentionally and never responded to, including a hand delivered letter to the presiding Judge and the Clerks Office all ignored and never responded to. Intentional malicious improper Venue in 95% of all proceedings, allowing main defendants to Rule upon themselves! Having FRCP, the Void Judgment Doctrine , my filed Jury Demands in each and every case all ignored or blatantly violated. Right to Due process ignored and violated in every proceeding. Statutes that require a jury trial intentionally ignored and violated by the Superior Court, money I paid to receive that specific jury just blatantly stolen by the Court, having the U.S. Bankruptcy Court judge Snyder Refuse to allow my chap.7 case 01-42762 to be reopened for use in my adversary case and law suit that proves he is guilty and so is the U.S. Trustee, The Bankruptcy court clerks Office, and also Judge Lynch, including Attorney Desa Conniff who now sits on the Federal Bar Association. Combined with an additional multitude of violations to FRCP, my Rights, both constitutional, civil and basis human rights.

    Now since my last emailing to you, I have been contacted by the Federal U.S. Marshals Service on behalf of the U.S. Attorneys Office regarding the large package of verifiable documented proof of Organized Crime felony Criminal Judicial Corruption, and the U.s. Attorney’s office Aiding & Abetting this Federal Crime and attempting to Cover for these rouge elements within the Judiciary. Combined with the ph. calls made to the U.S. Attorneys Office that have never been replied to. Having these U.S. Marshals attempt to lean on me and try to convince me that giving written notice of these felony crimes specific to and relevant to this case and all cases was not sufficient to command action even if supported by statute , on verifiable Court Documents proving all of this to be illegal and quite true. That the U.S. Attorney Tesa Gorman and Jenny Durken refused to prosecute their friends within the judiciary. That they were going to ignore their sworn Oath Duty to the Law and me by continuing to ignore the truth, the Law and this verifiable hard factual evidence of nothing less of Organized Crime Felony Criminal Judicial Corruption. Which is clearly RICO and treason. Banking on your Office and the Congressman not doing his job or honoring his sworn oath duty to perform legally in regards to matters such as this.

    having these U.S. Marshals tell me that I should not contact the U.S. Attorney about documented verifiable proof of this tragic priority emergency situation the flagrantly exists within both the State and Federal Judicial Branches of Government. Trying to stop me any way they can, knowing that I have documented proof of all of this. Knowing full & well what this means, that people need to be criminally charged, my home and property seized and returned to its rightful owner, that seats would be vacated and need to be filled, that corrupt rouge elements within the judiciary NEED TO BE WEEDED OUT AND SENT TO PRISON WHERE THEY CLEARLY BELONG.
    I am taking the time to type this to you so as to have record of this for us both. I look forward to your speedy reply and in hopes of some actual assistance to me being finally provided. Including some type of reasonable date for a face to face meeting with the Congressman Heck that will be allotted the necessary time to fully address all elements of this illegal corrupt nightmare..

    Yours Truly

    Bruce E. Gambill Jr.

    September 3, 2014

    Mr. Bruce Gambill
    8513 123rd Street E
    Puyallup, WA 98373-4992

    Dear Bruce,

    Thank you for contacting Congressman Denny Heck’s office regarding your case. I have requested a status update from the Department of Justice (DOJ). If I have not received a response from the DOJ by September 17, I will follow-up with the DOJ. Please rest assured you will be contacted immediately when a response is received.


    Priscilla Min
    Constituent Services
    Office of Congressman Denny Heck


  9. Bill, as I am unfamiliar with the sanction process, how do they go about enforcing it to be paid? Can they garnish any income or place liens on your home and property? Do they have time limits for which they must be addressed?


    1. Bruce, yes they already have a lien on my home for the first sanction of $132,000 and before that, They placed liens on all of our bank accounts making it impossible to pay bills and buy everyday things. As you know when you go after these corrupt judges, they retaliate in the most hurtful and malicious way they can


  10. Well so much for giving the system a chance to work. I am sorry to hear that you have had an additional injury inflicted upon you both, which of course as the corrupt judiciary knows oh too well, is the very last thing you needed right now or at any time.

    Below I am going to try and paste just one time my most recent reply to Congressman Heck’s assistant Miss Min.

    Denny Heck

    Today at 12:48 AM

    Dear Miss Min

    I would hope to God that you can not be serious within this approach to a illegal life destroying Organized Crime syndicate Operating flagrantly right in front of all of your faces. Furthermore given consideration to its birth place AND WHO REALLY PARENTED THIS CASE. Your Official reference to my issue as being one of my concern with my “Bankruptcy proceedings” is a clear statement that you have either failed to grasp the true grit of this situation or are instructed to continue to attempt to do so. Make no mistake , as I have provided copy of my Credit report from that specific time period which shows for a fact that I not only had good credit, several assets, and it was well established and had been for years!

