Bill Scheidler’s quest for WA house seat ends

Scheidler’s first-time run for elective office ends on high note. Scheidler goes on to endorse Jesse Young

I am energized, more determined than ever, and will up my effort to demand honesty and integrity from our public servants. And work to “remove from government those public servants who betray our trust.”

While I will not be working in doing all that I am doing from a legislative seat, I believe our soon-to-be elected legislators should recognize, by the results of my campaign, how many people crave virtue and honor from our public servants.
While my quest for a house seat ended – having received about 15% of the vote — the context in which I campaigned tells the real story.

Despite such a simple campaign and an honest statement as to why we have such a mess, against the derogatory press coverage by the Kitsap Sun, over the few months of the campaign, nearly 5000 people heard of my work, my effort to restore the rule of law, to restore integrity and honor to public service and they said YES by their VOTE!

I cannot feel anything other than immense joy by the VOICE of these 5000 individuals. Today I know more people find our presently employed public servants lacking in the virtues so critical to public service. I am re-energized to continue what I do and am ready for 2016.

Thank you all,


Legislative District 26

Last updated on 08/05/2014 9:22 PM

Legislative District 26 – State Representative Pos. 1

Candidate Vote Vote %
(Prefers Republican Party)
4,968 14.85%
(Prefers Republican Party)
12,760 38.14%
(Prefers Democratic Party)
15,724 47%
Total Votes (not including write-ins) 33,452


  1. The State of Washington’s loss…however, Bill, you will live to “fight” another day….or election. Your name is out there, and growing. Congratulations on an excellent effort!!

    Ann Masotti


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