Scheidler files to Intervene in Public Records Act lawsuit

Scheidler, chief activist at, files to Intervene in John Worthington’s lawsuit against the Cities of Bremerton, Port Orchard, Poulsbo and against Kitsap County and the State of Washington

This case epitomizes the utter disrespect our “public servants” and the attorneys who represent them have for citizens. Such arrogance and unlawfulness must NOT stand! And those “servants” who betray the public trust must be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law.

Motion to Intervene in PDF format

[book id=’3′ /]

Claims re Motion to Intervene in PDF format

[book id=’1′ /]


  1. Kitsap County police department (City of Port Orchard) do not care about laws. They enable DV assailants to get away with DV and continue to assault their victims. Sad, they refuse to throw the assailant in jail due to the assailants position within the DoD community and some of the law enforcement officers being “buddies” with the assailant. Cover-up, Cover-Up and Cover-Up!! They enable DV, they are ignorant to laws, they do not uphold themselves in a professional manner, their law enforcement officers are not just okay with DV they enable child abuse, child negligence along with enable to abuser to drive while under the influence of alcohol. Including testifying (police deputies) in a court of law (different jurisdiction than their county) for a fee against the victim on family law cases and state in a court of law that the assailant had “every right to assault his victim”! Since when did it become okay for a victim to have the hell beat out of them and a law enforcement agency enable this assailant? One word CORRUPTION! No wonder Kitsap County has the highest rape, drug, alcohol and DV cases in Washington State. Sad


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