Senator Jan Angel invites Scheidler to cure misunderstandings.

Bill Scheidler, chief activist at, has been critical of those legislators who seem to disregard their oath by representing government employees rather then the people they should serve. Senator Angel didn’t escape Scheidler’s criticism and she invited Scheidler for a face-to-face to address any misunderstandings.

The discussion concerned the following points and hopefully made an impact on Senator Angel. That is yet to be learned. I know, in my learning the “hurdles” that legislators face by their self-imposed procedural rules made an impression on me — a negative impression. For this reason, “we the people” must hold our legislators to their “rightful role” and not let them be manipulated by the “procedures” that control them.

MEETING: Tuesday, August 19, 2014 at 2:30PM.
Senator Jan Angel meeting with Bill Scheidler
Talking Points Presented by Scheidler

A judge is to perform his duty as prescribed and proscribed by law – constitutions and statutory. See CJC 1.1
Here is the exact law that validates this statement:
RCW 2.28.060
Judicial officers — Powers.
Every judicial officer has power:
(1) To preserve and enforce order in his or her immediate presence and in the proceedings before him or her, when he or she is engaged in the performance of a duty imposed upon him or her by law;
(2) To compel obedience to his or her lawful orders as provided by law;
(3) To compel the attendance of persons to testify in a proceeding pending before him or her, in the cases and manner provided by law;
(4) To administer oaths to persons in a proceeding pending before him or her, and in all other cases where it may be necessary in the exercise of his or her powers and the performance of his or her duties.
[2011 c 336 § 40; 1955 c 38 § 13; 1891 c 54 § 6; RRS § 57.]

If the law, RCW 2.28.030(1), mandates the “disqualification” of a judge to hear a case in which the judge has a “direct interest”, under what theory did the “judicial immunity doctrine” find its justification?
In other words, there was some case decided by a judge in a manner that spawned “judicial immunity.” Clearly the judge ruled so as to protect “judges” – it is the most perfect example of how judges rule in their own self-interest — CONTRARY TO LAW.
Once “judges decide for themselves the meaning of the laws that govern them” NO LAW will contain them! And EVERY LAW can be manipulated to suit their own notions of “right and wrong” rather than having a “jury or the legislature” make those determinations.
The tools judges’ use, besides the unlawful way in which they act as judge in matters that they have a direct interest, are by using their self-created “Court Rules.”
Said another way, “court rules” are rules established by the judges. One particular rule, CR 12(b)(6), provides for the dismissal of a “petition (complaint, lawsuit, grievance…) for failure to state a claim for relief.
Who decides whether the “facts of the petition” support the CR 12(b)(6) dismissal? Again, it is the “judge,” who has a direct interest in their OWN court rules. Judges create the court rules, interpreted the court rules and apply the court rules according their own “determination of the facts” — they are DIRECTLY INTERESTED in their own power created by the rules they make and are THEREFORE “DISQUALIFIED”, by LAW, in deciding those facts. (NOTE: questions of fact should, in any case, be determined by a jury — by law, RCW 4.40.060-070).
Every case that has been decided upon a court rule, by a judge, has been decided by a “disqualified judge”! We citizens have been defrauded of our rights because judges “invent for themselves” a pathway to make rulings they should not be making. The “legislature” or the “people” make public policy – NOT JUDGES!
This “encroachment” into the powers of the legislature or powers “retained by the people”, by allowing judges to determine their own conduct, is resulting in the erosion of fundamental rights of the people.
This is the crux, the center of judicial corrupt – their violation of RCW 2.28.030(1), and the reason why people are growing more and more angry with lawyers and judges for their blatant violation of law and of people’s constitutional and statutory rights and protections.


1. Zero Tolerance declaration. The constitution is clear, governments derive their “just powers” from the consent of the people. See Article 1, Sec 1. Any conduct beyond “just powers” violates the WA State Constitution – PERIOD, and must be prosecuted in the courts (judges therein must obey RCW 2.28.030; the courts must provide a “qualified judge” if necessary) or by the legislature or both.

