WA State Corruption | WA State, through its employees and officials, threaten the peace.

WA State Corruption | WA State, through its employees and officials, threaten the peace..


History shows that any organization that is so well established can dominate the entire fabric of society.  The examples are everywhere … from religious organizations … political organizations…labor unions, to Facebook, Linkedin and other social networks.  While each organization begins with good intentions, power corrupts.  This too is a fact of history as seen in the endless cycle of birth-power-greed-collapse that characterizes most every organization since civilization evolved the ability to create organizations.

Now, what we face in our life-time is how the largest and most powerful organization of all time – the “trial lawyers association”  is driving our civilized society to rebellion and eventually collapse.

The power and greed of this insidious and corrupt organization , which fully occupies the Judicial Branch of our government, has spread like a virus to the Executive, the Legislative and into administrative boards and committees.  To say this another way… the ‘checks and balances’ intended by our founding fathers has been rendered impossible because there are NO ‘separate’ branches of government…. it is all run by the ‘trial lawyers’ who occupy every critical government office so there is NO independent oversight by any other entity. In other words, any misconduct by any government employee, official, etc., will be decided by a lawyer. So it is true that the “lawyers” determine what the norms of society should be by the virtue of being in “decision-making” roles throughout government.

Visit http://www.corruptwa.com for more about the dishonesty that results when power corrupts…


  1. Certain associations are quasi public agencies for purposes of the Public Disclosure Act and must disclose records.

    Telford v Thurston County Board of Commissioners, Washington State Association of Counties; and Washington Association of County Officials, 95 Wash. App. 149, 974 P.2d 886 (1999).


    See, also, Clarke vs Tri-cities Animal Care, Pub. Citizen Health Research Group v. Dep’t of Health, Spokane Research & Defense Fund v. West Central Community Development Association (2006) and AGO #2, 2002.


    1. When “disclosure” is denied due to a claimed exemption, a request can be made, under statute, from the attorney general for an opinion about the “refusal to disclose.” I made such a request of the ATG about the WSBA’s refusal to make available the ‘grievances’ filed… (Note: when a person files a grievance they also agree to ‘disclosure’.) The ATG agreed with me that the WSBA is a state agency and their records are subject to the “public disclosure laws”. The ATG went on to say that any effort to force the WSBA to make their required disclosures would be futile as the WA State Supreme Court has already established the “exemption” — wrongly in the view of the ATG.

      Clearly the ‘legal establishment’ has a lot to hide and they are ‘risking’ our very trust in our ‘judicial br’ to keep secrets!


  2. In your records requests cite Dawson v Daly on the legal mandate to give cause and legal cites for any materials declared exempt.

    In Clark County, and in others as well, there is a sub-rosa network of very smugly and proudly white folks, who fancy themselves “Settler Stock”, or “Pioneer Stock” and are very frightened of change particularly when it means immigrants, non-whites, Jews, Gays, not their kind of “Christian” (most are Calvinists, Republicans and ultra-rightists but there are also Democrats among them). Now if they want to cloister themselves in meetings at hotels outside of Vantucky, if they want to celebrate their supposed genes and white skin they had nothing to do with as if they are some kind of achievement, if they want to hire their own kind in the private-sector with businesses that are private and family-held, that is their right. But when they cross the line into public employment, where the jobs and resources belong to the people, then nepotism, cronyism, ideological cloning, use of public resources for meaningless awards to embellish meager resumes, appointments to trustee positions, racism, discrimination etc are all crimes. These resources belong to the people and are not favors to be traded for other favors. They need to be dragged out into the sunlight of the law and transparency that they fear and spend millions of dollars to stay away from with sealed settlements at the last minute.

    The AG’s office is rotten to the core starting at the very top. You can send hard evidence, documents that one had no hand in originating, influencing or even prior knowledge of, that show not just torts, but serious crimes and it does not matter; they won’t answer and do what they want. It is time to take them out of the shadows and into the sunlight of law, and if that does not work then publish the material along with all correspondence to try to get something done. When they refuse to act and crimes are involved, then hit them with 18 USC 4, 73 and 28 USC 1361. Take the names and badge numbers of all cops you deal with. Always have a witness. Show them the law on Misprision of a Felony and Obstruction of Justice and tell them that if they do not act, they are next on the list. Find others in the same situation, share notes and documents (usually the same scum are involved) and show no fear even if they threaten to arrest you as happened to my friend and I who went to report crimes we had just witnessed; and my friend is an ex-police officer.