    My issue surrounds the fact that this was an illegally forced bankruptcy that was given birth to by the unprofessional negligent criminally corrupt judiciary within the Washington State Superior Court,. RICO joined in on by the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, the U.S. Trustee , the U.S. District Court, the Ninth Circuit BAP, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, the U.S. Attorneys Office, The U.S. marshals Service and the FBI. Considering this all represents the DOJ, just exactly what type of response do you think they will provide? Also why are we wasting this precious time slow walking me down the fast lane to nowhere?

    Your lacsidaisy approach to my home , property and everything I have managed to amass over the last 60 yrs being illegally stolen/blatant fraudulent felony criminal conversion via severe felony corruption within both the judiciary and Law enforcement are absolutely appalling. With me providing documents of unequivocal proof , all verifiable on court record.

    Today during our brief phone conversation, you spent the vast majority of it trying to convince me that it was hopeless to contact my Congressman concerning having my own Federal government war upon my family and myself as innocent citizens and illegally destroy my families and my life, via the illegal destruction of my credit, career and the theft of , Beach home, commercial properties, other lake front home, my own personal custom built lakefront home, ,every thing I own of value or of personal value to me, being illegally criminally forced to pay thousands of dollars of extortion money to the State of Washington, thousands of dollars of ransom cash money just to get back just some of the now scratched up. broken, partially missing, rain damaged things and vehicles that this criminal scum did not bother to steal or could not figure out a way to convince their friends in the judiciary to ignore all of that too. Including virtual theft & destruction of the last 14 yrs of the prime of my life.

    This is exactly what the Corrupt U.S. Marshals that were sent to do at my home last Friday who were sent by the Criminally Corrupt Aiding and Abetting , Felony Organized Crime Criminal Judicial Corruption Misprisoning, U.S. Attorney Jenny Durken and Tesa Gorman.

    Once I confronted you with the question of just how you yourself would personally regard this situation if it were innocent you and your family, your home, your credit, your career, your guaranteed rights , your family heirlooms all stolen and or destroyed illegally, wrongfully, maliciously by a terminally corrupt government for nothing you had done to deserve even so much as one single bit of it? IT WAS conversation OVER and you now suddenly had the ability to contact the Congressman’s scheduling manager Seth and remind him that I have ask twice already for an appointment to discuss this at length with Congressman Heck.

    As Congressman Heck and everyone else surly realizes that this will continue to go unchecked and outright protected by the RICO Aiding & Abetting, Cover UP Efforts of the U.S. District Court, The U.S. Bankruptcy Court, the Court of Appeals for any Circuit, but especially the Ninth. Also the U.S. Attorney, FBI, the Governors Office, the WSBA, The AGO, and the CJC.

    Whether it is just plain scared to death of Judicial retaliation, which to see and hear this continued to be attempted to denied has clearly surpassed the point of not only boring, pathetic or an innocent stab at employing a bit of cronyism. It is just like telling a person that the edge of a knife is really not sharp, the sun is not hot, the freeway is the safest & most pleasant at and during rush hour and gangs are a good place to spend your time.

    Whereas Judicial Retaliation has long since been acknowledged within the halls of Congress as a major deciding factor if a case is looked into with aggressive objective Authority or if they are simply for the most part attempted to be continued to be ignored, covered up, aided & abetted, and misprisoned. With this marking the undeniable breech to Oath to Office by all concerned Officials and Duty to the innocent victims & the citizens of the United States.

    Fear of alienation from their piers, or simply pro Organized Crime Criminal Felony Government Corruption, it still is no excuse for allowing it, ignoring it, refusing to help the innocent victims of it. Basically enabling it to continue confidently with out interference of accountability and or criminal prosecution. Interference by Authority like our Congressmen and Senators retain for this specific purpose.

    Turning your backs on innocent victims that have had their lives destroyed by the State & Federal Judiciary and Law Enforcement Agencies via the employment of Color Of Law, RICO, Legal Terror, Legal Torture, Criminal Felony Extortion, Organized crime Corruption within both State & Federal Judiciaries. Doing this or simply tying to insult their integrity by slow walking them to no where, or attempting to convince them that there is absolutely nothing a Congressman or Senator Can do, is hardly anything any different than from committing these horrible deplorable life destroying crimes yourselves.