2. Members, “associates” of the WA State Bar Association may NOT hold office in the legislature or executive branches. Nor shall any legislator be required to seek “legal advice” or have the legislator’s opinions modified, challenged or influenced by any WA State Bar Associate, regardless of the Bar associates position within the judicial branch. Legislators are the “peoples voice” and not the voice of a special interest association that is an agency under the WA State Supreme Court. See delegation of power

3. Lawyer discipline is to be separated from the judicial branch and administered by a citizen board (elected) with grievances judged by an empaneled jury. The grievant may represent his own case or have a spokesperson of their choice provided at the expense of the WSBA. See RCW 2.48.210 – a lawyer MUST take the cause of the oppressed. Lawyer misconduct is an “oppressive act inflicted upon the legal system” and the WSBA must bear the cost as the law requires.

4. Once the ‘citizen discipline board’ is formed, all WSBA grievances from the proceeding 5-years will be re-examined, de novo, by the empaneled jury – if the grievant requests such de novo review. The WSBA must inform all grievants of the past 5-year period.

5. All WSBA grievances “implicate” both those lawyers and judges who are witness or had contact with the lawyer who is the subject of the grievance. Said another way, lawyers and judges are to “serve the law” and therefore share in any violation in which they could have “prevented or corrected” that would make such grievance unnecessary. See RPC 8.3 and CJC 2.14 – 2.16

6. Three strikes rule – any lawyer or judge who has 3 grievances filed (whether culpable or not) receives mandatory probation … a fourth grievance is grounds for disbarment and removal from the bench and disbarment by the citizen disciplinary board.

7. Declare the “immunity doctrine” in any flavor – absolute, qualified…, is unlawful in the state of WA and all cases that were decided on this unlawful doctrine must be retried and decided on the merits. See Article 2, Section 28. Also Article 2, Section 30 — immunity is a ‘special privilege granted to a public servant, by a public servant, so that the public servant can keep a job or salary at public expense’. See RCW 42.52.020 and RCW 42.52.070.

8. All statutes that grant “immunity to public officials” must be repealed. See RCW 2.64.080 for example of the grant of unlawful immunity.

9. All cases that were decided upon a Court Rule are in violation of law. RCW 2.28.030(1) and must be retried on the merits. See initiative to the legislature 651 (2014)

10. Impeach and or remove judges, prosecutors, who violate the law – ZERO Tolerance policy! See Article 4, Section 9; Article 5, Sections 1-2. See CJC 1.1, See RPC 8.4

11. Declare Judges and Lawyers are “officers” subject to an “information” under RCW 7.56, by any person who is aggrieved by the lawyer or judge. Further, declare any person filing an “information” is acting as a ‘private attorney general’ in such matters and the case must be heard by a jury as all judges and lawyers, being associates of the WA State Bar are “disqualified” to act as judge under law – RCW 2.28.030.

At the end of the meeting I believe Senator Angel understood my concerns. And my take-away view is that “we the people” need to exert our power upon our “public servants.” So please forward this “web page” to your legislators and demand they support the reforms discussed, plus any additional reforms of yours, needed to fix our ‘out of control’ public servants.


    1. Thanks again Ann. Do you know if New York has a ‘state office, department, agency…’ called “Risk Management” or some version associated with the “management of risk?” What I believe to be the case and the reason why our governments are corrupt… they MUST manage RISK … Said another way, they must “FIX the SYSTEM — “fix” as in FRAUD”. To say it in still another way, If the “system was fair and honest” all the lawsuits that have been “improperly dismissed or decided” would be decided “truthfully and honestly” and that would likely result in the “bankrupting” of governments in having to pay all the damage claims. As GOVERNMENT GROWS, so too does their “liability” … they MUST for the sake of governments’ survival “fix the system.” Check out this “large “RISK consulting firm,” they live in NY (smile) Marsh and Mclennan


  1. This is a bit off topic, but then again not really, because it is Fraud and Assault by Washington State. Now the Dept. Of Revenue after providing them all paypal records of monies taken in, all ebay records of on line sales which is the only place I have had sales involving my little on line business, and providing the Dept. of Revenue with an accurate accounting of monies I received for doing work ,not associated with my little on line business, they dropped the amount they are illegally attempting to extort by color of Law force and legal abuse from $17,400.00 to $12,000.00 substantiated based on no identified particular sales. So they are preparing liens to place upon the only things I have left, that I had to borrow the money and re-purchase back from the thieves who stole it from me(Edward C. Voss and Bouch Moving & Storage) for approx. $11,000.00. Which consist of my 1979 GMC Van I have owned since 1979, my 1985 ford I have owned since 1999 and a 1983 Ford Cube van, everything else has been Stolen by the State of Washington, the Attorneys involved , Edward C. & Denise L. Voss and the Federal Judicial System. Which clearly tells me that we must be getting close to putting the hurt to these corrupt criminals, for I have not cheated the Dept. of Revenue out of 10 cents.


