The Common Law Grand Jury movement v Lawyers and their stranglehold on our country.

A few years back the “common law grand jury” movement attracted my interest; particularly the movement established by John Darash of New York, which is more commonly known under their popular name – National Liberty Alliance (NLA). While the NLA is one of the driving forces behind the grand jury movement there are other such movements across the country, such as Common Law Grand Jury, the Grand Jury Association, the American National Militia, and of course the Tea Party. All of these movements advocates for citizen control over the government that serves them.

But John Darash has what it takes. So I became involved and linked up with NLA’s WA State organizer, Veronica Port. After meeting with Veronica and some of the other NLA members in WA, I came away believing that the Grand Jury “concept” made sense. But I had real heartburn with their marketing strategy and the wide-ranging notions expressed by those I met in what they believe 12 people (the Common Law Grand Jury) could do to change an entire country. With those reservations aside, I joined the WA Grand Jury Movement, which gave me the opportunity to participate in the NLA’s weekly meetings held over the Internet.

My involvement with the NLA was soon involuntarily ended when John Darash “excommunicated me” because I asked too many questions and made too many recommendations that were viewed as “disruptive.” At that time I criticized Darash as being too “vague” and seemingly trying to promote the concept that Grand Juries were a means to impeach Barrack Obama, eliminate the IRS, and avoid diving without a license. None of these issue mattered to me. I felt that by establishing a simple message would validate the Grand Jury movement. To me it is this simple… We have lost faith in our “judicial branch” because the legal establishment — a.k.a. Lawyers — commandeered our ‘justice system.’ When we explain how these lawyers are using our “justice system” to commit crimes and steal from people who believe, naively, in “right and wrong” the grand jury movement will resonate and be justified by this fact. My suggestion was to establish a simple-to-understand reason for the movement and not be a fix-all for any wacko notion that made the “grand jury movement” a political tool rather than a “necessary fix” for our corrupt judicial system.

Years have passed since those early days of the NLA. While the NLA has gathered more followers, and instituted common law grand juries in many states, their achievements in gaining broad social acceptance and showing results for their effort is still a failure. HOWEVER, I still listen to their weekly audio meetings and monitor their evolving strategy to bring back our “justice system” from the stranglehold by lawyers. And I believe they are starting to develop a strategy that is on the right path. They seem to be cultivating a message more people will view that the NLA is a champion for ‘justice’ rather than being “anti establishment.’ They are starting to get it right — it is all about “lawyers” stranglehold on government, and that excites me.

Here is a court filing that gives some understanding what John Darash is trying to do PRESENTMENT UNDER COMMON LAW

The latest maneuver by the National Liberty Alliance — An “information” filed in United State’s District Court, New York City.

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