The ugly truth about the Kitsap Sun

Anyone who has ever read the Kitsap Sun newspaper has more than likely reached the opinion that the Kitsap Sun is little more than a propaganda tool for local government.  And indeed the Kitsap Sun has more in common with local government than with its readers.

Thomas Jefferson said,

The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers.

This statement is no more true today than  it is about those who believe they are getting the full story by reading the Kitsap Sun.  It is a crying shame that we, county residents, are subjected to blatant propaganda under the guise of “journalism”.

The Kitsap Sun’s latest strategy to “control the news” is in their recently implemented policy to require payment for the pleasure of adding fact to fiction. This tactic by the Sun is clearly aimed at quashing the free exchange of thought; forcing payment from anyone who wants to ‘add’ facts to the Kitsap Sun’s reporting by posting those facts in the comments section that follows the story.  Apparently the Sun was “red-faced” in embarrassment when unbecoming facts about the ethical character of Jennifer Forbes, the Sun’s choice for Superior Court Judge, were found in the “comments section”; not the body of the story itself.  When the facts that Forbes violated her oath as an attorney emerged in a comment, the Sun, in a feeble attempt to regain credibility, reported that Forbes was actually posting comments about her opponent, Karen Kline, under a pseudonym.  Of course the Sun’s about face on disclosing ‘facts’ came too late to have a true impact on the election and Forbes is now a Superior Court Judge. God help the citizens of Kitsap County.

Enlighten the people generally, and tyranny and oppressions of body and mind will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day. — Thomas Jefferson

Clearly the Kitsap Sun ‘s goal is not to enlighten but to defraud citizens by ‘controlling the news’ in publishing lies and half-truths.

Fraudulent misrepresentations may be effected by half-truths calculated to deceive; and a representation literally true is actionable if used to create an impression substantially false.  IKEDA v. CURTIS. 43 Wn. (2d) 

Brent Morris should be ashamed!



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