  2. mygawd,there should be 100 replies to this news !
    Mr Scheidler ? bang em like drums at a high school football rally.

    I thought I’d see some kind of a deal put before you AS THEY KNOW THEY ARE OWNED.
    game OVER.

    Your demands for relief are of course rational and logical.
    all I was thinking to ask of the cartel was to have THEM give us appointments and we present the evidence and affirm our statements during a videotaped hearing instead of this crap with paperwork back and forth and winding up in their trash cans along with their victory via dismissed / CASE CLOSED.

    I cannot express my gratitude correctly to you for publishing publicly THE REMEDY.
    To me and anyone ELSE seeking justice and compensation THESE ARE the KEYS TO THE KINGDOM.

    Receiving the scatology from the TX Bar and BODA had me puzzled and angry as it seemed that there was NOW no way to pursue the illegal actions of a court appointee in the position OF BOTH AAL and GAL,her judge who EVEN ADMITTED he noted both positions of the AAL GAL held by her BUT “I know you so it’s alright”-
    I know you ?????? i know you in what sense ? biblical ? social ? back room deals ? of course the judge WOULD KNOW HER,this is a small place –
    and the inactions of my retained atty who simply sat there ,apparently bored while this AAL GAL read her list of libelous statements, DEMANDED the SSI, on and on—NOTHING NEW HERE anyway within a probate court
    He was slammed into THEIR SYSTEM and IS ward of the court.

    The TX Bar and BODA approve these actions and allow these subhmans to freely exploit and abuse the disabled.

    People ? my autistic son spoke out his simple statement to go home now with me and then WAS PHYSICALLY REMOVED from the court room like a prisoner and carted back to the foster care system–NO CRIMES NOTHING
    aaaaaaaaaaaand these subhumans are allowed to PRACTICE LAW,totally disregard their own rules and codes and further abuse and exploit our disabled and fragile elders ?
    and to ADD INSULT TO INJURY “they” circle the wagons and REFUSE to assist one wronged meaning I CANNOT FIND A WILLING ATTORNEY to simply assist ME in formatting and filing complaint on the federal level WHICH WILL take care of everything as multiple USC and Constitutional violations are plainly seen and magnified,

    Thanks to YOU Mr Scheidler, the FIRST BLOW IS STRUCK at this cartel.
    and motivated people will COURAGEOUSLY follow in your footsteps nationwide.

    I’m going after THEM/ (bar and boda) as well but via the grand jury system as I was harmed FINANCIALLY from these useless blood suckers-
    other charges are via the federal courts and the DEADLINE is a year away,so I DEFINITELY WILL EDUCATE MYSELF and get it done as that 1s a multitude of charges INCLUDING all the alleged protective agencies receiving FEDERAL FUNDING as they do NOTHING for the outright constitutional violations against the disabled and elderly. My demands for relief cannot be monetary as my son IS with chronic illnesses and there would be a lien put against us immediately by the STATE for payment of medicaid services,
    My demands are also logical and NEEDED and there will be NO PRAYER FOR RELIEF-PRAYERS ? how do these criminals RATE MY PRAYERS ? – they remain an ungodly money making CARTEL intent on the exploitation of the righteous AND their relationship with The Almighty is their business NOT MINE or the esteemed state’s the same.

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    1. Clarita, all that you say is right on the mark — the lawyers have established a cartel… How many times have we been told by a government servant… seek the advice of a lawyer? The damn lawyers have “invaded” and taken control of everything so that ‘anything’ must be “filtered through AND PAID FOR” a lawyer! Well if the “lawyers” are that damn important why don’t we just rip-up our constitutions and eliminate our “representatives” and let the lawyers run the country — they seem to be doing it anyway… and look at our country today… these lawyers are truly a brilliant bunch.

