1. The city of Renton doesn’t like to protect our environment. In August 2004, the detention pond at Windstone broke and sent yellow water down Greenes Stream to May Creek. In December 2004, the developer sent more yellow water down Greenes Stream and the city’s building inspector didn’t stop it. I drove to DOE in Eastgate and State Water Quality Inspectors were appalled by what they saw. DOE officials came out and stopped it – but didn’t fine the developer.

    In January/February 2013, the developer at Piper’s Bluff allowed their detention pond to break 3 different times send yellow muddy water to May Creek via Honey Creek. The water also inundated the wetlands next to the development. Again, neither the city nor the DOE fined (that I know of) the developer. I talked to some people in another part of Renton – Benson Hills, and they have also seen yellow water from development in their creeks and streams.

    Renton also doesn’t like to protect 100’ trees. They say trees are supposed to be protected and replaced, but they are replaced by sticks.


    The Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) controls the WA Guardian Board. In February, Ms. Shirley Bondon asked for comments about guardians isolating IPs from family members. She told me that she had a March 31 deadline. I have asked for a copy of the report to the SCJA (Superior Court Judges Association and she is ignoring my request. In 2012/13, there was a criminal case in Mt. Vernon where a guardian stole money from 2 elderly clients.

    Ms. Bondon was asked – along with others – to write a report on the case. In June 2013, I was told that the committee met, made recommendations and disbanded. So far, Ms. Bondon hasn’t written her report. First, I was told that she needed to hire some new employees; then she needed to train them and go on vacation. Here it is April 2014, and she still hasn’t written her report. What’s holding her up? This is how the state protects our senior citizens.


    1. guardianship remains an industry, a money maker and unconstitutional. every single state is infested with these corrupt judges,their appointees and hearings. it’s time for the log jam of lawsuits simply on USC violations.
      I guess you have to waste time and play their game reporting them etc and of course getting nothing done.
      Now why would anyone expect anything in writing condemning the system ?
      start naming names and get prepared for the retaliation and DON’T STOP.


      1. clarita, you’ve nailed it, the WA State Bar operates like a cartel and their conduct proves they are corrupt. I will NOT STOP in my effort to bring “lawyers” accountable for their crimes and insure they are regulated by ‘citizens’ and not other lawyers. Thanks for your comments.


      2. Have you ever seen National Association to Stop Guardianship Abuse? Huge site across the country of guardian abuse by the probate thieving courts…. Drugging our elderly and Stealing our families estates.


  2. Bill:

    Here is more into to post about the city of Renton


    Begin forwarded message:

    From: Michael/Claudia Donnelly
    Date: April 7, 2014 1:52:06 PM PDT
    To: Denis Law
    Cc: Rocale Timmons , “Jennifer T. Henning” , Inez Ine Petersen , B Adkins , “Luis (ECY) Buen Abad” , Council , Joseph Roberto
    Subject: more honesty — Piper’s Bluff?

    Mayor Law:

    I’m still waiting for answers to my questions regarding Mr. Beck’s property — and where will the excess storm water runoff go? Most developments have a detention pond/vault or they put the water back into the ground. How come Jennifer won’t answer my questions to her about this development?

    Anyway, I was just down at City Hall and looked at the administrative variance file for Piper’s Bluff. I’m wondering why this development was placed “on hold” while requesting additional information from the developer and yet there are 2 homes being constructed — see pictures? When is the developer going to fix the wetlands they damaged while the detention pond broke 3 different times. How come the sidewalks haven’t been installed yet and their are homes being built? What exactly does “on hold” mean for Renton planners/ staff? Maybe the Council should replace you as the head of the city since this has been happening under your watch — or did I “cause the problem”?

    Have a good day, Mayor Law and staff.

    Claudia Donnelly


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