Charges filed against Executive Director, Commission on Judicial Conduct and Associated Director, WSBA

Today, January 7, 2014, an information (a.k.a. indictment) was filed in Kitsap Superior Court against J. Reiko Callner, Esq., Executive Director, Commission on Judicial Conduct, and against Felice Congalton, Esq., Associate Director of the WA State Bar.

The entire indictment can be read at this link Cause quo warranto v Callner Congalton

Both Callner and Reiko are alleged to have conspired, using their government office, to protect dishonest judges and lawyers from charges of various crimes and unethical conduct.

WA State, under statutory authority RCW 7.56.020, provides for any person to file an “information” when any state official “unlawfully hold or exercise any public office” that affects the “interests” of that person.

Clearly when a judge or a lawyer violates the law in the exercise of their office these corrupt judges and lawyers breach their oath to the law and to their code of conduct. When such behavior is ‘concealed,’ as both Callner and Congalton have done, our “justice system” is reduced to a game established for the amusement of corrupt judges and lawyers. And citizens are nothing more than their play-toys in the game of who can tell the most believable lie.

The lawsuit also invokes the ‘conflict of interest’ statute, RCW 2.28.030, that forbids a lawyer from acting as judge on a case in which the lawyer has a direct interest. Clearly, all lawyers are directly interested in the laws, codes and public duty which apply to them. This lawsuit deals squarely with lawyers’ obligations to Scheidler specifically and to the public as a whole.

Allegations taken from the indictment #14-2-00042-3, against both Callner and Congalton are as follows

First Cause of Action: Violation of RCW 9A.80.010 Official misconduct.

(1) A public servant is guilty of official misconduct if, with intent to obtain a benefit or to deprive another person of a lawful right or privilege:

(a) He or she intentionally commits an unauthorized act under color of law; or

(b) He or she intentionally refrains from performing a duty imposed upon him or her by law.

(2) Official misconduct is a gross misdemeanor.

Second Cause of Action: Violation of RCW 42.20.100 Failure of duty by public officer a misdemeanor.

Whenever any duty is enjoined by law upon any public officer or other person holding any public trust or employment, their willful neglect to perform such duty, except where otherwise specially provided for, shall be a misdemeanor.

Third Cause of Action: Violation of RCW 42.20.080 Other violations by officers.

Every officer or other person mentioned in RCW 42.20.070, who shall willfully disobey any provision of law regulating his or her official conduct in cases other than those specified in said section, shall be guilty of a gross misdemeanor.

Fourth Cause of Action: RCW 42.20.050 Public officer making false certificate.

Every public officer who, being authorized by law to make or give a certificate or other writing, shall knowingly make and deliver as true such a certificate or writing containing any statement which he or she knows to be false, in a case where the punishment thereof is not expressly prescribed by law, shall be guilty of a gross misdemeanor.

Fifth Cause of Action: RCW 42.20.040 False report.

Every public officer who shall knowingly make any false or misleading statement in any official report or statement, under circumstances not otherwise prohibited by law, shall be guilty of a gross misdemeanor.

Causes of Action specific to Felice Congalton

Sixth Cause of Action: RCW 42.20.020 Powers may not be delegated for profit.

Every public officer who, for any reward, consideration, or gratuity paid or agreed to be paid, shall, directly or indirectly, grant to another the right or authority to discharge any function of his or her office, or permit another to perform any of his or her duties, shall be guilty of a gross misdemeanor.

Facts specific to Ms. Congalton and this sixth cause of action. It is a fact Ms. Congalton is paid by the members of the WSBA to dismiss grievances and then delegate to the complainant the task to determine “upon a judicial finding of impropriety the grievance may be reopened”. Exhibit 4 is representative of such delegation of authority.

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  1. Thank God something is finally being done about these people. I don’t believe the WSBA even ‘takes the time’ to fully read a grievance/complaint, before they whip out the ‘standard form letter’ dismissing it. I have written in before about my situation with a lawyer who outright lied in open court to the Judge. When the documented facts were forwarded to the WSBA – Ms Erica Templeton dismissed my grievance before she even received them in the mail!?!?


    1. Cameo… thanks for your comment; and it is well past time that the legal profession is held accountable to the law. The difficulty is, and as the ‘indictment’ describes, the legal profession has commandeered our justice system…. they have acquired total control and this is why citizens need to be informed and outraged.


    2. Yes I had the Judge refuse to even look at documents or acknowledge our witnesses in our behalf of false allegations which resulted in a chain reaction of HORRID events taking away our rights and property and making my Grandmother a prisoner.
      All the complaints I have filed against these attorneys and they were not found to be in any wrong doing? In fact I got sent a letter telling me not to file anymore complaitns!


  2. The Judge himself has lied on court record many times or not honored his own comments. All parties including banker member of KS bar have lied on under oath. False allegations and emergency orders and no due process has been the games in KS.
    I have even been to the KS ATTORNEY GENERAL and they did nothing either. I will look through and see if KS LAW has anything similar but getting anyone in KS to act is our issue.


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  4. To bad it doesn’t apply to our education, especially school board members who are lawyers. I found out that I don’t have right to due process, protection under any labor laws, no civil rights and doing what the law requires of me can be the wrong thing to do. school districts are above the law and can cover-up abuse and neglect, falsely accuse someone of wrong doing, deny them access to documents, and create a hostile working environment. where is the justice in Washington State?


  5. I do believe that throughout the other 49 states,people could simply put in the names of the criminals sitting on top of their state bar etc AS THEY ARE ALL CORRUPT, operate as a CARTEL and should also be taken down via RICO.


  6. I recently had a District Court Judge in Stevens County washington throw oit my evidence without reviewing it for authenticity or accuracy. Allowing the bisiness owner to get away with an illegal eviction after living there for four years and exchanging rent for groundskeeping. We had no written contract but? I had witnesses which providrd statements she refused to utilize or enter.


    1. I’d file a grievance against the Judge with the commission on judicial conduct. Review the code and find the best match for your situation… here is the link to the codes and a link to the Commission’s web site in how to file a grievance.

      keep us posted… if your grievance is dismissed you may want to join our class case


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