      Until more people recognize how our country has been kidnapped by the legal profession, the battles we fight will be long and difficult… However, with the Internet and the ability to reach thousands in seconds .. our remedies are more likely than ever to take root.

      Keep up the fight and keep us posted … Bill

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  3. Mr Scheidler–with all respect.who can hear this case being you ask for NONmembers of the troika / cartel ?
    who then has legal jurisdiction to summons and pass judgement ,penalize etc ?


    1. Great point! However the “courts” are tasked with solving this riddle under RCW 2.08. For example, see RCW 2.08.230 Also RCW 2.04.210

      As far as jurisdiction the “Superior court” has jurisdiction … the problem is not that the “court is disqualified” rather the problem is all WA State Bar lawyers are disqualification to serve as judge. See RCW 2.28.050 “Judge distinguished from court.”

      I can suggest solutions … bring in a “qualified judge” from ‘somewhere.’ … have a “jury” decided all “questions of law and fact” . See RCW 4.40.060-.070 … but it isn’t my problem to be the “administer” of court personnel or “fix their screw-ups”.


      1. and amen to that and of course WELL SAID as expected from ya.

        I’m sorry.but the title of this thread still cracks me up. “misunderstanding ” ? ! ?
        was that the official call on this ?
        as in gee Bill,you’re makin a lotta noise out there on this simple matter and you ARE the ONLY ONE making an uproar,so let’s clear this up and I’m the one to do it,let’s have a beer and calm down=

        or was there a sincere milisecond ?

        give them hell.

        I was reading the latest with the US Marshalls and their antics and this stuff is the equal of the “grand telenovela” as it IS epic.
        but we also have a good old saying that the MORE one touches s*it,the MORE IT SMELLS-

        so let them continue to step in it,get it on their shoes and track it all over your state.
        They ARE A CARTEL and this IS A FACT and they will be brought down one way or a another .
        same for every single STATE-this is nationwide.

        Mr Scheidler ! again and again God BLESS You as YOU have shown us the way.


        give them hell.

        I’m up at bat real soon.


  4. here is my latest email to Congressman Heck which clearly displays the major side stepping that is employed by all of the Congressmen and Senators. Which they are the “enablers” of this felony criminal corruption by defrauding the public and making it all possible for these Organized Crime spineless nothings in the Judiciary to execute these crimes against innocent citizens. If the Senators and Congressmen did not defraud the public, these felony corrupt Judges would not even be temped to commit these horrendous felony criminal acts in the first place, let alone on a more and more frequent basis and level of severity. So the legislators are in essence more of the problem than the ones actually executing these felony crimes by providing the confidence for them to flagrantly continue to do it.

    message (4)

    Denny Heck August 22, 2014 Mr. Bruce Gambill 8513 123rd Street E Puyallup, WA 98373-4992 Dear Bruce, Thank you for contacting Congressman Denny Heck regarding your complaints about your bankruptcy proceedings. A

    Aug 22


    Denny Heck
    Aug 22

    Dear Miss Min

    I do appreciate you at least taking the time to respond to me in writing, in addition to contacting DOJ. That exceeds within it self anything Congressman Reichert and his Office ever did for my issues by 110%. I included the 10% due to the fact that your Office has yet to blatantly lie to me and attempt to cov for/aid & abet these severely corrupt criminal government actors.

    As I indicated to you and Seth, the Congressman’s schedule manager, that I feel that it is wrong to dump this entire matter on Congressman Heck just because Congressman Reichert and Staff ignored their Duty to Office, the Law and to the constituents within his district. Doing this long before the retaliatory criminal fraudulent Conversion/ Theft of my home , property and everything I own. Which of course if Congressman Reichert would have honored his Duty, The Law regarding written report of serious Felony crimes and Felony Criminal Organized Crime Judicial Corruption, and verified my documents with the recorded facts, accompanied with both State & Federal Statute, the Criminal Theft of my home, property and everything I own, including the enormously humiliating illegal forceful , wrongful eviction from my home and property of the last 32 years most likely would have never taken place.

