U.S. Government: Welcome to hell, you Vietnam Veteran. The story of Dr. Charles Heckman – Part One.

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Dr. Charles Heckman, a resident of Olympia, WA, displays all the personal characteristics what ‘we the people’ view as noble, exemplary, and courageous. And what Dr. Heckman experienced from our “public servants”, which include a familiar bad-actor – Judge Ronald B. Leighton, can only be described as absolutely disgusting and vile.

Aside from the obvious expertise in having a PhD in biology, Heckman served the Air Force as a pilot flying missions over Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War from 1965-1968. Thereafter Dr. Heckman continued to serve “we the people” by his work with the US Forest Service and in his courageous act in being a “whistleblower” when he recognized government misconduct.

This is his story, as he tells it to us at http://www.CorruptWA.com, about prejudice, retribution and retaliation by public servants who behave as “kings” to protect their own and retaliate against the best that America embodies in Dr. Heckman.

Dr. Heckman’s Story — PART ONE: Young adult life.

Dr. Charles Heckman was born in Queens, New York, in 1941. After winning a New York State scholarship, attended Manhattan College where he majored in biology and participated in its very active Air Force ROTC program. The college was run by the Christian Brothers and has been rated among the top 10 small colleges in the United States.

Heckman’s interest in biology extended beyond simply graduating college, his goal was to do advanced studies in various parts of the world. Off campus, Heckman joined the Metropolitan New York Herpetological Society, and was elected its president during his junior year. The president before him became a professor of herpetology at Cornell University.

Upon graduation in 1963, designated a ‘distinguished graduate of the ROTC program’, Charles received a regular commission in the Air Force, rather than a reserve commission, as reward for academic excellence. During those years, Manhattan College graduated more officers commissioned through its ROTC program than large universities, such as Yale and Harvard.

Entering the Air Force as a regular officer, his pilot training began with Primary and Basic Pilot Training at Laughlin AFB, Del Rio, Texas, from January through November, 1964. This was followed by Survival Training during December, 1964, at Stead AFB, Nevada, and Advanced Pilot Training in the C-130 from January to April at Seward AFB, Tennessee. During April of that year Dr. Heckman left for Okinawa to begin operational flying as a co-pilot in the C-130 at Naha AB; and flying 18 months to many other bases in East and Southeast Asia.

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Air Force O-1 Aircraft

His next assignment was as a forward air controller flying O-1E and O-1F aircraft in Vietnam. But first, training in the O-1 aircraft at Hurlbert Field on Eglin AFB, Florida, followed by Jungle Survival Training in the Philippines in late December, 1966. Following his tour as forward air controller for the 9th Republic of Korea Division, usually flying out of Nha Trang AB, was assigned to the U.S. Army 3rd of the 25th Division at Duc Pho. This unit was part of Operation Oregon near Chu Lai Airbase. When Operation Oregon was disbanded and replaced by the Americal Division, Dr. Heckman was assigned to the Vietnamese Army units in Tuy Hoa Province.

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Air Force O-2 Aircraft

In January of 1968, Dr. Heckman began flying the O-2 with a group assigned to the southernmost part of North Vietnam running from the DMZ north as far as the city of Dong Hoi. Later, the area was extended as far north as Vinh. Because of heavy anti-aircraft fire, which shot down one O-2 on the day Dr. Heckman arrived, they were prohibited from flying over land along the coastal plain. Instead their missions were to fly along the shore over the water or over the mountains to the west. When the weather did not permit flights over those parts they provided air support to the besieged Marine base at Khe Sanh or flew over the Ho Chi Minh Trail in eastern Laos, along which many trucks were bringing supplies to the North Vietnamese units surrounding Khe Sanh.

We asked Dr. Heckman what motivated him to risk everything for “we the people” in volunteering for military service, he said…

Your question is one that would not have had to be asked in the United States before the Vietnam War. There was an understanding among Americans that in times of danger to the country, it was a duty to serve in its defense. My motivation for service in Vietnam was the fact that it was the right thing to do. Every American has a responsibility to contribute to the defense of the country, and with the Soviet Union and China united at the time, we had a powerful coalition of nuclear powers against us. The United States supported the independence of the former colonies of Western European countries, and we were doing our best to keep them from being gobbled up by an expansive Soviet empire. That empire did not break up until 1991. In Vietnam, I never thought about risking my life. Like Xenophon, the author of the ancient Greek book Anabasis, observed during his service in Ancient Persia, God decides who lives and dies, and any attempts to seek safety and security will not affect a person’s future, unless negatively.

