UPDATE: Lawsuit against King County judges, a.k.a., King’s KINGS – Diversion of public assets

In the lawsuit, Mr. Hupy and Haggerty claim King County Superior Court judges diverted public assets to a “private entity”, the King County Bar Association. The complaint claims this diversion of public assets violates Article 8 Section 5 of the Washington State Constitution declaring CREDIT NOT TO BE LOANED. The credit of the State shall not, in any manner be given or loaned to, or in aid of any individual, association, company or corporation and Article 4 Section 13 of the Washington State Constitution declaring in part SALARY OF JUDICIAL OFFICERS “No Judicial Officer, except for Commissioners and unsalaried Justices of the Peace, shall receive to his own use any fee’s or perquisites of Office.” – See more at: http://www.corruptwa.com/corrupt/judges/judges-of-king-county-a-k-a-kings-kings-sued-for-diversion-of-public-resources/#sthash.i9t1Hhyi.dpuf

We here at http://www.corruptWA.com have obtained the pleadings filed in this case and are available by clicking these links.

  • 4-30-14 Complaint Notarized Part 1
  • 4-30-14 Motion for Preliminary Injunction Signed
  • 5-01-14 Motion for Temporary TRO Signed
  • Stay tuned as more information will be posted as soon as possible

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