    But since Congressman Reichert & Staff vigorously chose to ignore the truth, the facts, Duty and the Law itself, the aforementioned catastrophic injury and loss came to pass with the accompaniment of the pro Organized crime, judicial felony criminal corruption outlook retained by and openly demonstrated by Congressman Reichert and Staff. Therefore since my illegal criminal displacement from my long term residence was endorsed by Congressman Reichert & Staff, now placing me in Congressman Heck’s District, Reichert & Staff were quick to dump this illegal nightmare mess on your Office and Congressman Heck

    In doing so, amply displaying the true colors , outlooks and intent of Congressman Reichert. In addition to the level of ethics, integrity, and sense of Duty retained by Congressman Reichert in regards to the public, Duty to Office and adhering to the laws of Washington State & the United States.

    However, in regards to DOJ, I would hope that within your conversation to them , that the seriousness, the gravity of this horrible situation was impressed upon them. That each and every day that passes, I am illegally forced to remain homeless, out of business, continuously warred upon illegally by my own Government. In addition to the fact that there are criminal Felony Organized Crime Felons illegally in possession of my home, property and prized personal possessions. That each fleeting day that passes ,simply enables these criminals to remain in possession of stolen property and dispose of my belongings.

    As wrong as this whole illegal situation is, and as much as this is a major concern to us all , especially our Congressmen , I still feel that the manor in which this was brought to Congressman Heck’s attention and his District is as wrong as wrong gets.

    I have already provided the DOJ and FBI with all detailed Documents of proof of all of this , substantiating my complaints and claims of Organized Crime Felony criminal judicial corruption well over a year ago via certified USPS. Only to be ignored, lied to, and side stepped. The exact same for the severely corrupt embedded within RICO U.S. Trustee and U.S. Attorney Office. As if they are in a position to pick and choose which violations of criminal statutes they do investigate and prosecute, and which ones of the same caliber that they don’t. Which is of course illegal and nothing short of Fraud amongst several other violations of Core value and principal, violation of sworn oath Duty and the law itself. Which spells out in big bright red letters in any language one would choose to interpret this, == organized Crime RICO Conspiracy to deprive me of my Rights, Due process of law, and to fraudulently steal my home and property, safeguarding the felony criminals who are directly responsible for doing so.

    Today I was contacted by the Wa. State Dept. of Revenue who are still vigorously pursuing wrongfully extorting (now reduced to $12,000.00) from me for State Sales Tax. Based only on my Federal income tax returns, nothing to do with my little online sales business that was only maintained to keep my business name. Including all sales consisted of my own personal collection of vintage auto parts I have acquired over my lifetime, not purchased for resale within this simple temporary on line business.I kept the business name going in hope of having my credit that has been illegally destroyed , restored . Allowing me to return to my occupation and 20+ year career in the automotive industry is all I was attempting to achieve.

    I have not even had $12,000.00 worth of sales total in that business, let alone in State taxable sales. I can only be left to deduct that this is the State , the corruption , retaliation via the long arm of the corrupt Judiciary attempting to continue to injure me, Obstruct Justice and evade prosecution and public disclosure of the truth regarding this entire nightmare that the unprofessional negligent Corrupt Judiciary gave birth to and have nurtured and parented throughout these last 14 years from hell.

    As I indicated to Seth, having Congressman Heck attempt to assist me by himself would be committing political suicide, the only way he could safely honor his Duty to office and me, would b e to include Congressman Reichert, Congressman Issa, Senator Becker, U.S. Senator Cantwell, U.S. Senator Murray and the U. S. Attorney Jenny Durken and Tesa Gorman. Also U.S. Attorney Kurt Larson was informed of this and was originally attempting to assist me until his corrupt superiors pulled him off the case and transferred him immediately after he had just arrived here.Having all of the aforementioned Public Officials been provided detailed documentation regarding this illegal nightmare from hell and currently having this material in their Offices. so this would not require re-creating the wheel so to speak for Congressman Heck to address this issue with each of the aforementioned Public Officials in Congress and our Senate, including Congressman Issa. I have also provided all documents to governor Inslee’s Office and the White House.

    Currently WIKI has taken an interest in my issues and has ask me to provide them with all of the pertinent details regarding the judicial engineering of this criminal organized Crime nightmare.