What I was doing in Vietnam was very satisfying because I could see to it that many truckloads of weapons and ammunition of all kinds were destroyed before they could be used against American, South Vietnamese, and allied military units in South Vietnam. I also got to suppress the artillery fire against the Marines south of the DMZ by finding the North Vietnamese artillery positions and seeing to it they were destroyed by air strikes, naval artillery, or artillery from the Marine fire bases south of the DMZ.

I extended my tour of duty again and returned to the Army of the Republic of Vietnam system assigned to the provinces of Thu’a Thien and Quang Tri. I was able to continue finding trucks [loaded with weapons] in the A Shau Valley, which was located in Thu’a Thien Province.

In summary, my service in the Air Force was something that my contemporaries considered a basic moral duty of Americans. Five years after I began my active duty, the attitude had changed radically. Some people opposed the war because military service would interfere with their personal career plans or place them in danger. However, most veterans I know were not influenced by contemporary opinion. They would have served in any case. Vietnam Veterans of America reported that more than 75% of those who served in Vietnam were volunteers, and, in my opinion, most of them would have volunteered whether or not there had been a draft.

Skulls of former Khmer Rouge soldiers

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Above is a cabinet filled with the skulls of former Khmer Rouge soldiers, who were forced to denounce each others as spies for the CIA, the KGB, or the Vietnamese after the Communist victory in Indochina in 1975. Of the 40,000 men, women, and babies that were interned in the prison, 2 survived. According to the Information provided by the Museum, about 3,000,000 Cambodians were slaughtered throughout the country. The population of Cambodia at the time was estimated to be a little more than 6,000,000. Ironically, the purged Communist soldiers are the only ones whose deaths are memorialized by the Genocide Museum.

In total Dr. Heckman flew 1897 combat hours over North and South Vietnam and Eastern Laos. He was awarded the following recognition for his service.



  • Distinguished Flying Cross (Below medal is an example)
  • Flying cross

  • Air Medal with 28 Oak Leaf Clusters (Below medal is an example with 3 Oak Clusters)
  • Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry with Silver Star(Below is an example with silver star
  • vietnamese cross

  • … and more
  • albumMore photos

    After Dr. Heckman’s honorable discharge in 1968, at the rank of Captain, he returned to Southeast Asia to fly as a civilian pilot and perform research for his master’s degree and then his doctoral dissertation, which were published.

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    You can
    Dr. Heckman’s experiences in Cambodia in his book,
    The Phnom Penh Airlift — Confessions of a Pig Pilot

    Dr. Heckman’s story – NO GOOD DEED GOES UNPUNISHED – will be continued in Part Two, to be published shortly. Please check back often or register as a subscriber to get email notification as stories are published.


    1. Judge Roland B. Leighton is a criminal in black robes. He should be investigated. put on trial and jailed. I had an open and shut case in his court, but for his masters at the WSBA he dismissed my case before it could get before a jury. So much for having your day in court. This criminal will never come to justice until as the Declaration of Independence states, we do our ” Duty.” Time is past for the 2nd American Revolution!
      (Me, Vietnam era vet and past Commander of an American Legion Post.)


    2. Here is a respectful suggestion for all and it is something I have been doing for some time. The same names of the same miscreants, along with the same modus operandi keep popping up. T reason is obvious: they are all part of patronage networks of both parties along with some covert community organizations, like the smugly and proudly white “settler stock” network that runs little Vantucky; they come from the same groups, give each other the same worthless awards to embellish the same kinds of nothing resumes, pack each other in the same positions with meaningless titles again to embellish nothing resumes, they belong to the same covert cults like Rotary, Masons, certain churches etc and they hang out in the same social circles and get noticed in the same media.

      If they want to fix jobs, contracts or whatever in privately-held companies like The Columbian or Burgerville or whatever, if they want to meet covertly to celebrate their “pure and delightsome” white skin and supposed Settler or Pioneer genes or stock, that is their right and the good news is most of them are getting old and not reproducing or recruiting more of their kind. But when it comes to public employment, public monies and resources, public contracts, law enforcement and justice, then cronyism, nepotism, ideological cloning and hiring, use of public monies and sealed settlements to avoid court where crimes would be exposed, appointments of trustees and regents as political patronage payback to big party donors, etc are all not just bad acts or policy, they are serious felony crimes that lead to even more serious ones if not exposed and prosecuted.

