Judge Keith Harper: you want a fair venue, try the moon or Mars…

UPDATE: Constitution v Legal Establishment

Judge Keith Harper
Attached is an audio snippet from a motion hearing “Scheidler v Executive Director, Commission on Judicial Conduct and Associate Director, WSBA, et. al.” at which I objected to a WA lawyer, under RCW 2.28.030 from acting as judge when the judge is ‘directly interested’ in the subject matter of the case. Also noted in my pleading is the ‘ethical requirement’ that states judges shall disqualify themselves under the Code of Judicial conduct CJC 2.11, when a judges ‘family’ is interested in the subject matter of the case. In this case the Judge’s son is a lawyer.

Clearly, a judge has a VITAL interest at stake, as the Commission on Judicial Conduct has the absolute power to remove the judge from his bench without consequence in the way the CJC achieves the judges removal. (See RCW 2.64.080 privilege from suit). Additionally, in this case, Judge Keith Harper’s son is a lawyer… hence his son’s interest is involved in that the WSBA is a party and the judge’s son is susceptible to the same retribution if the judge rules against the WSBA.

Please listen to how Judge Keith Harper addresses me and tells me to go find a venue on the moon or MARS when I try to discuss these conflicts and by law he must disqualify.

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To hear John Worthington’s testimony listen to the audio below.

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Needless to say, anyone who recognizes how the “legal establishment” has commandeered our ‘justice system’ and uses this ‘complete power’ to make ANY decision they want solely for their own enrichment — PLEASE GET INVOLVED! PLEASE PASS THIS SITE TO ALL YOU KNOW! PLEASE CONTACT YOUR REPRESENTATIVES AND VOICE YOUR CONCERN.

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  1. The audio clip really obviates that there seems to be an extreme fear of having a jury involved, i.e. the defensiveness in the face of statements that the public, at least, perceives as common sense logic is kind of jarring. I do recognize that judges can be crotchety, and that we perhaps prefer them to be that way, yet something unsettlingly defensive still comes through.


  2. Has anybody ever gone to court and come out stating “I am so much better off than before I came here?” NO…NEVER, the public deserves the law and detests the extortion and fraud that was used against them, destroying their lives. The general public does not require metal detectors at their place of employment. If the judiciary and attorneys were not so heinously fraudulent by compounding lie upon lies, with no rule of law in sight, they also would not require protection.


  3. As I tried to make clear to Judge Harper in Court on Friday, what would fuel this tremendous steadfast onslaught & firm Objection to Mr. Scheidler’s case being provided Due Process, prescribed process of Law by being heard by a totally innocent unbiased Jury?

    The same be decided by that Jury regarding Mr. Worthington and Mr. Gambill’s intervention in Mr. Scheidlers case? Or for having all of our complaints to the CJC be reheard , grievances filed to the WSBA, and Gambill’s application to their Lawyers Fund for Client Protection all be reheard by a jury and see if in fact that it did not consistantly produce far different – night & day results for each and every one of us?

    Since both the defendants deny being biased, and insist they have been fair,done their job objectively and correctly, what would they fear from the best time tested most proven method to achieve true equal justice, by having a totally unbiased Jury review all of this??

    Since Judge Harper did not immediately , or ever produce an answer to what would fuel the defendants most vigorous, firm, consistent objection, and readily apparent fear of losing the death grip control of all of the complaints and grievances, the harboring of justice/obstruction of justice, and fear of the possible results of a totally innocent unbiased Jury only motivated by the want for truth, equal and unbiased justice for all? The ANSWER IS GUILT! With the average unbiased observer theory employed, would be the most common deduction.

    By doing so establishing the consistant pattern of Fraud, intentional ignoring hard facts of Judicial misconduct, violation of Rule/ Statute,to defraud the applicant, aid & abet the injustice- Felony Crime, imprison Felony Crime & Corruption. All to produce these clearly beyond biased results and final determinations on these complaints that that practically all of them are consistently just distorted to service the need, and quickly disposed of by the defendants.
    I tried to point out as to how this was not fair to burden one single judge with this ultimatum of either decide to ignore statute, abuse the trust of the public , breech to Oath of Office and side with his piers in a clearly biased ruling.