  3. In WA as in other states, part of the problem of reporting and exposing corruption in state government is that any allegations made, or reprisals under pretexts against whistle-blowers are kept non-criminal and within administrative law; the unions and the public agencies dealing with corruption refuse to report clear criminal conduct to federal and state law enforcement per their duties under 18 USC 4 and 73. This allows miscreant administrators and employees to get their defense paid for with public funds, along with using public resources for reprisals against whistle-blowers, hush money offers to prevent felonies being exposed at trial, they get their own AAG as a kind of “Consigliere” or mob lawyer while the innocent and those public employees doing their duty and not corrupt (there are many believe me) have to fight alone with their own meager resources. This was the pattern under Gregoire and continues since.

    One thing I recommend is that with all postings online and elsewhere, include actual physical evidence for your allegations with them and send it to the persons against whom the allegations are made for rebuttal with a timeline for response. This means that anyone in law enforcement who has read your submissions and accompanying evidence now has “knowledge” of the actual commission of a crime. Now they, like any other citizen with knowledge of an actual felony crime having been committed, now has the same duty to report and act under 18 USC 4 and 73.

    Here is what we Blackfoot are doing in Canada about corruption: http://sttpml.org/canada/corruption-is-life-and-death-in-indian-country-as-elsewhere/ and http://sttpml.org/canada/forensic-audit-shows-former-lubicon-chief-collected-1-5-million-while-community-went-without-running-water/ and http://sttpml.org/canada/wikileaks-decades-long-proof-of-government-corporate-surveillance-of-native-americans-revealed/


      1. Thanks for the response. Also involved in all of this is that these miscreant administrators and some faculty and trustees/regents appoint their own “go-to” investigators and arbitrators, they appoint members to hearings to examine complaints against themselves. If one is a Jew in a Nazi Court making allegations against Nazis to Nazis appointed by Nazis, guess how the hearing will go? But again I reiterate that 18 USC 4 is very clear:

        WHOEVER (not just law enforcement or officers of the court of judges but they have an additional duty as carriers of badges and guns as well as administrators of justice).

        HAVING KNOWLEDGE (it does not even say evidence that must be presented; knowledge is deliberately left vague for case by case examination of what having knowledge means to that person as well as to the law) of the

        ACTUAL COMMISSION OF A FELONY COGNIZABLE BY A COURT OF THE US (does not apply to gross misdemeanors or torts only felonies, also applies to felony having been committed)

        CONCEALS AND/OR DOES NOT ASAP MAKE KNOWN THE EXTENT OF KNOWLEDGE OF A CRIME (The terms asap are judged case by case as with intent at concealment as opposed to simply apathy)

        TO SOME JUIDGE, OR SOME PERSON IN CIVIL OR EVEN MILITARY AUTHORITY (This is how serious this statute is: there is a duty to find someone in authority, even military, to pass on knowledge of a crime and thus also the same duty to report by the person receiving the knowledge of the commission of a felony because there are victims in the past and present awaiting justice and likely future crimes and victims if the perp and his or her crimes are not exposed and dealt with).

        SHALL BE FINED OR IMPRISONED NOT MORE THAN THREE YEARS OR BOTH (that is potentially for each count and of course misprision of a felony also involves obstruction of justice per se.

        Take a look at my website and the evidence attached to my missives; have the AG, Governor and others not been given hard evidence (more than my rants and allegations) of the commission of felonies? So where are they? Why is this fascist star chamber still going on where I work and of the kind that goes on all over public employment (miscreant administrators investigate their own complaints against others as well as by others against themselves; they appoint their own go-to investigators and lawyers (see Miller Nash for example) to give them the results they pay for with public monies and future contracts; they do deals with sell-out unions that refuse to go criminal or defend constitutional rights but have expensive negotiators to do nickel-and-diming on very narrow and selfish bread-and-butter, pension, seniority tenure and workload issues but never with corruption or criminality in public employment.

        18 U.S. Code § 4 – Misprision of felony

        Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.


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