      What is needed is what the intelligence and police do: various forms of pattern analysis: communications links; patrons, patronage networks and forms of patronage used; email links and social media links; fronts used; past associations and biographies; legal actions and records; references for positions, titles, awards or contracts; etc and then document them with analytics and numbers like what is supposed to be done in an FBI RICO case because that is what is going on: racketeering by racketeers wearing ties and robes. Also if possible infiltrate their public meetings and do not confront them publicly but just do quiet intel among their supporters. But confronting them at public meetings with real facts, law, reason and above all quiet comportment, is also in order. Also beyond this site, is you tube and it can be a powerful and viral instrument.


      1. Here is a good public comment section video Jim.. About 1/3 the way through is my testimony on Clark County and their employee crimes and how they get covered up… the risk management manager was a bit upset with me after my testimony..

        [video src="http://old.cityofvancouver.us/cvtv/cvtvarchive2/Clark_County_Board_of_Commissioners/2014_Events/May_2014/05-27-14/6_Public_Comment-Clark_County_Issues.mp4" /]

        Come join the fun.. it’s a riot. Almost. 🙂


    3. I thought I would post a copy of my last email to Senator Becker and Office Staff below;

      Becker, Sen. Randi

      Aug 29 at 12:59 AM

      Dear Senator Becker &Tiffany, please do not just converse with staff, but forward this on to Senator Becker.I am taking the time and effort to type this and email it to you and Senator Becker so as to have it for reference and a matter of record.

      With the Washington State court intentionally retaliating against me to Obstruct Justice and prevent public disclosure of the fact that they not only allowed the unlicensed practice of law , but intentionally ignored my filed motions notifying the Court of the felony crimes being currently executed against me by the unlicensed attorney who the Court themselves aided & abetted, were clearly, undeniably accessories during and after the fact. Also violated my Right to Know the truth about this Gross Unprofessional negligence of the Court allowing these multiple appearances of the unlicensed practice of law which the Court is 100% liable for. , Having the Supreme Court Chief Justice and Clerk both lie to me, aid and abet these serious felony crimes and Organized Crime Civil RICO Criminal Felony Judicial Corruption &.Misprison Felony Crime and Organized Crime Judicial Criminal Felony Corruption .

      Including the fact that the same Superior Court not only illegally set me up for their conspiracy to fraudulently convert title/Deep to my home & property, having their Chief Judge Chushcoff commit Fraud in the reply letter to me which is accessible on line. Combined with the “FACT” that the Washington State Superior Court intentionally criminally Committed Fraudulent Conversion of the Deed/Title to my home and property which is Felony Grand theft and Organized Crime.

      Plus having the Pierce County Sheriff Dept. and deputy Branden Maye be made aware of these “facts” 2 weeks before the illegal eviction was executed against me. Also having Deputy Branden Maye admit that I was telling the truth at that time right in front of Deputy Tony Filing and Branden Maye’s partner in my driveway of my home.

      Then still knowing that this was all true, Deputy Maye shows back up to perform this illegal eviction accompanied by 8-10 more heavily armed deputies knowing that what he was doing was wrong and illegal. A “FELONY CRIME”

      Are you a home owner? If so , have you along with the rest of the staff in the Office all worked hard to pay for your homes? Including the furnishings in them? Well if so, then get used to this- big deal, you don’t own them any more and get out of them and no, your possessions are not yours any more. The things that have been passed on to you that were your grandfathers, things that were your grandmothers, are now all stolen and no body in your corrupt government in any branch will do any thing real to help you stop this or correct this. Just get used to it and live with it, just not in your home, or at your place of work, or in your office because all of that is gone too. And you cannot replace them because your credit has been illegally destroyed by corrupt spineless unaccountable cowards in the Judiciary that your tax dollars go to so as to support their well paid life style and give them the authority to abuse the law and destroy your life and the lives of your family.To totally betray the trust of the public and their duty to the public. To blatantly ignore their Sworn Oath Duty and totally disregard the Law itself.

      Please forward my last 3 emails to the Senator, including this one and then I would like to hear that this is all ok and there just is nothing Senator Becker can do about any of this, and there is no one she can call who can either. .