    Having this amount to nothing less than Defrauding the public, taking our tax dollars from us to illegally do this to us, paying your bills with them and going home to enjoy your homes & families. Doing so with the satisfaction of knowing you just enabled this Organized Crime Criminal Felony Corruption within the Judiciary to effectively destroy the Lives, Credit and Careers of innocent victims/citizens. Victims that thanks to your side stepping refusal to adhere to Official Duty & the Law itself who are now still robbed of everything they worked very hard for their entire lives and are still made to be by Corrupt Organized Crime Force illegally made to be homeless while Greed Fueled Felony Criminals remain in possession of my home/Stolen Property.

    I fully realize that in reality it would be professional suicide for Congressman Heck to execute what must be done by himself. I do not want the Congressman to hate me , providing that he does not already. But none the less this still must be corrected and he retains the authority to do just that. I also know that it must involve both U.S. Senators and my Washington State Senator which all have been provided verifiable documents of undeniable proof of everything I have complained about being nothing less than 100% true.

    Knowing full and well that it would be used against the person who initiated this joint effort by this so spiteful profession of Law within the Judiciary & Bar Association. I also know that it is extremely unfair to place this additional burden on the victims back to attempt to arrange a huddle between this team, but that is what I will request of each of the Senators and Congressman Reichert, as well as Congressman Heck. Once it is requested by me that they converse with each other regarding this, it becomes more than just their Duty to officially address this matter with the intent of corrective justice immediately, it becomes a conspiracy if they don’t. Therefore alleviating the personal risk for judicial retaliation because they flat did not have any choice in the matter any longer. The accused will be infuriated but they are guilty and know it. That’s the breaks, don’t commit the crime if you cannot serve the time. Pay the price for illegally destroying each innocent victims life.

    In addition, I apologize for forgetting your Name earlier today on the phone when I ask to speak with you. Please understand that I have had to accurately remember so many different agencies, courts, Rules, Laws, Doctrines, and the accurate names of the officials within them over a period of years and very stressful conditions, that it more than consumes all available gigabites of Ram most of us have lodged between our ears.

    I have attached a recent U.S. Supreme Court Ruling to this email that you might find a worthy read.

    Yours Truly

    Bruce E. Gambill Jr .


  11. I’m having the same problem in Spokane Superior Court.. Judge Linda Tompkins clearly did not follow Washington Unlawful Detainer Statue even after citing 36 cases covering 100 years of Washington law. I GOT EVEICTED AND A WRIT EXECUTED WHEN LANDLORD DID NOT SERVE A 3 DAY NOTICE TO PAY OR VACATE! Now my business is still closed while we wait for appeal! See FPA & ASSOCIATES VS PENDLETON ENTERPRISES!


    1. Jamie, while I don’t know all the specific facts, if the judge has ignored law (both statue and common law) In addition to your legal options, file a grievance with the commission on judicial conduct. If the judge used a “court rule” to circumvent the law, file a grievance with the commission on judicial conduct.

      Then consider joining our “class claim” against WA in which we are in the process of drafting. Our legislature MUST use its constitutional power as a “check and balance” upon the judicial branch. This negligence, by our legislature, has not only caused individual harm, but allows for a diversion of public funds and renders citizens mere play toys for the amusement of the legal establishment. We deserve better.


      1. I did… They have ruled that She did not break any of the cannons… when she clearly did not follow the statue. I think it’s crazy. We are awaiting the Respondents brief in Appeals court and for the Appeals court to rule. My question is.. if they do indeed rule it was a abuse of discretion do I refill with the judicial comission a new complaint and include the findings. It’s so flustrating


      2. I would. But don’t expect a different result. The CJC is staffed with judges and those the judges pick… they want to “expand” their authority, not contain it by holding other judges accountable.


  12. Scott Ellerby, Esq., poster of all that is wrong with the legal profession —- his Office location is at
    1000 Second Avenue, Suite 3000, Seattle.

    King County Dept of Assessment:
    Property is owned by Martin Selig….Real Estate. Selig is just another one of the Real Estate Bandits.

    https://www.bisnow.com/archives/newsletter/seattle/543-seattles-big-boom-continues/—–Martin Selig & Bob Walllace.

    Every road and all ways —-always lead back to WALLACE. Please don’t wonder why they stick up for Scott Ellerby.


  13. It was and is my mission to find out how all of them are connected. I look at names and all addesses at King County Dep. of Assemment. I learned alot. Sure, my complex had the Sheriff show up too.

    By the way…Strichartz partner Northwest Trustee Service that he works with David Fennell was investigated by the Oregon Bar for Corruption. Yes, these Bandits make up alot of LLC’s. What you stated above is true.
    That is their mission. They have people move into complexes then move out and file foreclosures. And this is how they keep NW trustee service in business. What is more….the people that live in complexes for a limited time damage the Units. Then they remodel the units with the help of their friends and overcharge us for that. This is how dirty they are.


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