The battle enters phase two: “Constitution” v “Legal Establishment”

JW motion to intervene (2)
Third Update Update

Friday, March 14, John Worthington filed to intervene as intervenor-plaintiff in Scheidler’s Amended Complaint. Worthington joins Bruce Gambill, who filed earlier. John’s MOTION TO INTERVENE (1)

Lady-Justice-in-Shame update
Second Update

In response to Scheidler’s ‘amended complaint’ Kristen Schimpff, WSBA # 31299, and Mary M. Tennyson, WSBA # 11197 have filed to “strike” the amended complaint claiming it violates ‘court rules’. Of course the ‘court rule’ these despicable lawyers cite as justification to “strike” Scheidler’s ‘petition for a redress of his grievance is the very rule the lawyers have established for themselves so they can raise such an argument. Here rages the battle… can lawyers establish court rules that conflict with constitutional rights? Or has the “legal establishment” constructed a fraud upon the people in how they use these ‘court rules?’ This motion was scheduled to be heard on March 7, 2014 in Kitsap Superior Court. However the matter will instead be heard on March 21, 9AM and a visiting judge has been called to “hear” the motion. Since we have no information on who the judge is and if this judge is also a member of the WSBA and is similarly disqualified under law has yet to be determined.

First Update
First Update

Today, February 24, an “amended complaint” was filed in Kitsap Superior Court adding more lawyers as defendants. Once again the issue is ‘are lawyers masters over citizens, or are citizens masters over lawyers?’ Clearly the WA State Attorney General has made it his mission to insure “lawyers remain masters” of citizens, but more importantly, to insure lawyers remain in total control of the “Judicial Branch”. The Amended Complaint adds lawyers from the WA State Bar and lawyers from the WA State Attorney Generals office to the complaint that was initially against lawyer Felice Congalton and lawyer J. Reiko Callner who occupy “public office.” Both Congalton and Callner are responsible to citizens to insure “lawyers and judges” obey the law. Neither Congalton nor Callner fulfills their obligation to society that only honest and ethical lawyers and judges hold positions of trust. To read the amended complaint follow this link “Amended Complaint”. Click this link to read the “ORIGINAL COMPLAINT” This story will be updated as information becomes available. Please ‘like what we do’ on Facebook and help distribute this story via social media.


  1. It is great to see someone who actually tries to hold these abusers accountable, the relationship between the WSBA and the Superior Court Judges is unacceptable, Keep up the good work.

    Chris Hupy


  2. The Washington State Bar Association [WSBA] claims to be exempt from Washington’s Public Disclosure Act, asserting it is part of the judiciary.

    As anyone who has attended school knows:

    Ours is a government composed of three branches, the legislative, executive and judicial; and,

    None of the three branches may claim the powers of one or more of the other two branches.

    Each branch is purposed to serve as a check against unbridled power in the hands of one or more of the other branches. Also, this is often referred to as Separation of Powers.

    In law, the combine of two or more branches [of our government] has been defined as tyranny.

    Anyone assuming public office must take an oath to uphold our laws. Acts contrary to the separation of powers violate the oath of office, which can be grounds for suits and removal from public service.

    The WSBA, routinely, initiates criminal actions against individuals for “the unlawful practice of law.” Doing so is an executive branch function, so violates the Separation of Powers.

    When considering such, one should also consider that all complaints must be made on personal knowledge and supported by an affidavit or declaration, which serves to hold the complainant accountable for willful misrepresentations of fact (ref. RCW 9A.72.080, for example).

    Any policy or procedure formed by the WSBA and implemented against citizens [who are not members of the Bar] equate to legislative enactments, at the administrative level.

    The Bar does not have authority to try cases against private citizens.

    It could be argued the Bar is no more part of the judiciary than is a defacto superior court clerk. It could also be argued we have a common law right of access to administrative records. Access to administrative court records is critical to, among other things, insuring no conflict of interest exists between litigants and court personnel.

    We have a common law common law right of access to court records. That right is so powerful, denial of access to case files, including delay in release them, has been determined to be a denial of access to the courts, a violation of right protected by the Washington Constitution (art 1, sec. 10).


  3. Bill,
    I support your efforts for remedy, redress and relief…. Your pleadings look better than any attorney would write..
    I share with you and others a written demand for an internal investigation to the Bellefontaine Mayor for the unanswered questions from the murder of my Mother and abuse my Father suffered while they have stolen over a half million dollars of their estate and refuse her a headstone from her own money. One only has to read this to get “the wink, the nod and the handshake” between the gang bangers and the collusion of conspiracy. Yes I said that word…..

    That crap about “separate powers” is only good when they speak to us and refusing us representation and there is no REPUBLIC without it.
    They have taken away our rights to the juries and grand juries.
    In fact I think it is safe to say they have taken away our voting rights since the “machines” can be altered to fit their chosen outcome…..

    “…But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, IT IS THEIR DUTY, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security……”

    No matter how good are pleadings the Lucifer’s still do what they want and we desperately need those Common Law Grand Juries and Juries to get the remedy, redress and relief for justice to secure our Life, Liberty and Property… (yes I said property). Let’s get those juries up and in place immediately. They can’t stop it if we stand together.


    1. BINGO!!! More and more People are getting angry and angrier by the way our public servants “mistreat” us… AND even, causes people to die. And your case isn’t the only example of the utter evil by “our TRUSTED” public servants. Rather, such horror in the utter mistreatment and death caused by ‘people in trust’ seems almost routine.

      This ‘routine’ is further demonstrated by how they “cover-up” their crimes. It is almost as if they have practiced for the very consequence of their incompetence and cruelty.

      WE PEOPLE need to organize in a way that demands their (our public servants) attention and accountability. I think the Common Law Grand Jury movement is one such organized and hopeful remedy. But as with all ‘grassroots’ movements its success depends on how the movement is perceived by others… If the “perception” is one that labels any movement as just another “potential problem” or ‘another bureaucracy or a political movement’ the ‘headwinds’ favor the “status quo” rather than being a threat to the status quo.

      I know of a couple of movements that advocate for the common law grand jury — The National Liberty Alliance and Common Law Gran Jury

      My approach is based upon the issue of “standing”. When a person suffers harm they have a right of action. And this applies to harms caused at the hands of public officials. This approach has “specific” players who are named (defendants and plaintiffs) and a specific story that others can either relate to or disagree with … it is a process of ‘change’ one person, one issue, one court case at a time. But just as Roe v Wade made its way into our lives, it started with one person and one court case.

      But the overriding issue to any movement is who controls the “process”. Right now the “legal establishment (lawyers, Bar Associations, Judges Associations etc.,) controls our “justice system” and this is the single biggest threat to our society.

      Whatever “movement” one chooses to align with the common enemy is the “legal establishment!”


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