Justice Joel Penoyar –a.k.a. “Dirty-Slick”– the battle to have him removed from the Bench has begun!

This is an UPDATE to the story first published March 2013. “Justice Joel Penoyar: He is as dirty-slick as they come “ and then Sept 2013, “Will Joel Penoyar, a.k.a., Dirty-Slick, be prosecuted for criminal conduct?.

It has been almost a week since I emailed State Representative Jan Angel, Seacrest and alerting them to the ‘dishonesty’ of WA State Div II Court of Appeals’ Judge Joel Penoyar. Today, I filed a complaint against Justice Joel Penoyar with the Commission on Judicial Conduct. In the opening sentence of my complaint I say,

I take honesty in government service very seriously as trust in government is the only reason to have government.

You can read my full complaint filed with the Commission on Judicial Conduct by downloading this file in ‘rich text format’. CJC Complaint against Joel Penoyar

UPDATE: October 8, 2013, J. Reiko Callner WSBA #16546, executive director of The Commission on Judicial Conduct dismissed my complaint against Joel Penoyar, WSBA #6407, claiming “no violation of the Code of Judicial Conduct warranting sanctions was substantiated by clear, cogent and convincing evidence.”

When our “Trusted Institutions” betray our trust, we are, as a country, headed towards an ‘old west’ style savagery. The NEWS MEDIA must be our salvation and expose these dishonest institutions and people like Joel Penoyar and J. Reiko Callner, and champion for their remaking — for the sake of a civilized society.


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  2. Doesn’t surprise me. They will stick together and do favors for each other out of fear until one of them suddenly finds the cajones to do the right thing. It needs to be sterssed that the public will make a hero out of the one who finds theirs.

    So let’s look at some more evidence:

    Mr. Penoyar, his wife and the 5 children he allegedly sired with this woman have evidently, for several decades now, felt themselves to be the assistant managers of a great big trailer park called “Pacific County”. With a wife who is a lower court judge and kids who are also lawyers – the terms “nepotism” and “blatant conflicts of interest” start to rear their ugly heads as a matter of course. The suspicions are natural and have not been attenuated over time, as would have been the more intelligent thing to do, which in turn is highly suggestive of severe sociopathy, especially with regard to maintaining the integrity of the courts themselves in Washington State as a whole. These folks have already injured that integrity just by the very appearance of potential improprieties, not to mention any additional factors resulting from an evaluation of the substance of the suspicions. It’s about time that it be admitted and properly rectified.

    Mr. Penoyar has also openly tried disguising his past misconduct as a wonderful feature of the way “rural judges” operate in contrast to their urban counterparts. The term “corruption” used to be used for this. My own personal experience with him and his courtroom suggest this means he feels free to ignore standard touchstones such as constitutional rights – especially due process – and to ignore procedural documents properly submitted to the court and to condone misfiling of documents that evidently conflict with his personal opinions, instead of RECUSING HIMSELF from cases where he is so personally involved as to be unable to act without obvious prejudice favoring his friends and acquaintances. So if these “special features” of rural judgeships mean something other than that, he could do well to detail exactly what he means if it isn’t just a way to paper over what folks generally call “corruption”.

    I would also note that as a Superior Court judge he had a Web site of which a copy may well still exist that stated unequivocally that he refused to hear cases until the parties involved had satisfied all the prerequisites he had felt free to impose on them, which I could see from the informatiuon there included training and courses, etc. that clearly were neither necessarily relevant nor possible to fulfill at all. This alone ought to be grounds to disbar him and send him to Federal prison. Judges should make decisions after hearing both sides of a case, not by omitting to give standing to one side of it and then dismissing the case after 6 years, especially when the relevant statute sets it to 3 years and the other party is a personal friend of Mr. Penoyar’s. I should also note that I complained about this to the local bar association in Pacific County and the Web site was promptly changed shortly thereafter to effusively stating the opposite, i.e. that Mr. Penoyar would bend over backwards to hear all manner of cases and was particularly careful about respecting due process rights. My-oh-my, what a co-incidence that a change of heart on this occurred at just that time. I also note that that complaint to the local bar association was, mysteriously, despite seemingly having had such an impressive impact, evidently never forwarded to the state bar association for further processing of what should have been such a slam-dunk case of judicial misconduct.

    The point is that if you have followed this individual over time, all the utter BS in his rhetoric about himself speaks louder and louder in favor of his disbarment. Jesus Christ could not win an election against the man if you relied on the truth of all the self-promotional stuff out there in the Internet that he has written about himself. Again, it’s all indicative of an extreme sociopath.