    I have ask Seth to please Schedule a meeting with Congressman Heck ASAP for me. Please understand that it not my intention to abuse or use your Office, Congressman Heck, the Law or the Judicial System. I have and so have my children been innocent victims since day one and are desperately in dire need of relief and our lives restored as close to what is possible to represent what we all consistently had for years and were clearly destined to achieve.

    Yours Truly

    Bruce E. Gambill Jr.

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    Denny Heck
    Aug 27

    Dear Miss Min

    As I sit at this desk looking at the green postal receipt dated received by the D.O.J. over a year ago that I myself provided them with all verifiable documents of substantiated by statute proof of Felony RICO, Fraud, Fraudulent conversion of title to my home and property, lists of all the stolen property, and never receiving so much as a reply from them regarding any positive action what so ever, that would be considered according to Law.

    So point being as to what is hoped to be gained by another month of my life being illegally wasted and on judicial hold behooves me. Many refer to this type of scenario as being slow walked in the fast lane to no where. Personally I am at a loss, within me providing documentation to Congressman Reichert’s Office, who personally told me that they were forwarding it all on to your Office, are the same verifiable documents of proof that I have notified you of criminal felony Organized crime Corruption within both the State and Federal Judiciaries operating in mirrored concert with each other to achieve servicing the needs of RICO, Organized Crime , criminal Felony Corruption. With an on Staff attorney , your office having the ability to recognize that everything I have told you is in fact according to Law, all of the Rights violations, all of the FRCP violations in Court after Court.

    If I appear impatient, just imagine being the innocent victim of the injustices and down right felony criminal acts by the Judiciary , since July 12th 2000, with constant injury after injury by this corrupt judicial systems illegal methods of retaliation and obstruction of Justice so as to prevent disclosure, accountability and criminal prosecution of the guilty parties responsible for all of this entire case/cases.. Then I hardly can imagine that I would appear impatient at all. Skeptical yes, but hardly impatient, especially given the severity of all of this and the catastrophic injuries to my children and mainly myself consistently by this corrupt Judiciary Organized Crime.

    I wrote a bit to the Congressman’s schedule manager Seth. Stating to him that basically I was at a loss as to just exactly what within this particular case does not demonstrate an Emergency situation within the Judiciary? Whereas currently, every level of the judiciary has proven themselves to be so corrupt , encrusted with RICO Organized Crime, demonstrating beyond mere legal abuse, or simply lack of discretion by miles. With the trained eye of the Congressman and your Staff Attorney, if in fact the particulars of this case were actually considered, why would it take a month down the road for the DOJ to tell you so, or continue to cover for the guilty parties as they have consistently done in the past?

    Why would it take an Agency back in the District of Columbia to tell you that there is a beyond severe problem here right in front of everyone’s faces?

    Yours Truly

    Bruce E. Gambill Jr.

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    Denny Heck

    Sep 2 at 3:02 PM

    Dear Miss Min

    After having sent you prior email regarding this abundantly clear situation. A situation that is the specific epitome of the Latin phrase of “It Speaks For Itself”. Concerning the Criminal Felony organized crime Judicial corruption, Fraud, Grand Theft, RICO , Color of Law, the directly resulting intended illegal unjustified injuries to my family and mainly myself, that has been attempted by me to be brought to Congressman Heck’s personal attention, with little to no success for some reason.

    Having emailed the Congressman’s scheduling manager Seth twice regarding a face to face meeting with Congressman Heck regarding this most serious and important issue that I described for Seth in enough detail for him or anyone to grasp the urgency, the severity and the intended illegal Felony Corrupt malicious resulting injuries to my family and myself by the accused I have specifically identified as criminally corrupt both State and Federal Government Actors.

    All of which have been fully supported by Statute , Constitutional Right, FRCP, and on black and white legible verifiable Court Documents of hard , undeniable proof of guilt as accused and according to Laws of the State of Washington and the United States. Never once expecting anyone to just take my word for it. All of it supported by verifiable court document on file. Signed by various corrupt government actors.

    However, still not hearing back from yourself or Seth regarding this matter, and being fully aware of the fact that you did indicate that if you had not heard back from the DOJ by Sept. 3rd, you would take further action concerning this matter.