    Or honor Oath to Office, the trust of and duty to the people of the State of Washington. Obey Statute and clearly prescribed court procedures. By doing so, risk having his career destroyed, alienated from , and despised by his piers. Just like they do to any Lawyer or Judge who discloses felony corruption in the judicial System, exactly as they did to attorney Douglas Schaffer.

    But none of this mattered to Judge Harper, because he had no intention of obeying the Law/Statute, being loyal to the people of Washington State, honoring his oath to Office, and basically could care less about the public’s view of, or trust in the Judicial System.

    Clearly relying on corruption in the CJC and the Defendants to Potentially Rule on him the same way he ruled on the defendants. Ensuring that the deep rooted corruption is safe, alive and well , living on forever.

    Having Judge Harper announce that since Judge Forbes had already Ruled to strike the Motion with prejudice, the he felt compelled to rule the same way.

    I attempted to respond but I was cut off by Judge Harper who clearly did not want to hear me say that Judge Forbes Orders had not been signed or filed yet , making them no Orders at all.

    So in a sense we are better off now more so than before this proceeding, by having Judge Harper and the Defendants demonstrate clearly once again that this is the case at hand and exactly how they are going to illegally side step the issue and obstruct justice by violation of Statute, Due process of Law and Fraud on the Court.

    Basically strengthening this case and these motions, this movement even more firmly and making the corruption and criminal intent clear enough for Ray Charles to spot at night in the fog.

    It is said that there will be many battles, but what is important is, who wins the WAR. We are approaching the end of this street whereas there is just too much undeniable proof and guilt to ignore and attempt to deny.

    The problem the defendants and these Judges are having is, everyone else has always given up by now. Which just to make sure they had not become disillusioned by this last display, thinking it was some type of long term victory, that I was more than confident that Mr. Scheidler, Mr. Worthington nor Mr. Gambill had any intention of throwing in the towel concerning this matter ,any time soon

    Having all of this be the same exact procedure executed by the WSBA, its LFCP, the CJC, when dealing with the complaints, grievances or app.’s to the LFCP. that being if they couldn’t dispose of you with the standard dose of mumbo jumbo, then out right fraud, intentional statute violation ,flagrant altering of facts was they very next choice to jump to every time.

    Having the CJC in my complaint Find that even with the Supreme court records of attorney Grahn’s suspension from practice, the same records from the WSBA, and the records of his court appearances in Superior Court Pierce County, having these dates clearly align with each other perfectly,demonstrating multiple occations of unlicensed practice of Law being executed by Grahn, and continulusly allowed by the Superior Court .

    Accompanied by 2 sep. time & date Stamped motions to the Superior Court notifying the Court of Felony Crime being currently executed by Grahn towards my children and myself, illegally stripping all child support from my innocent children, the court signing this illegal deplorable order, defrauding me of my Deed release to my home, illegally forcing me to foreclosure- Bankruptcy ,,,,,,, and the superior court never responds to these filed motions, one being an emergency Motion.

    So the CJC says , Well now , theres not a darn thing wrong with all of this now , so there was just no clear preponderance of evidence of any wrong doing here now!!!!

    So we are expected to react just like Gomer Pyle and say well,,,, gall lee,,,, ok then and bye, thanks a lot. Go away and never be heard from again.

    As Miss Schimpff pointed out to Judge Harper, that all my problem was my displeasure with the results of ……………. being defrauded, rights violated, cheated, lied to right from the stand, assets and all real estate stolen, son framed and illegally imprisoned, credit illegally destroyed, ect etc., treated like I have the mentality of a potato and encouraged to locate a way to learn to like it.

    That is exactly how corrupt and above the Law, and the rest of us, they really are.

    Which in turn, all their problem is that I can see, is that they are not yet, all chained together on board that one way tour bus with the heavy duty metal screen covering all of the windows. Delivering them all to the extended stay enlightenment class. While all of their assets and belongings are auctioned off to help off set the cost to the tax payers and this State a little bit.


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