    Furthermore, it doesn’t end there. With all these dubious ethics being thrown straight in the public’s face, as in “ha-ha, the public is so stupid that nobody can catch me at this”, he then goes off and by his own admission starts teaching “ethics classes” to other attorneys. Really? And do these attorneys dare to stand up and be named, as well as share what they have learned from this “ethics” guru himself? More likely, I would guess, whatever he is teaching involves how to circumvent bothersome rules like civil rights AND TECHNIQUES TO GET AWAY WITH ETHICS VIOLATIONS, by invoking the Penoyar-inspired doctrine that rural judges can do whatever the heck they want. This is blatant over-the-top behavior. Farmers know that pigs have no shut-off valves when they consume, which is why they can grow so fat. Mr. Penoyar has no shut-off valve either, he does not seem to know when to quit and this is what makes him a danger to society.

    Nor does it end there. Mr. Penoyar by his own admission has done lots of work for the Washington State Bar Association in disciplining other attorneys about whom complaints have been received. It is understandable that an individual who is in the position to threaten the livelihood of other attorneys is less likely to be challenged by them especially on ethics matters because of the intimidation effect such an association has. I can personally vouch for the fact that this power does appear to have been abused: when I filed a complaint with the State Bar Association over Mr. Penoyar’s conduct as the Superior Court Judge for Pacific County, the complaint was rejected because it referred to the title of the position rather than to its occupant by name. Evidently the Bar Association was unable to determine precisely who was holding that specific judgeship at the time. In fact, this rejection for such a stupendously trivial reason occurred at the time Mr. Penoyar was involved with the Disciplinary Committee. This ought to raise some eyebrows and red flags. Especially the fact that there was no declaration of any possible conflict of interest given in the reply: under the circumstances that’s not an omission but rather outright deceit. Without question, the folks doing the processing did know better and it would be unfair to them to assume the contrary.

    These are not American values folks, they are indicative of severe sociopathic behavior. This guy needs to be thrown out of the Bar Association at the very least. He does not belong presiding over a courtroom where folks by law are entitled, and indeed expect, to receive unbiased, fair and ethically responsible treatment. While it is understandable that variances in interpretations, etc. will occur, Mr. Penoyar’s conduct as a judge goes well beyond the pale of anything ‘normal’. It is in fact contemptuous of the public.


  3. Ms. Callner’s rejection contains no disclosure of the fact that Mr. Penoyer is evidently himself a member of the committee that Ms. Callner is employed by in the capacity of evaluating/dismissing complaints involving judicial misconduct.

    If a member of the general public were to behave in this manner, it would be considered in the best of lights to be deceitful. Lawyers are, however, supposed to be held to a higher ethical standard than the general public. They are in fact extensively trained and certified in such proper behavior – and licensed in part on that very basis. Moreover, lawyers who are in addition involved in the administration of cases involving allegations of judicial misconduct must necessarily be held to a still higher standard of morality and ethics than lawyers in general. The evidence that this has clearly not happened here is straightforward and unambiguous – just read the document yourself.

    The idea that any lack of such a relevant disclosure is simply an absent-minded omission is preposterous under the circumstances. Given the ethical standards the public expects and which are also mandated by law, there can only be talk of deliberate deceit in this specific case. Lord knows how many other rejections have also been issued from the same quarters without such highly relevant information on the conflicts of interest involved being disclosed. Such repeated omissions cannot be considered to be a string of absent-minded one-offs, but rather a systematic approach.

    These ought to be grounds for revoking a license to practice law. It is an intolerable situation and violates nearly every precept about the WSBA’s ethics that is held by the public. When citizens are clearly unable to expect due process rights as guaranteed by the Federal government, the level of the complaint becomes a Federal, and not just a State, matter.


    1. Hugh, Comm on Judicial conduct Executive Director Callner and WSBA, Associate Director Congalton, now have to answer for their conduct as a complaint was filed last week, http://www.corruptwa.com/corrupt/charges-filed-against-executive-director-commission-on-judicial-conduct-and-associated-director-wsba/

      In addition one “motion to intervene” as plaintiff-intervenor under Superior Court Rule 24, has been filed today… as more people who have been victims of our ‘corrupt justice system’ learn of this lawsuit and their right to intervene Ms. Callner and Ms. Congalton will need to learn new skills beside being a dishonest public servant.


      1. A license to practice law from the WSBA represents a guarantee to the general public that the individual concerned it is worthy of a position of extraordinary trust and will hence not engage in unethical and/or unlawful behavior. Licenses to practice law have been revoked in the past by the WSBA for conduct several orders of magnitude less injurious to general public confidence in the legal system than what these folks have engaged in.


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