    Having my prior email address the question of why when something like this is backed up with more and more verifiable proof, all supported by statute , doctrine, FRCP ,, on verifiable documents clearly on file that specifically pertain to clear written law, court procedure and scope of duty of various identified officials within the judiciary and legislative branch of our government, that it must be all sent to a dept. back East to determine what is right in front of all of our faces?? The same Dept. Back East that has had verifiable documented proof of all of this via certified USPS return receipt mail for over a year and done nothing but side step this, say they have mis placed all of my files, and nothing else!

    Why would this continually be the same pattern that I experience at every station of this tragic illegal Judicial Organized Crime nightmares journey unless there is something seriously wrong here. Be rest assured it is not within my proof of evidence of these criminal events occurring exactly as described within the documents I have submitted to Congressman Reichert that his Staff assured me were all being forwarded on to your Office.

    Or otherwise why would I receive so much absolute resistance as I have? Having time & date Stamped filed motions intentionally and never responded to, including a hand delivered letter to the presiding Judge and the Clerks Office all ignored and never responded to. Intentional malicious improper Venue in 95% of all proceedings, allowing main defendants to Rule upon themselves! Having FRCP, the Void Judgment Doctrine , my filed Jury Demands in each and every case all ignored or blatantly violated. Right to Due process ignored and violated in every proceeding. Statutes that require a jury trial intentionally ignored and violated by the Superior Court, money I paid to receive that specific jury just blatantly stolen by the Court, having the U.S. Bankruptcy Court judge Snyder Refuse to allow my chap.7 case 01-42762 to be reopened for use in my adversary case and law suit that proves he is guilty and so is the U.S. Trustee, The Bankruptcy court clerks Office, and also Judge Lynch, including Attorney Desa Conniff who now sits on the Federal Bar Association. Combined with an additional multitude of violations to FRCP, my Rights, both constitutional, civil and basic human rights.

    Now since my last emailing to you, I have been contacted by the Federal U.S. Marshals Service on behalf of the U.S. Attorneys Office regarding the large package of verifiable documented proof of Organized Crime felony Criminal Judicial Corruption, and the U.s. Attorney’s office Aiding & Abetting this Federal Crime and attempting to Cover for these rouge elements within the Judiciary. Combined with the ph. calls made to the U.S. Attorneys Office that have never been replied to. Having these U.S. Marshals attempt to lean on me and try to convince me that giving written notice of these felony crimes specific to and relevant to this case and all cases was not sufficient to command action even if supported by statute , on verifiable Court Documents proving all of this to be illegal and quite true. That the U.S. Attorney Tesa Gorman and Jenny Durken refused to prosecute their friends within the judiciary. That they were going to ignore their sworn Oath Duty to the Law and me by continuing to ignore the truth, the Law and this verifiable hard factual evidence of nothing less of Organized Crime Felony Criminal Judicial Corruption. Which is clearly RICO and treason. Banking on your Office and the Congressman not doing his job or honoring his sworn oath duty to perform legally in regards to matters such as this.

    Having these U.S. Marshals tell me that I should not contact the U.S. Attorney about documented verifiable proof of this tragic priority emergency situation the flagrantly exists within both the State and Federal Judicial Branches of Government. Trying to stop me any way they can, knowing that I have documented proof of all of this. Knowing full & well what this means, that people need to be criminally charged, my home and property seized and returned to its rightful owner, that seats would be vacated and need to be filled, that corrupt rouge elements within the judiciary NEED TO BE WEEDED OUT AND SENT TO PRISON WHERE THEY CLEARLY BELONG.

    I am taking the time to type this to you so as to have record of this for us both. I look forward to your speedy reply and in hopes of some actual assistance to me being finally provided. Including some type of reasonable date for a face to face meeting with the Congressman Heck that will be allotted the necessary time to fully address all elements of this illegal corrupt nightmare..

    Yours Truly

    Bruce E. Gambill Jr.


    1. hate to say this as I AM SURE there was,once upon a time in America,that YOU WERE A PRIVATE,self contained person–same as US.

      you need to relentlessly contact the media and MAKE THEM FOLLOW this report.
      and that’s what i meant by saying that I KNOW U WERE ONCE a private person.


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