      In regards to your statement about this being a difficult time for me, the last 14 yrs have been hell and all because of the illegal felony corrupt judiciary that our Governor , our Senators and Congressmen think is just fine and are more than willing to just ignore the fact that the Laws they help make are being ignored, perverted and violated by our Judicial Government. Laws that they design and implement into Law for the Judiciary to apply to various matters legally and as written without exception. Laws that our Senators and Congressmen have the Duty to make sure that they are obeyed and applied as written and intended by the judiciary that is suppose to be applying them legally , unbiased and as intended for the equal justice and Due process of law to be provided to everyone without so much as one exception. . .

      Apparently none of you are capable of grasping just exactly what it is like to have your own Government betray you and steal from you everything you own, destroy your credit, your career, illegally extort via Color of Law force the better part of $20,000.00 from you for a crime you nor your child had anything to do with or any knowledge of, illegally take your children from you and place them in prison for a crime they nor you had anything to do with nor any prior knowledge of, destroying their lives along with yours too. Fraudulently abuse authority and the entire legal system to steal your home , kick you out , humiliate you and all for the likes of a little kick back and to cover for some blundering unaccountable corrupt screw-ups. This is not the Federal portion of it, nor just the County, this IS THE STATE OF WASHINGTON, MAKE NO MISTAKE. OVER THE YEARS IN THE CAR BUSINESS I HAVE BEEN TOLD A LOT OF THINGS THAT REQUIRED THE EMPLOYMENT OF A VERY COLORFUL IMAGINATION, BUT TELLING ME THAT MY WASHINGTON STATE SENATOR CAN NOT DO ANY THING ABOUT ALL OF THESE ILLEGALITIES AND TRAGIC LIFE DESTROYING SITUATION TAKES THE CAKE. And at best, this is referred to only as “difficult times” as if I brought this on myself for Gods Sake.

      In regards to you spending time to” discuss this in detail several times with me”, if the Washington State Judicial System wasn’t totally corrupt and unaccountable , was not infested with Organized Crime, we would have never discussed this at all . Whereas I can readily assure you that as much as I have personally accomplished in my life and with the amount of assets that I have amassed (That either have been Fraudulently stolen or embezzled by Officers of the Court) that when it came down to dealing with any Office of the Government, that a representative for me on payroll would have that task and report back to my personal assistant, who in turn would brief it on to me.

      But since the last 14 yrs of my life have been intentionally illegally destroyed by this State’s Government and my life as it was destined to be illegally stolen from me by corrupt predators within this States Government, as to why I should have to explain this more than simply one time and receive the assistance, corrective justice and more than simply just Due relief this case unquestionably deserves, can only portray that there is something seriously wrong here. Wrong beyond a shadow of a doubt. Not simply my own personal biased opinion, but according to Washington State statute and Washington State Constitution as it is printed and published. My interpretation of it is via the English language and a I.Q. hovering around 124.

      Adequate enough to properly interpret the Laws of Washington State and recognize when they are violated, along with my Constitutional Rights. Adequate enough to know that when I am actually represented, or just shined on, sent to another Office or Dept.so as to be sent down the beginning of the pathway of see you later and good luck.

      Remember my analogy of this situation and being told I should attempt to find legal council of caliber to address this properly? As to how it was hardly any different than being a passenger on a luxury Cruise liner? Right now, currently you and Senator Becker are standing at that Ship’s Railing.

      A ships railing that is owned by the company you work for. While looking out at a drowning person who did not accidentally fall over board, but was illegally wrongfully thrown over board by members of the executive Officials of this same company who are clearly criminals . With you having.the choice to either do what is morally, ethically correct, or to just tell the drowning victim that they should find some sort of suitable life preserver and possibly some fresh water to drink, then turn your backs to this drowning victim and as you pass by the life preservers and ships Officers while you remain silent on your way to the lounge to get yourselves something refreshing to drink. Doing so in hopes of ridding your memories of that horrible experience of watching that innocent victim drown that you had the ability to save.But decided not to for fear of possibly getting a bit wet.or callousing your hands on that life line attached to that life preserver.

      cid:image002.jpg@01CFC2C4.86B178B0, Yours Truly

      Bruce E. Gambill Jr.


    4. what CAN we DO FOR YOU to assist ?
      …this email works.

      it is a public email,same as a listed phone number,so no protocol has been breached.
      and yeah,that email IS true and appropriate over in TX due to our dealings w/their kangaroo courts,bar assoc,appeals and other licensed bs artists AKA loiyuuuuhs.
      a disabled adult was SOLD just like an inanimate object,and the SAME for all his ALLEGED RIGHTS-he had none and neither did we.
      Not one alleged protective agencies or civil rights groups gives a damn.


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